Can You Dye Synthetic Hair? How to Do That?

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair? How to Do That?

In this article, we will cover how to dye synthetic hair and provide you with useful tips and advice!

You may have thought about dying your wig if your closet is getting too small to store new wigs or if you want to update an outdated synthetic wig. However, can you dye synthetic hair? The answer is yes, but we wouldn’t advise it! Nylon and polyester, the materials used to make synthetic wigs, do not react to dyes the same way that human hair does.

This article is for those who enjoy changing the color of their hair but don’t want to harm their natural tresses.

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Can You Dye Synthetic Hair?

Any artificial material that people produce to mimic the appearance and feel of hair is known as synthetic hair. As a result, it is challenging to dye.

Synthetic hair can be dyed, though it is trickier to do so on wigs than on extensions or highlight clips. Multiple material types and a range of qualities are available in synthetic hair.

Generally speaking, the more you can manipulate synthetic hair to change the color without harming it, the better quality it must be. By looking and feeling, you can tell a lot about the quality.

Synthetic hair with an overly plastic feel or a too-shiny appearance isn’t as high-quality as other artificial hair. Surprisingly, some of the best synthetic hair for dying is of lower quality.

How to Dye Synthetic Hair?

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair? How to Do That?

Here’s how to dye a synthetic hair:


Wash your synthetic wig or hair extensions before you dye. Use a mild shampoo to remove the sweat, dirt, and styling products that have built up on the hair strands. Before beginning, let it completely dry.

  • Preparing the dyes

From the can you dye synthetic hair question, we can move on to the process’ beginning by learning how to make the dye. Synthetic wigs and extensions can be colored using a variety of creative techniques. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. See how to begin the dyeing process using the techniques listed below.

  • Alcohol-Based Ink

In a spray bottle, mix the alcohol-based ink and the water in 1:1 ratio dilution and shake well. If you need a lighter color, dilute it even more before using it to get a color that is almost as opaque as the ink.

  • Sharpie Ink

To color the synthetic hair, pop the Sharpie marker’s ink tube open. Keep it in the spray bottle and add water. Let it be in the bottle the whole night for the ink to drain into the water to use as a dye.

  • Acrylic color

To make the spray, liquefy the ¼ acrylic color in 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. For thorough ingredient mixing, give the spray bottle a good shake.

Application Process

Layer by layer, thoroughly saturate the hair by spraying any prepared dye using one of the methods mentioned above onto the hair strands. Use a comb to evenly distribute the applied color after using your fingers to carefully part the hair for application.

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair? How to Do That?

Cover the entire depth and width of the wig by working your way down from the top. Make certain that every fiber is covered in color, and then allow it to completely dry.

Quick method: You can apply the color in a quick method by placing the dye in a plastic bag and keeping the wig in the bag to soak. Increase the soaking time beginning with a minimum of 5 minutes depending on the level of color required. Remove it now, and allow it to completely dry.

After the Application Process

You already understood how to dye wigs, so all that is required afterward is a quick wash of the wig until the water runs clear. The wig becomes lighter after this process, which also takes some dye out.

Ensure you use cold or normal water and not warm or hot water as the total color gets washed off with warm water. You can always dye it again with the same color if the dye does not appear dark enough to achieve the desired color.

For trustworthy results, finish the dyeing procedure before following the after application procedure. Your wigs’ dye will bleed when they get wet if you don’t give them this wash. Your priceless dresses might get stained as a result of this action. When washed, this problem does not arise. Because of this, it is preferable to give it a second rinse after each use.

Which Synthetic Hair Are Suitable for Dyeing?

It is important to remember that synthetic hair cannot be bleached. the bleach will simply destroy the man-made fibers that make up your synthetic hair.

Let’s take a look at the different types of Synthetic Hair:

Light Colored Synthetic Hair

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair? How to Do That?

Lighter synthetic hair is more color-responsive. White hair, silver hair, and pastel-colored hair are all good colors to use. I’ll say it again: bleach will not make dark synthetic hair lighter. Dark synthetic hair requires more effort to change its color.

On the other hand, you could dye a dark brown wig black if you had one. Basically, darker dyes work better in the process. If you aim for deeper hues or richer shades, changing the color of your synthetic hair will be more likely to be successful.

Cheaper Synthetic Hair

If you want to change the color of your hair, it is preferable to use less expensive synthetic hair. It is best to use synthetic hair that you haven’t invested a lot of money in because there is always a chance that it will be damaged during this process.

In addition, more expensive and possibly higher-quality synthetic hair has a smoother texture, which makes it less receptive to color dye. They will wash off easily, thus making the whole process a bit of a wasted effort.

Conclusion: Can You Dye Synthetic Hair?

While you can’t use dyes for normal hair, you can still color synthetic hair. Use various colorants, such as ink, fabric dyes, and paints, to alter the shade of your wig or extensions.

It’s difficult and not always successful to dye a synthetic wig. We do not recommend dying synthetic wigs, even though the results can be very rewarding.


How Long Will the Dye Last?

Until you wash it in warm or hot water, the color should remain visible. In theory, this could take a while because synthetic hair doesn’t need to be washed very frequently. Make sure it doesn’t get tangled if you do decide to wash the color out.

Will Dye Ruin My Synthetic Wig?

Your synthetic wig will be destroyed if you use regular boxed hair dye. Although no method is 100% effective, using material-appropriate fabric or ink dyes significantly lowers the likelihood of damaging your hair.

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