Can You Sublimate on Modal Fabric? 7 Easy Steps
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Can You Sublimate on Modal Fabric? 7 Easy Steps

Read on to learn how sublimation printing can be useful if you want to give your modal clothing or home d├ęcor a personalized touch.

Since the turn of the century, modal has been a popular synthetic fiber. While its primary use today is to wick moisture away from your skin, it was originally developed to mimic silk.

Can you sublimate on modal fabric? Yes, sublimation occurs when a solid object melts at a very high temperature, changing from solid to gas. Image printing onto textiles, such as clothing, is a common application of this technique.

Consequently, you will learn about the steps that are helpful in sublimating Modal fabrics in this specific article. And I’ve written a number of articles about dye sublimation, including ones on cotton sublimate, nylon sublimate, and rayon sublimate.

Can You Sublimate on Modal Fabric?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended for dark or colored materials to sublimate on modal fabric. Darker fabrics won’t sublimate as well because the modal sublimation process replaces the dye molecules in the fabric. As a result, white or light-colored fabrics produce the best results.

A certain kind of design cannot be sublimated onto modal fabric. Designs requiring fine lines or small text cannot be created using the sublimation process, but it does produce vibrant and intricate designs.

Can You Sublimate on Modal Fabric? 7 Easy Steps

Considerations before Sublimate on Modal Fabric

There are several things you should consider before getting started to sublimate on modal fabric:

  1. It is important to keep in mind that the fabric must contain at least 50% polyester for the process to function properly, even though sublimation on modal fabric is a fantastic choice for creating customized designs.
  2. The fabric should also be white or light-colored because the sublimation process changes the fabric’s dye molecules. Darker fabrics won’t sublimate as effectively as lighter ones. So, the answer to the question “Can modal fabric be sublimated?” is yes, but with the aforementioned considerations.
  3. Not all modal fabrics are suitable for sublimation printing. In order for the dye sublimation ink to adhere properly, the fabric must have a high polyester content. The sublimation process won’t yield the desired results if the modal fabric doesn’t meet this requirement.

Overall, even though modal fabric can be sublimated, it’s important to remember that not all modal fabrics are appropriate for the process and that they might not be the best choice for certain types of designs or projects.

Before starting a project, it is crucial to carefully consider the unique requirements and restrictions for sublimating modal fabric.

How Can You Sublimate on Modal Fabrics?

Here are these fundamental steps and how they work to produce high-quality and adaptable sublimation prints.

Cotton Printer

Everyone is aware that they cannot print anything without a specific printing device. A high-end, branded cotton sublimation printing machine is required if you want to sublimate Modal fabric.

To ensure that they can perform with a graceful pace, absolute perfection, and accuracy, make sure to purchase them from local brands. The outcomes of your printed images on the surface of the primary materials will be harmed if you use any other printer.

Can You Sublimate on Modal Fabric? 7 Easy Steps

Using Good-Quality Inks

The use of high-quality, long-lasting sublimation inks is another essential component of this printing process. Your images must receive a special ink treatment to leave a lasting impression on the cotton.

We suggest that, for this purpose, you choose branded inks rather than those produced by regional ink bottle manufacturers. It will be of great assistance to you in producing designs that can last for a very long time without being washed and fading.

Create & Transfer the Designs

You must transfer your designs onto the surface of the transfer paper once you are ready to start creating them. allowing for flawless printing on the front of your primary products.

Always keep in mind to transfer them safely using specialized software. The most crucial step in this Modal fabric sublimation technique is this simple-to-follow step.

Adjust the Designs

The removal of all the extraneous material from your primary designs through adjustment is an essential step. Although you could use regular scissors for this, it would be much preferable to remove the extra material using software programs.

Additionally, you can use duct tape to cover the majority of your designs before tearing away the excess to create a lovely and appealing design.

Heat Press the Designs

The designs are then heated to the proper temperature and pressed through the heat presser. Put your designs on the transfer paper for this purpose, then put them in the heat press machine.

Once the designs are complete, raise the temperature to 400 F and heat press the designs, and transfer the papers for 60 to 70 seconds. This will leave a lasting impression on the designs you create on your preferred materials.

Can You Sublimate on Modal Fabric? 7 Easy Steps

Iron the Fabric

Your designs should now be ironed onto the modal fabrics after being printed on their surface to affix them firmly. The printed modal shirt must therefore be ironed in this step.

Keep the iron device at the proper temperature, and first allow the printed shirt to cool. By doing this, the design will be protected from any heat-related effects and will last a long time without fading.

Heat Press the Fabric Again

In the end, to make a permanent impression of your images or designs heat press these modal fabric shirts once more. You’ll be able to permanently sew these patterns to your fabrics in this way.

Make sure the shirts are heat-pressed for 10 to 12 seconds. The soft fabric of the shirts will easily be harmed if they are left in the heat presses, and your designs will appear quite ugly.

Can You Print on Modal Fabric?

Because it is strong and cozy, modal is a common fabric. Although it is frequently used in clothing and bedding, it can also be used for other things.

Can you print on a modal? Yes, cotton fabric that has undergone chemical treatment to make it feel softer is known as modal. Because of this, it won’t fade or shrink like regular cotton. It is ideal for creating personalized items because it is offered in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Conclusion: Steps to Sublimate on Modal Fabric

Can modal fabric be sublimated? Sublimation on modal fabric is, in fact, possible. You must adhere to the procedures we have outlined in the upper headings in order to sublimate on Modal fabrics. Using the appropriate printers, papers, and inks is crucial to the success of this process.


What is Fabric Sublimation?

Using heat, dye is transferred onto fabric during sublimation printing. A sublimation transfer medium is first applied to the fabric in sublimation. The medium is then positioned on top of the sublimation paper, and the two are then both run through a heat press. The dye vaporizes and permeates the fabric fibers as a result of the high temperatures.

What Fabric Can You Sublimate On?

Sublimation is possible on a variety of fabrics. Some examples include silk, cotton, rayon, nylon, and polyester.

How Does Sublimation Work?

Heating fabric is the first step in the sublimation process. It will start to expand as a result. Afterward, a lot of pressure is applied to the fabric. As a result, the molecules inside the fabric form bonds. The substance unifies into one enormous molecule as they proceed. The fabric is now prepared for application to another surface.

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