Can You Iron Canvas Fabric to Remove Wrinkles?

Can You Iron Canvas Fabric to Remove Wrinkles?

Let’s consider some don’ts and dos on iron canvas fabric to get wrinkles and creases out of painting canvas.

It’s disappointing to get a canvas with wrinkles when you ordered a paint-by-numbers kit. Transport can leave deep dents in the fabric that are challenging to remove if your number painting kit is not packed carefully.

So, can you iron canvas fabric to remove wrinkles? Yes. Paint-by-number canvases are made of fabric (linen or cotton), just like any artist-grade canvas, so you can iron them like a shirt!

In this article, we’ll do our best to respond to your inquiry and offer you some pertinent advice.

Can You Iron Canvas to Reduce Wrinkles?

Fortunately, the short answer is yes! You should be aware that there are a few instructions you should follow in order to use an iron on a canvas before you start to rejoice. For instance, we don’t advise you to spray water on a paint-by-numbers canvas.

Soon enough we’ll get to why, but first, we’ll talk about what makes those creases there in the first place.

How to Iron Canvas Fabric?

Because of the packaging we use, you probably won’t ever need to iron your paint-by-numbers canvas from us because it is made of high-quality woven material. But if you do, stick to these instructions because they are applicable to any canvas painting kit. (See How to Care for Canvas Fabric.)

Sorting your materials in advance will help when ironing. Various ironing techniques are needed for various fabrics. After that, you can start ironing. Check the laundry symbols on your garments to find ironing instructions, and read Fabric Ironing 101 which tells you how to iron different fabrics properly.

Can You Iron Canvas Fabric to Remove Wrinkles?

Using An Iron to Iron Canvas Fabric

To protect the fabric and prevent burning, we advise using a mid-range heat setting when ironing a canvas to remove wrinkles. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Lay your canvas down on a thick towel.
  2. With a fine spray bottle, lightly mist the canvas’s back.
  3. Just lightly dampen the fabric; don’t soak it.
  4. Using a rolling motion, gently iron over the surface.
  5. It won’t take long for your canvas to be wrinkle-free.

Using a Steamer to Iron Canvas Fabric

The fibers of the fabric are made more pliable by the steamer, which is used to remove wrinkles from clothing. There is a lot less chance that they will burn or damage the fabric because they don’t directly touch the clothing. By producing hot steam, they assist you in removing wrinkles and give you simple control.

Simply hang the clothing, fill the tank with water, plug the steamer in, and wait for the steam to begin to emerge. In order to accommodate various types of fabrics, most steamers have heat settings between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove wrinkles from the fabric by gliding the steamer over it while it is hot.

Things to Avoid When Ironing Canvas

There is something you need to avoid when you are ironing canvas fabric:

Avoid Using Too Much Water

The lines, numbers, and spaces on the canvas can be washed away if there is too much water used during the ironing process, which can help to quickly remove wrinkles and creases. Rather than using too much water, you can always add a little steam or fine mist when ironing.

A paint-by-number canvas is different from a regular canvas because it has lines and numbers drawn on it. Therefore, a small amount of water is required to keep your canvas painting original and hassle-free.

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Avoid Iron Facing Up

Ironing a canvas with the iron facing up is one of the most important don’ts when removing creases and wrinkles from it. The lines and numbers on the canvas become blurred when you iron the face-up. The ink on the canvas can smear quickly since they aren’t designed to be printed on.

As a result, avoid using a hot iron directly on your canvas because this will quickly ruin your favorite paint-by-number set.

Can You Iron Canvas Fabric to Remove Wrinkles?

Things to Remember When Ironing Canvas

When ironing canvas, you should remember these tips:

Iron on High Without Steam

The paint-by-number canvas doesn’t need a lot of steam to iron it, unlike regular canvases. You only need to iron on high and keep the iron face up. The lines and numbers can easily clean off while you iron on high and steam on the canvass.

Likewise, avoid keeping the iron in one place for an extended period. Instead, briefly iron a specific area of the canvas before naturally moving to another. Another crucial piece of advice to remember is to iron the canvas while applying firm pressure.

Make the Canvas Tight

Stretched canvases make painting much easier. Similarly, when they are as precise as possible, painters have no trouble recognizing numbers and lines. Make sure you tap and tack the canvas to a flat surface to make it tight.

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Apply a Damp Cloth on the Back of the Canvas

A damp cloth can also be used to remove creases and wrinkles from the painting canvas in addition to using water. The canvas only needs to be laid face-down and ironed with a damp cloth on the back. Another great substitute for the fine mister that is frequently used on canvases is a damp cloth.

Refrain from Spraying Water

Can You Iron Canvas Fabric to Remove Wrinkles?

This advice should go without saying because it is practically equivalent to using steam to iron your canvas. Even a tiny bit of water spray can cause the printed ink to fade. Of course, this defies the whole purpose of a paint-by-numbers canvas. See How to Print on Canvas Fabric?

Iron Your Canvas Face-Down

Pressing your iron down, firmly, on the canvas is another useful tip. By doing it this way, you should have a smooth surface in a short time.

Additionally, doing this will stop you from accidentally smudging any lines or numbers, which could be very messy. This is because canvas doesn’t work well with ink the same way it does with paint. Avoiding direct contact with a hot iron is therefore your best bet.

Introduce a Damp Cloth to the Equation

If the canvas is resistant to all of your ironing attempts, you can always use a fine mister sparingly. However, a mister might not be available, so there has to be another way to use the advantage of the water. Put a damp cloth on the canvas’s back, then simply lay it on its face and begin confidently ironing!

Is There a Way to Flatten My Canvas Without Ironing?

Yes, to sum up the answer. Another, even simpler method exists to eliminate some creases in your canvas. It’s possible that this approach isn’t as thorough as using an iron.

Any creases in your canvas can be removed by stretching and rolling it. Here’s how to go about it properly.

  1. Place your canvas face-down on a clean, flat surface
  2. Mist the back of the canvas with water using a very fine mister
  3. Stretch out the canvas gently to remove any wrinkles by hand
  4. Use a rolling pin to roll the canvas flat, applying some pressure
  5. Leave the paint by numbers canvas to dry
  6. The wrinkles should be gone when it’s completely dried out

As we previously mentioned, the majority of paint-by-number canvases are delivered already rolled up. However, distribution, shipping, and improper storage could still cause them to wrinkle.

It is best to remove the canvas from the paint-by-numbers kit and unroll it as soon as you get it home. It can then be stored for later use by stretching it taut over a wooden frame.

Conclusion: Iron Canvas Fabric

Can painting canvas be ironed to remove wrinkles? The fact that the answer is yes is fortunate for you! You must be careful not to erase the lines and numbers when using this technique, though, so keep that in mind. The canvas should become wrinkle-free and ready for you to create your masterpiece if you follow the advice we’ve provided.

Avoid purchasing a canvas that is already wrinkled is the best way to avoid having a problem in the first place! So move on to the fun part without worrying about creases or ironing.


Can You Iron on a Painted Canvas?

Set your canvas and towel on your pressing mat and place the iron on the spot where you want to press it. Put the canvas under the iron and press. I pressed for 30 seconds with my EasyPress at 315 degrees. Peel off the transfer sheet after allowing the iron to cool.

Does Canvas Fabric Wrinkle Easily?

The heavy construction of the fabric, made with sturdy cotton yarns, can help keep it from wrinkling. The majority of the uses for it would not require routine ironing.

Can I Heat Press on Canvas?

Your iron should be set to cotton or your heat press should be heated to 305 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the heat press is ready, cover your canvas with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet and press for about 20 seconds. If you’re using an iron, press for about 30 seconds.

Can You Do Iron-ons on Canvas?

In fact, the canvas is a good surface for iron-on. Making your canvas projects unique and special with iron-on is a great idea! For use on fabric and canvas, you can buy iron-on transfers from your neighborhood craft store or online.

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