Bangladesh to Import 5200 Tonnes of Jute Seed from India

Bangladesh to Import 5200 Tonnes of Jute Seed from India

While the country needs 6400 tonnes of jute seeds this year, the Ministry of Agriculture has approved a proposal to import 5732.02 tonnes of jute seed from India.

The choice was made following the National Seed Board’s 109th meeting, which was held on Thursday and was presided over by Wahida Akhter, the secretary of agriculture.

“The annual demand of country’s jute seed including the most popular varieties like Mesta and Kenaf has been fixed almost 6,369 tonnes —of its Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) will supply 1,300 tonnes and the rest nearly 5200 tonnes will be imported from India”, reports BSS citing a formal statement.

On the country’s 7,64,000 hectares of land, kenaf and mesta jute will be grown in 2023–2024. To meet the country’s jute cultivation goal, nearly 6400 tonnes of jute seed are required.

According to the press release, the government has given permission to import 4,600 tonnes of Indian tossa jute variety JRO-524 and an additional 576 tonnes of jute seed of the Mesta and Kenaf varieties.

While only 4,166 tonnes of jute seed were actually imported during the previous year, the government had authorized the import of 5,000 tonnes.


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