Can Cashmere Get Wet? What Happens If It Gets Wet?
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Can Cashmere Get Wet? What Happens If It Gets Wet?

If your cashmere sweater gets wet, what will happen? This blog is going to tell you how to care for wet cashmere.

If you choose to purchase something made from cashmere, expect to pay a hefty price because it is a high-end, luxurious material. Consequently, it makes sense that you would want your cashmere to continue to look stunning and beautiful.

One characteristic that distinguishes cashmere from other fabrics is that it can absorb moisture without suffering any damage. Can cashmere get wet in the rain? Yes, cashmere can get wet in the rain and, if not dried properly, may shrink or stretch.

It pays to be aware of how to care for cashmere if it becomes wet if you’re going to spend money on it.

Can Cashmere Get Wet?

Given that cashmere is a type of wool, you should wear it in the fall, winter, and possibly early spring. Therefore, if you’re wearing cashmere, the weather is probably going to be chilly and wet. Does cashmere get wet when it rains, or do you have to run for cover?

In that it can absorb a lot of moisture relative to its own weight without feeling too heavy, wool is naturally resistant to moisture. Wool dries quickly because the moisture leaves the material quickly.

Due to the warmth and breathability of wool, cashmere and other woolen are ideal for wearing in damp and wet conditions. It keeps you from perspiring while wearing a sweater and keeps you from getting wet by absorbing moisture.

Can Cashmere Get Wet? What Happens If It Gets Wet?

About 30% of your body’s moisture is absorbed by cashmere, which is a respectable amount to absorb without leaving you feeling wet underneath. Additionally, the material is naturally hypoallergenic, so even when wet, it won’t release any substances that could make you react.

Cashmere is resistant to water, even rain, especially cool rain. In the same way that heat makes all wool shrink, cashmere can too. The fabric won’t be harmed if it gets wet, though, because you’ll be using water to wash cashmere.

What Happens to Cashmere If It Gets Wet?

All varieties of wool, including cashmere, are odor- and moisture-resistant. Since it will keep you dry even when it does get wet, this material is actually pretty good at getting wet. Due to the high performance of wool, it has been worn for thousands of years.

If your cashmere gets wet, use your hands to gently brush the moisture off. Never tug on the fabric. Lay the cashmere out flat to dry after brushing it clean. Cashmere should be wearable again after properly drying it if it becomes damp or wet.

How to Care for Cashmere When It’s Wet?

The softness, resilience, and opulent feel of cashmere are well-known qualities. But in order for your cashmere clothing to last as long as possible, you must understand how to properly care for it.

Here are some tips on how to care for cashmere when it gets wet:

Dry Naturally

If it rains on a day when your cashmere gets wet, lay it flat and dry somewhere out of the sun and away from any heat sources, such as radiators. As long as it is completely dry, you can also avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, which can over time fade the color or leave stains if they are not removed right away after washing.

Can Cashmere Get Wet? What Happens If It Gets Wet?

Wash by Hand in Cold Water With Mild Detergent

Cashmere shouldn’t be washed in a machine while wet. Any adornments or trims, like lace or buttons, will also be harmed by this, in addition to the fabric itself. Use cold water and mild detergent to hand wash them instead. Prior to flat drying in a cool location out of direct sunlight, you can also use a hand-held garment steamer on damp items.

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Squeeze Out the Water

If the rain soaks through your cashmere sweater, gently squeeze out the excess moisture with your hands or roll it in a towel until damp. The fibers will be damaged if you wring or twist the fabric, which will make it a pill.

Remove All Buttons and Pins

Your wet cashmere should not have any buttons, pins, or other fasteners on it when you put it in the washing machine. Using these items while washing and drying the fabric can cause damage.

Dry It in the Dryer

Cashmere can be dried with a few old tennis balls and on low heat for the quickest method of removing moisture from it. This will aid in eliminating any excess moisture, hasten the drying process, and stop wrinkles from arising.

Check the Labels

The amount of wear the garment receives and the type of care instructions that came with the purchase both influence how often to wash the item. Before washing them, look for any instructions on the labels; if none are present, refer to a general guide.

Can Cashmere Get Wet? What Happens If It Gets Wet?

Is Cashmere Waterproof?

A type of fiber known as cashmere is made from the wool of Cashmere goats. It is a popular material for clothing because it is delicate and soft.

Cashmere isn’t water-resistant. Similar to conventional waterproof fabrics, it lacks any special coating that would make it water-repellent. The fact that it gets wet despite being extremely warm, light, and durable. So if you wear a cashmere sweater and get caught in a downpour, it will get wet just like any other wool item would.

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Additionally, cashmere loses its shape when wet, resulting in saggy sleeves if you wear a cashmere sweater while it’s wet.

Final Words: Can Cashmere Get Wet?

Cashmere won’t be waterproof, so if it rains, it will undoubtedly get wet. So, if you want to benefit from the longevity of your cashmere, be sure to take good care of it whenever it gets wet in the rain.

On a towel, spread the cashmere item out. To wring out extra moisture, gently roll up the cashmere and towel. The cashmere should then be spread out on a fresh, dry towel. Observe it as it naturally dries by air drying.


Will Cashmere Get Ruined in the Rain?

No, it will not be ruined by the rain. The cashmere could stretch or shrink, though, if you don’t dry it properly.

Can You Wear Cashmere Every Day?

Avoid wearing the same thing too often. Allow the garment two or three days’ rest after a day’s wearing. With cashmere sweaters and tops, a silk or pashmina scarf looks great.

Will Sweat Ruin Cashmere?

Cashmere is moisture-wicking, just like sportswear and activewear. This means that it doesn’t absorb sweat and takes on bad smells. Your cashmere top can be worn continuously or even for a few days before it needs to be washed. This highly breathable fabric keeps you feeling fresh for a longer period of time despite its warmth.

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