10 best affordable silk pajamas for women and men
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5 Best Mulberry Silk Pajamas in 2023: Worth the Money

We searched the internet for the five best mulberry silk pajamas available to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

The most important factor in a good night’s sleep is comfort. How about adding a little luxury as well? Before going to sleep, changing into silk will instantly make you feel elegant and will strike the ideal balance between comfortable and posh.

Its hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory qualities are added benefits. Basically, it will keep you comfortable and be kind to your skin and hair. Here, scroll down to see five of the best pajamas made of mulberry silk.

Best Mulberry Silk Pajamas

Here are the top mulberry silk pajamas for 2023.

Best Overall: Lunya Washable Silk Set

Lunya Washable Silk Set

With more than 2,000 positive reviews, there’s a good reason why this set is Lunya’s top seller.

This top and shorts set is made of 100% washable mulberry silk and is also thermoregulating, which aids in regulating body temperature.

Whitney Port and Lupita Nyong’o are two celebrities who wear the brand well.

Best Budget: Quince 100% Washable Silk

Quince 100% Washable Silk

Quince offers such low prices because they sell goods directly to customers from the factory, despite the fact that the low prices for these silk pajamas appear to be fake. And some of our favorites among their designs.

The pants’ prominent side slit adds an airy, lightness that makes you feel like you’re gliding while wearing them.

The hypoallergenic, naturally thermo-regulating, and calming properties of the 100 percent Mulberry silk fibers help them to calm and soothe skin while you sleep or relax.

Best Rated on Amazon: LilySilk Pure Silk Pajamas

LilySilk Pure Silk Pajamas

The buttons on this opulent long-sleeved pajama set (which comes in a few colors) are even covered for a tonal appearance. It is made from premium 100% mulberry silk.

Best Short Robe: Slip Peony Short Robe

Slip Peony Short Robe

In all fairness, the fabric will also make people take a second look at the price because it is of such high quality that you can feel it the moment your hand touches the long-fibered, premium mulberry silk.

The material is among the thickest, shiniest, and softest of the lot and will leave a lasting impression.

You’ll be happy every time you wrap yourself in this plush robe thanks to the wide color selection (we prefer the striking fuchsia shade).

Best for Running&lounging: Lilysilk Jasmine Silk Pullover Pajama Set

Lilysilk Jasmine Silk Pullover Pajama Set

Lilysilk’s Jasmine silk pullover pajama set can be personalized with a monogram or size, making it ideal for you or as a unique gift.

These fashionable pajamas feature a top inspired by the ’90s and loose, drawstring pants that look just as good running errands as they do lounging at home.

They are made of Oeko-Tex-certified grade 6A mulberry silk. To finish off this simple look, add some statement jewelry.

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What to Look For?

When you are buying mulberry silk pajamas, please consider these factors:


There are several types of silk pajamas, including 100 percent silk, silk blends, and silk substitutes. The fabric’s breathability varies depending on the composition even though they all have the same silky smooth feel. The most luxurious, supple, and breathable silk fabrics are frequently the priciest.


Sizing is especially crucial when it comes to silk because it has less give than other stretchy materials like cotton or spandex. A wider variety of sizing options should be available from certain brands. It’s also important to keep in mind that since you move while you sleep, it’s best to size up so that you can move more comfortably through the course of the night.

Machine Washable

Read the label on your silk pajamas—this cannot be emphasized enough. Some silk fabrics can easily be washed in a washing machine and will continue to feel slippery and soft after a cycle, but not all of them can. More delicate cleaning methods, such as hand washing or dry cleaning, are needed for some specialty silk fabrics.

The 15 Best Silk Pajamas for Women in 2023 | Marie Claire

Why Choose Mulberry Silk Pajamas?

Mulberry silk is a luxurious material, though it isn’t always the most affordable option on the market for bedding, pillowcases, or sleep masks.

Silk is a fabric made of natural protein fiber that is silky smooth to the touch and has a triangular prism structure that gives it a certain sheen. Additionally, silk is one of the most resilient materials, so even though it’s an investment, you’re getting something that will serve you for a very long time. Silk is also a sustainable option in that regard.

The bedroom is where silk performs at its best, according to Kaley Medina, certified sleep consultant and founder of Live Love Sleep.

Finding the right sleepwear is one of many components for a good night’s sleep and sleep hygiene, as being comfortable will help you fall asleep faster at bedtime and stay asleep for long periods throughout the night without wakings up.

She is one of many sleep specialists who advises buying a pair (or two!) of mulberry silk pajamas.

Conclusion: Best Mulberry Silk Pajamas

This article includes a list of mulberry silk pajamas from which you can select.

  • Best Overall: Lunya Washable Silk Set
  • Best Budget: Quince 100% Washable Silk
  • Best Rated on Amazon: LilySilk Pure Silk Pajamas
  • Best Short Robe: Slip Peony Short Robe
  • Best for Running&lounging: Lilysilk Jasmine Silk Pullover Pajama Set

Our best overall silk pajamas were the Lunya Washable Silk Set because of their cool touch and luxuriously soft washable fabric.

The majority of us find that we sleep better as adults in cool rooms that are between 60 and 67 degrees while wearing warm pajamas. Silk can assist your body in maintaining the proper temperature throughout the night.


How Do You Wash Silk Pajamas?

Check the labels; while some silk sets are conveniently made to withstand washing, others must be hand washed and laid flat to dry in order to maintain their smoothness.

What’s the Difference Between Satin and Silk Pajamas?

Even though satin and silk fabrics have similar appearances and textures, they are very different in terms of design. Silk is a natural fiber fabric with a higher price tag than satin, which is a woven fabric frequently made from synthetic fibers.

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