Are All Sewing Machine Bobbins the Same Size?

Are All Sewing Machine Bobbins the Same Size?

Before you start your sewing project, it is important to know the sizes of your sewing machine bobbins.

Bobbins and other sewing machine add-ons appear to be carried over from one machine to the next. Frequently, a box of bobbins wound in opulent hues makes its way into the collection of bobbins for a new sewing machine.

So are all sewing machine bobbins the same size? The size of a bobbin may vary, and there could be a number of things that determine it.

A bobbin’s diameter, for instance, can be determined by the bobbin case’s measurements. The bobbin cannot be placed inside the case if it is too large. On the other hand, sewing won’t be possible if it’s too small because it’ll just slide around inside the casing.

We’ve written this comprehensive guide to address our readers’ ignorance of bobbins.

Are All Sewing Machine Bobbins the Same Size?

Bobbins are available in many different sizes and designs, just like many sewing tools. Others are numbered, such as “15,” while some are labeled with letters like “M” or “L.”

It’s crucial to know the kind and dimensions of bobbins that your machine uses. The size of the bobbin to use with your machine should be specified in the machine’s manual since not all bobbins have labels that clearly state their size and style.

Are Bobbins a Standard Size?

Are All Sewing Machine Bobbins the Same Size?

Various sizes are available for bobbins. Class 15 bobbins, which are the most popular and are compatible with all sewing machines, are the most widely used. Class 15 bobbins are 25mm in size, but they are also available in the following sizes: 1/8″, 3/16″, 5/16″, and 7/16″.

Check your machine before ordering more than one of the larger bobbin sizes because some machines will only accept the smallest size.

It is best to purchase bobbins that are marked for your particular model of the sewing machine. However, in a pinch, generic metal bobbins can work with some machines, but not all. The machine can get stuck if the bobbin is too long, which can be annoying. So make sure you’re using the right bobbins for your machine.

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Are All Sewing Machine Bobbins Interchangeable?

No, a plastic bobbin won’t work in an industrial machine, and a metal bobbin won’t work in an automatic machine. There are some differences, but some machines can accept either type.

Industrial sewing machines can use metal bobbins, but if you do, the tension is set up for a heavier bobbin. By pulling back from the fabric a little and pushing through again, you might be able to lessen the tension with the needle down. Alternatively, you could use a lighter bobbin with less tension.

The tension will change if you attempt to use a plastic bobbin because it was typically designed for a lighter plastic bobbin.

Even if an industrial sewing machine has metal bobbins, plastic bobbins will not operate on it due to the tension difference between a metal and plastic bobbin. You must choose the proper one for your machine because metal ones are made to operate under much greater tension. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your machine.

Not all sewing machine bobbins can be used on another machine. In the vast majority of cases, if you own a Bernina, any Bernina bobbin will work perfectly on your machine, but you do need to use the right bobbins for it. You can purchase these from us or a licensed dealer.

Are All Sewing Machine Bobbins the Same Size?

How to Tell Bobbin Size?

It can be very challenging for some people to distinguish between the bobbins based on size. Others, however, manage to do it with ease. We both agree that it occasionally can be frustrating. As a result, we’d like to offer some advice and tricks that we’ve learned over the years.

A bobbin’s thickness can be used to determine its size with the greatest of ease. Some FW bobbins are relatively simple to identify because they are thinner than the other bobbins.

Alternately, those who are familiar with the type and class of their machine can test each bobbin. They are ¾-inch bobbins if their machine accepts L-class bobbins and there are some that fit.

Finding a way to label the bobbins and store them for later use is essential in this situation. One of the options, color grading, was very beneficial to us. That means that each bobbin size and type should have its own container (preferably in different colors).

Another way to label the bobbins is to simply make a tiny dot on each one with nail polish. Here, too, various colors may be employed.

Final Words: Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal?

Bobbins are available in a variety of sizes, as well as in metal, plastic, empty, and pre-wound forms. In particular, for machines with drop-in bobbins, bobbins that are too tall will obstruct stitch formation. When a stitch is taken, the thread will be unable to exit the bobbin at the top, creating a tangled mess around the bobbin.

Knowing the name and model of your sewing machine and looking at the list of compatible bobbins for this make and model on the manufacturer’s website or in your user manual are the best ways to figure out which bobbins work with which machine.


Are Sewing Machine Bobbin Cases Universal?

The bobbin cases are not interchangeable between brands, nor are they universal. In fact, you’ll discover that some sewing machine manufacturers make their own bobbin cases that are specially sized to fit the bobbins’ diameter.

Are Bobbins Machine Specific?

The size of a bobbin must match precisely with the machine’s bobbin area. The smallest difference can cause havoc for its owner even though a bobbin appears to be the same size. Based on the appropriate bobbin type for the machine, the bobbin case tension of a sewing machine is properly set.

How Do I Know Which Bobbin to Buy?

Not all bobbins are clearly labeled with their size and style, however, your machine manual should tell you what size bobbin to use with your machine.

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