Can You Dry Merino Wool? Merino Wool Drying Guide
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Can You Dry Merino Wool? Merino Wool Drying Guide

Caring for Merino wool can be easy, especially drying Merino wool. Here is a Merino wool drying guide for you.

Because Merino fibers are elastic, clothing can maintain its shape over time. Additionally, Merino wool regulates body temperature, wicks away moisture, and is odor- and bacteria-resistant.

The implication of this is that while you don’t need to wash Merino clothing as frequently as you do synthetic clothing, you still need to clean it occasionally. Merino wool needs to be dried after being washed, which begs the question: Can you dry Merino wool?

The majority of Merino wool can be tumble-dried, but we advise air-drying instead to lessen your impact on the environment and further increase the lifespan of each product. What you should know about drying Merino wool is provided below.

Can You Dry Merino Wool?

Merino wool can be dried, but it must be done carefully to prevent shrinking or harming the fabric’s fibers.

Here are some tips for drying Merino wool:

  1. Squeeze the garment gently to remove any extra water. To avoid stretching or losing its shape, avoid wringing or twisting the wool.
  2. To gently absorb extra moisture, roll up the clean, dry towel and place it on top of the item.
  3. Unroll the towel after you’ve rolled it up, then take the item off. After that, spread out the garment clean and dry it on a surface such as a drying rack.
  4. The fibers of Merino wool may stretch out of shape if you hang it to dry. Instead, spread it out flat to dry completely.
  5. Keep the clothing away from heat sources and sunlight, which can also cause Merino wool to shrink or take on an unflattering shape.
Can You Dry Merino Wool? Merino Wool Drying Guide

Can You Put Merino Wool in the Dryer?

Yes, you can, but because Merino wool is more delicate than regular wool, you should exercise caution when washing it in a safe machine dryer and hanging it to dry. To preserve Merino wool clothing for a long time, we advise either air-drying it or tumble-drying it on a low setting. Drying Merino clothing flat is crucial.

Stick with regular wool if you’re looking for something simple that can be dried without causing damage to your items. Choose Merino wool if you want something softer, lighter, and generally more expensive.

Does Merino Wool Shrink in the Dryer?

Wool from Merino sheep is a specific type that is most frequently found in Australia and New Zealand. Although it has a very different feel from some other types of wool, it still has some of the same characteristics, like the capacity to feel.

Wool contracts during felting, which is the process. The wool fibers tangle and produce felt, a denser material, in this process. When wool is heated, stirred, or both, and is damp, felting takes place. The wool will felt more tightly as the exposure time increases.

Like other types of wool, Merino wool will be felt in the presence of heat. Therefore, putting Merino wool in the dryer will result in it starting to feel and cause shrinkage. The majority of Merino wool clothing has labels that indicate tumble drying is not recommended.

It’s possible that some Merino wool items can be tumble-dried for a very brief period of time on low heat, but it’s dangerous if the label doesn’t indicate that it has already shrunk and is safe to tumble dry. Avoid risking it if uncertain.

Best Way to Dry Merino Wool

Can You Dry Merino Wool? Merino Wool Drying Guide

When dry, Merino wool is very strong and elastic, making it perfect for all types of activewear and clothing.

It can become more fragile when wet, so handling it carefully is necessary to keep it from transforming in size or shape. Using a tumble dryer with Merino wool is not recommended, as was already stated. In the same way, radiators and towel rails are also acceptable forms of heat.

Wet Merino wool should also not be hung up because this can make it stretch and take on an unintended shape. The best way to dry Merino wool is to lay it flat, and not in direct heat or sunlight, and allow it to dry naturally.

Conclusion: Merino Wool Drying Guide

Line drying (hanging) and flat drying are the two primary methods for drying Merino wool. Your Merino wool can be hung on a chair, clothesline, railing, friend, or anything else that is available. Avoid using a hanger as it might cause the shape to change.

Your shirt should be laid out in its original configuration on a clean, flat towel. The shirt can occasionally be turned inside out. Although flat drying may take longer than hanging, it helps to preserve the fabric’s original shape.


How Long Does Merino Wool Take to Dry?

Merino wool dries quickly, it will take about 2 hours to dry the shirts, polos, and tees. Due to the increased amount of wool, the sweater will take longer.

How Do You Dry 100% Merino Wool?

While you can tumble-dry most of our Merino, we recommend air-drying to reduce your environmental impact and further extend the life of each product. Laying your wool clothing flat to dry will prevent the shape from being altered by hanging wet wool. Use the low setting on the tumble dryer if you prefer.

Why Not Tumble Dry Merino Wool?

Merino wool can shrink in the tumble dryer, so it’s best to air dry it. If Merino wool clothing is hung up while wet, the water in the fibers can also cause it to lose its shape.

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