Can I Use Curtain Fabric for Upholstery? What to Know?

Can I Use Curtain Fabric for Upholstery? What to Know?

You might wonder if you can use curtain fabric for upholstery if you’re thinking about doing so. You can learn if you can use curtain fabric for upholstery in this article.

Curtain fabric and upholstery fabric are the two major divisions we make for decor fabric. However, it does not follow that upholstery cannot be covered with curtain fabric and vice versa. Of course, these fabrics have a ton of other applications besides just home décor.

We will discuss the distinctions between curtain and upholstery fabric in this article, as well as the considerations you should make when using curtain fabric for upholstery.

Can I Use Curtain Fabric for Upholstery?

It can be utilized for upcycling projects, yes. It can be used in your upcycling projects in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • As window coverings, use. This includes pinning them to doors and windows. Then, by tying them back, you can use them as curtains.
  • Pillows. Curtain-made pillows are both incredibly cozy and aesthetically pleasing.
  • This material is used to make soft, opulent tablecloths.

What to Know When Using Curtain Fabric for Upholstery?

Your choice of fabric for your upholstery will either make or break its aesthetic. Here are some things to keep in mind when using curtain fabric as upholstery.

Can I Use Curtain Fabric for Upholstery? What to Know?


How many rubs it will take for a curtain fabric to start showing wear is what is meant by durability. As a result, you need to think about the fabric of your curtains. The presence of children and pets should also be taken into consideration.

You can use them to determine how durable the fabric should be. The highest rub count is found in certain pieces of furniture like sofas. Decide on the fabric accordingly.


There is no denying that different kinds of curtain fabric correspond to a range of emotions. They will either complement your furniture or blend in with the surroundings, according to this. Therefore, you should search for a coordinating fabric that matches the décor of the area.


You can wipe down the majority of the surface because some fabrics, like leather, don’t adhere to odor, dirt, or other things. Contrarily, fabrics like velvet draw insects and animals. They are additionally easily stained. One step up, professional cleaning is required for materials like silk to avoid damage.

As a result, different types of fabrics require a significant amount of effort. In light of this, make certain that the curtain fabric’s quality can withstand vigorous cleaning, particularly when it comes to large pieces. The fabric should be machine washable as well. Never forget that because it will save you countless hours of work in the future.


Can I Use Curtain Fabric for Upholstery? What to Know?

There are a variety of price points for curtain materials meant for upholstery. Usually, the cost varies with the caliber of the product. However, this does not imply that a good curtain fabric with desired characteristics must be expensive.

Modern technology has made it possible to buy high-quality, comfortable curtain fabric at affordable prices. Calculate how much fabric you will need for the item to be upholstered before moving forward. Finally, consider the costs.

Coatings and Treatments

Certain curtain fabric types have been treated to alter their inherent characteristics. It consequently gives them resistance to stains, fading, fire, and other things.

You may also notice that the fabric has a slightly different appearance than the original. The fabric used for furniture must be tough enough to withstand extremes in temperature, including cold in the winter and hot and muggy conditions in the summer.

The need for specialized treatments varies depending on the type of curtain fabric. However, it turns out that a few coatings or fabric treatments are incredibly helpful.

Curtain Fabric

A medium-weight fabric known as curtain fabric is also known as multipurpose fabric. It is heavier than kinds of cotton used for quilting and clothing, but lighter than upholstery fabric. Lightweight and not recommended for upholstery is sheer curtain material.

The curtain-weight fabric typically has a pattern that is printed on the fabric. Embroidered designs are another option. It’s typically made of cotton, linen, rayon (natural cellulose fiber), or a blend that may also contain polyester.

Curtains, valances, Roman shades, throw pillows, accent chairs, dining chairs, headboards, ottomans, duvet covers, wall art, and accessories like handbags are just a few of the many projects that use it.

Can I Use Curtain Fabric for Upholstery? What to Know?

Upholstery Fabric

Compared to curtain fabric, upholstery fabric is thicker, heavier, and more rigid. It feels heavier because of this, though this does not necessarily imply that it will last longer than curtain fabric.

When the fabric is woven, the patterns of upholstery fabrics are made. Because different colored yarns are used, the pattern is completely permeable and won’t fade over time like it can on printed fabrics.

Looking at the fabric’s reverse, where the pattern’s inverse can be seen instead of blank fabric, is one way to determine whether the pattern is woven. Raised textures and patterns, such as those found in matelassé fabric, can also be created during the weaving process for solid upholstery fabrics.

Upholstery fabrics can also have backings, which are typically seen on solid fabrics like velvet, chenille, and vinyl. These stiff fabrics with backings are not suggested for curtains. For heavy, formal draperies, other upholstery materials might work.

Conclusion: Use Curtain Fabric for Upholstery

The bottom line is that for your upholstery project, you are not limited to using only upholstery fabrics. For many upholstery applications, medium-weight curtain fabrics are suitable. For upholstery that experiences regular wear and tear, at least 15,000 double rubs are recommended.

Upholstery fabric is a better option than curtain fabric when it comes to using fabric in any type of furniture. Additionally, it is always preferable to spend money on something durable and expensive than something cheap and short-lived.


Can Multipurpose Fabric Be Used for Upholstery?

Multipurpose fabrics are suitable for upholstery, accessories, and drapery. Although they can support the weight of your chairs and sofas, it is not advisable to use them for demanding applications like family room sofa cushions.

How Do I Know If Fabric is Suitable for Upholstery?

A key thing to determine whether or not a fabric is suitable for upholstery materials is its durability. Most upholstery fabrics undergo a very specific test to determine their level of durability. This is known as the Martindale Rub Test.

How Heavy Should Upholstery Fabric Be?

Most upholstery projects require a fabric weight of 12 ounces (per square yard) or greater, though #12 (11.5oz) works well in many applications.

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