Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer? Wearing Tips
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Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer? Wearing Tips

We will discuss whether suede shoes are appropriate for summer in this guide, along with styling advice.

It’s time to unwind, have fun, and, of course, wear stylish shoes in the summer. But many people aren’t sure about one question “Can you wear suede shoes in the summer?”

Of course you can wear suede shoes in the summer. Suede can be worn all year round and its natural tones can be paired with a variety of flashy or earthy colors.

In the summer, you can wear suede shoes by following these suggestions.

Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer?

Suede shoes are a great choice for summer footwear, as they are both stylish and comfortable. There are a few considerations, though, when wearing suede shoes in the summer.

First off, because suede is a natural material, it can get stained by sweat or liquids. It is important to protect your suede shoes with a waterproofing spray before wearing them in the summer.

A style that is breathable and won’t cause your feet to perspire is essential because suede shoes can get quite warm. Finally, because suede shoes are easily ruined, they are not the best option for walking on wet or sandy surfaces.

Leather shoes and fabric shoes are harmful to your skin because they are made of synthetic materials. You’ll feel completely renewed all day long because they won’t perspire on your feet.

When it’s raining or snowing outside, we advise keeping suede shoes in a dry location because they are susceptible to water damage. Suede shoes add a sense of style and flair to any outfit without compromising comfort. When selecting summer footwear, a pair of shoes’ durability is crucial to take into account.

Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer? Wearing Tips

In the summer, there is little to worry about; only a little sunshine, no snow, no rain, and no puddles. Suede shoes are recommended if you intend to spend time outside in the heat.

Why Suede is a Good Choice in Summer?

Usually, summer is a warm season with lots of sunshine. It’s time to show off your sleeveless tops, shorts, summer hats, and of course, your suede footwear.

Why then does suede make such a great summer fabric choice? Here are a few characteristics that make suede appropriate for the summer.

  1. Breathable, yet warm: Since suede is naturally porous, it will allow air to circulate freely around your feet in the summer. Despite keeping your feet warm all day, the material has excellent breathability qualities thanks to its porosity. The air circulation will reduce sweat and keep your feet from feeling cooked up.
  2. Sweet to the Feel: When touched, suede feels soft and very sweet and calming to the touch. You’ll require this in the summer when it’s hot outside and the sun is out.
  3. Versatile: Among all shoe types, suede shoes are among the most adaptable. They come in different styles, colors, and designs and can be matched with any cloth. You can wear suede attire to any party, workplace, casual outing, or church. Options include suede boots, shoes, flip-flops, and sandals.
  4. Easy to Dress Up: They are undoubtedly simple to dress up because of their versatility. Both non-suede and suede garments look great with suede footwear. Before making a fashionable choice, you won’t have to wrack your brain. It’s the kind of benefit you require in the summer.
  5. Affordable: Being affordable means that you can easily add them to your wardrobe in preparation for summertime. You don’t have to break the bank to buy suede shoes.
  6. Durable: Every feature should prioritize durability. Suede is remarkably easy to maintain and long-lasting. They typically last incredibly long and will support you throughout the summer as long as you keep them out of the elements.
  7. Sweat Absorption: Due to its porous nature, suede material quickly wicks away any heat generated by your feet. This feature keeps you comfortable and cool.
  8. No fear of being Ruined by Rain: Suede is destroyed by rain. The best season to wear these shoes is during the summer because snow will also melt quickly. All we have in the summer is the sun, and that’s fine for suede.
  9. Elegant: In the summer, suede is stunning and sophisticated. Depending on your job, they work well as both casual shoes and work shoes. They’re ideal for summer because they can make you appear posh and well-dressed.
Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer? Wearing Tips

All of these features make suede an excellent choice for summer. Learn more about the benefits of choosing suede in the following paragraphs.

Does Suede Get Ruined in Heat?

In hot weather, suede struggles. The suede’s fibers can deteriorate, making the material brittle. This can cause the suede to crack and tear.

The suede’s hairs are stiff and brittle when wet, and they also become brittle when dry. You could get into trouble if you let suede dry on its own after it has been wet. Suede shoes that are wet should be kept away from heat sources and placed somewhere dry.

The porous nature of suede makes it simple for water to read. It will remove all of the natural oils from a suede jacket and leave it stiff and shiny. You should put dry space aside from a hot water heater if you need to repair wet suede shoes, though.

Shoes made of suede and nubuck will last longer if you allow them to dry out after getting wet. Avoid wiping, rubbing, and scrubbing them to keep them clean. Prior to cooling them down, give them some time to air dry. If they must be reinstalled, treat the delicate fabric gently to prevent fraying.

Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer? Wearing Tips

Tips on Wearing Suede in the Summer

Do you want to know how to dress up in suede during the summer? It’s enjoyable and relatively simple. You can try these ideas:

  • Suede Ankle Boots: With minimal socks, you can wear suede ankle boots. Rock those with a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a cowboy hat. Boots go well with short dresses, skirts, and even pants.
  • Suede Loafers: Due to their ability to keep your feet dry and warm, loafers make excellent suede work shoes. Consider a different pair of work shoes if your job requires you to clean up spills of water or oil because suede doesn’t fare well in those situations. Additionally, you can wear loafers to the park or to social events.
  • Black and Brown Suede are more Versatile: Shoe your feet in black or brown suede. Due to their vibrant colors, they are simpler to dress up. In the summer, you could quickly put them on and take them off before leaving.

Conclusion: Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer

Summertime is the ideal time for suede footwear. It is lightweight, convenient to wear, and simple to maintain. Open-toe styles such as suede sandals and espadrilles are a great option for keeping your feet cool. Beige and light brown are examples of lighter hues that can help you stay cool by reflecting heat.

Another great quality of suede is how simple it is to dress up. You should totally get these precious things into your wardrobe in readiness for the next summer.


Can I Wear Suede Shoes in Other Seasons of the Year?

Yes, you can. Suede is great for summer but you can always wear them in other seasons. Since suede is easily ruined by moisture or water in the winter or fall, you might want to switch to other materials like rubber.

Does Suede Make You Sweat?

No, it doesn’t. The Suede has great breathability features and will naturally not cause you to sweat.

Are Suede Boots Only for Winter?

For example, don’t cross the street when you think you know better about suede.), suede can be enjoyed all year round.

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