Are Pima Cotton Sheets Cool? Are They Good for Night Sweats?
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Are Pima Cotton Sheets Cool? Are They Good for Night Sweats?

The coolest bed linens can be made from Pima cotton. Here is why Pima cotton sheets are cool.

We fully understand how irritating nights can be for you if you are reading this. Despite the fact that there are many potential causes of night sweats, such as hormones, medications, or certain medical conditions, they are never a fun thing to go through. Given that they become wet and lose their softness, bed sheets can also be very upsetting.

However, how can this be fixed? Your saving grace is Pima cotton sheets! Are Pima cotton sheets cool? Yes! Pima cotton can produce some of the coolest sheets. Read this blog and you will understand why Pima cotton sheets are cool.

Are Pima Cotton Sheets Cool?

Yes, Pima cotton sheets are cool. A premium variety of cotton known as Pima cotton is frequently contrasted with Egyptian cotton. Long fibers are prized for their contribution to the fabric’s softness, toughness, and breathability. Longer fibers allow for better moisture absorption and air circulation, keeping you cool on warm nights.

For people who have a tendency to sleep hot or reside in hotter climates, Pima cotton sheets are frequently advised. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that other elements, including the weave, thread count, and individual preferences, can also have an impact on how cool the sheets feel overall.

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Why Are Pima Cotton Sheets Cool?

The most breathable sheets can be made from Pima cotton. In comparison to regular cotton fibers, their fibers are finer, smoother, and stronger. Below are the reasons:

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking refers to the ability of a fabric to absorb moisture and move it away from your skin which prevents the fabric from feeling damp. Pima cotton sheets have similar qualities which makes them a good remedy for night sweats. Additionally, because of how well the fabric breathes, you’ll perspire less while remaining cool.

Guarantees Comfort

The sheets have numerous other qualities that set them apart from other cotton bed sheets in addition to their advantages against sweat. Due to the cross-pollination and use of Pima cotton, one of those features is its texture, which is incredibly soft. You shouldn’t worry because the fabric is also very strong and has a 50% longer shelf life than comparable alternatives.

Are Pima Cotton Sheets Cool? Are They Good for Night Sweats?

Reasons to Consider a Cooling Bed Sheet

  • High internal temperature. Normally, the body keeps its temperature within a healthy range. But your internal temperature can be high. This could happen with some illnesses such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism. Or it might take place haphazardly. In either case, a high body temperature interferes with your sleep patterns. Your ability to get good-quality deep sleep is hampered by this.
  • Memory foam mattresses retain the heat they absorb while you sleep. That heat will be cooled off by effective cooling sheets.
  • Humid climate. You will perspire more if you live somewhere humid.
  • She’s hot, he’s not. Fighting between partners over the thermostat remote is not unusual. 25% of married couples reportedly quarrel over temperature regulation. Are you “thermally incompatible” with your partner? Proper cooling sheets will prevent things from heating up if you have a warm sleeper.
  • Night sweats in children. In case you’re a parent, your kid might experience night sweats. When you checked on your child at night, you might have noticed that he was drenched in sweat. Your child will get a good night’s sleep if the right sheets are used.

The best way to usher in a new season can occasionally feel like switching out the sheets with it. For instance, start using your cooling sheets as soon as summer arrives. Declare that it is now appropriate for you to relax in bed with your preferred cold beverage.

Why is It So Hard to Find a Cooling Sheet?

Are Pima Cotton Sheets Cool? Are They Good for Night Sweats?

Because most of them are not right for you. Different people respond to different types of cooling sheets.

  • Everyone’s body is different. Typically, the body will sweat to reduce heat when it becomes hot. But occasionally you might feel hot without perspiring much. If you don’t feel hot, you might also experience cold sweats. This might be caused by illnesses, stress, hormonal changes, etc.

Similarly, there are different types of cooling sheets:

  • Breathable sheets: They promote ventilation, which stops sweat from accumulating.
  • Absorbent sheets: if you do perspire, these absorb the sweat.
  • Moisture-wicking sheets: Your sweat will be drawn from your skin and sent to the outside of the sheets by these sheets. The sweat then evaporates into the atmosphere.

There is no one best type of sheet, but each has unique benefits.

Below are the comparison between Pima cotton and other types of cotton:

Synthetic Sheets Are Better at Handling Heavy Sweating

Polyester, microfiber, or advanced performance blends are frequently used to make synthetic sheets. If you have a tendency to get hot and sweaty while you sleep, some “experts” advise against using synthetic sheets.

That’s untrue; synthetic sheets do a poor job of keeping you cool.

But they can get rid of more sweat than any natural sheet can. In contrast to synthetic sheets, which wick moisture away, natural sheets absorb moisture. A natural sheet can only absorb so much sweat before becoming completely saturated. However, a synthetic sheet’s surface sweat continuously evaporates, so that it can keep wicking away.

For people who sweat a lot while sleeping, synthetic sheets are fantastic.

Are Pima Cotton Sheets Cool? Are They Good for Night Sweats?

What is Pima Cotton?

An Egyptian cotton relative is Pima cotton. Its long fibers allow for less splicing in the sheet and its soft texture makes it comfortable to touch. This results in a luxurious, wrinkle- and pill-resistant sheet material.

The place of production is the main distinction between Egyptian and Pima cotton. In the United States, Pima cotton is grown. It is a product that many consumers look for and traditionally originates from Arizona.


Pima cotton is frequently selected as a preferred sheet material because it is less expensive than Egyptian cotton. However, one must exercise caution when buying Pima cotton because it is frequently combined with a high count of regular cotton, resulting in a sheet fabric that is less supple and robust.

The long fibers used to make Pima cotton make it a sturdy material. It will withstand numerous pieces of washing and look elegant on your bed. Pima cotton is more affordable, durable, and comfortable to sleep on, which are all reasons why it is frequently used in hotel bedding.

Conclusion: Buy Pima Cotton Sheets Now

The experience they lead you to is definitely worth the extra care the sheets require. For all of you suffering from hot flashes at night, these sheets will make the level of comfort reach its height!

The sensation you get when you touch Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets is their best quality. Both are incredibly smooth and soft. There may not be much of a difference between the two materials, and you may discover that Pima cotton is a more cost-effective option that offers Egyptian cotton sheets a level of quality feel.


Is Pima Cotton Good for Hot Sleepers?

Pima cotton fibers are breathable and lightweight which makes them suitable for hotter climates and hot sleepers. Pima cotton fibers make excellent bed sheet materials for sensitive skin because they are also hypoallergenic and feel gentle on the skin.

What Type of Bed Sheets Are the Coolest?

Most of the sleep experts we spoke to agreed that sheets made of natural fibers, like cotton and linen, are your best bet for sweaty sleepers because they’re the most breathable (and therefore cooling).

Does Pima Cotton Make You Sweat?

The fabric is supple, permeable, lightweight, and cozy. Additionally, Pima is regarded as the best type available due to its long and silky fibers. The breathable fabric will absorb sweat from your body and allow it to evaporate into the air, effectively keeping you cool in the hot weather.

Are Supima Cotton Sheets Cool?

Supima is the best cotton for cooling sheets. 100% American-grown, it has the longest sheet staple fibers available. There are fewer loose ends in Supima fibers. Therefore, they have a lower likelihood of forming pills, which appear as rough, small balls on the sheet.

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