Chambray Vs. Linen: What's the Difference?
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Chambray Vs. Linen: What’s the Difference?

Do you want to know the difference between Chambray vs. Linen? You can learn everything you need to know right here.

Both men’s and women’s summer wardrobes must include items made of the airy, light fabric found in linen and chambray. The flax plant, which is used to make linen, is what distinguishes these fabrics.

Do these two textiles differ from one another? Yes, there is! Fabrics can range in weight and weave depending on Linen Vs Chambray and their intended use, from home goods like towels or bedding to high-end clothing.

Continue reading to learn what distinguishes chambray and linen.

Chambray Vs. Linen

The main distinction between chambray and linen is that while linen is identified by the material from which it is made, chambray is identified by the manufacturing process.

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The term “linen” refers to fabric made from flax fibers. In general, flax fibers are much stiffer than cotton or silk. Due to its lack of elasticity, linen fabric also has a propensity to wrinkle. The weight and texture of linen are based on a variety of weaves. Whatever type they are, linen fabrics are renowned for their breathability and natural sheen.

The traditional chambray fabric has a plain weave and white selvages. The most common type of weave in textiles is the “plain weave”. A pattern of over-or-under-one crosses is used to create the cross. The weft fibers of chambray fabrics are typically dyed white, while the warp fibers are typically dyed blue.

This weave, which resembles denim but is lighter weight, produces soft, faded colors. Although cotton is the most common material used to create chambray, silk or even a combination of both can also be used.

Chambray Vs. Linen: What's the Difference?


While both linen and chambray are frequently seen in summertime attire, linen has many applications outside of clothing. Because it is strong and highly absorbent, linen is used to make household items like tablecloths, towels, and bedding.

Contrarily, chambray is only used for clothing. Chambray has recently been used in women’s dresses and children’s clothing, though it was originally made for workmen’s shirts.


Both Chambray and linen were originally made in Europe, though linen has a much older history than Chambray. In actuality, linen is the oldest fabric that humans are aware of.

It was created in 8000 B.C. in prehistoric Switzerland. The robustness of linen fiber and the prolific growth of flax plants are responsible for its longevity. Cambric, a textile that was created in Cambrai, France, in the 1500s, is the source of Cambray.

Since the 19th century, linen and cambric cloth, a traditional plain-woven fabric made from linen fibers, have been closely associated. The use of white yarn as filler distinguishes Cambray from cambrics.

Chambray Vs. Linen: What’s the Best One?


  • Knights, priests, and monarchs were the only members of ancient society who had access to linen clothing.
  • The fact that linen clothing has become more popular coincides with the warmer weather.
  • Despite its relaxed appeal, this fabric also provides a number of benefits perfect for “Spring and Summer” wear.
  • In addition to being “beautiful and breathable,” linen is also more environmentally friendly than cotton or other common fabrics.
  • But not everyone could afford to wear linen clothing.
Chambray Vs. Linen: What's the Difference?


  • Chambery is favored because it is cozy, light, and appropriate for all seasons and events.
  • Wearing cotton chambray is the best option for spending the day, especially in the summer.
  • Chambray, a thin plain-weave fabric, is typically made of 100% cotton or 100% linen.
  • This material can be used to create a variety of dresses, including tops, shorts, and skirts.
  • Tablecloths, pillowcases, upholstery, and curtains are just a few examples of home décor items that can be made from this fabric.

Outfits With Chambray

Women’s Outfits

Chambray shirts for women are a great staple, especially in the traditional blue color. White jeans and a lighter chambray top make a nice light-colored summer outfit. To create another adorable outfit, trade in the jeans for a fit-and-flare skirt and tie the bottom of your chambray top.

For a more relaxed yet stylish look, pair a chambray shirt over a white blouse or a black and white striped shirt with black jeans and brown shoes. If you want something with a bit more color, choose a pair of mint-colored pants and a floral blouse with softer hues. A light-colored chambray shirt can be worn on top to create a fun summer look.

On the other hand, if you want to wear chambray to work but need to dress it up a bit, think about tucking your chambray top into a black skirt and heels or wearing your chambray shirt as an overlayer over the top of a dark work dress.

Speaking of dresses, a chambray dress is a great option for summer. Many of these are shirt dresses, and waist ties look great with them. When you know you’ll be out exploring, wear sneakers, and when you have a lunch date, wear a pair of brown flats or sandals. You can purchase a chambray tunic top and pair it with black leggings for a stunning outfit.

Chambray Vs. Linen: What's the Difference?

Men’s Outfits

In the summer, white men’s pants or men’s shorts look great when paired with men’s chambray shirts. Finish this look with espadrilles or boat shoes. A chambray shirt and olive or khaki bottoms make a stylish combination as well.

Dark-wash jeans look fantastic paired with lighter-colored and gray chambrays. If you wear a pair of tan pants and a brown belt, you can even wear a collared chambray shirt. It makes a complete office outfit when paired with a tie.

Outfits With Linen

Women’s Outfits

Regarding linen, airy women’s linen shorts and roomy women’s linen pants make gorgeous summer outfits. This type of fabric works well with the paper-bag style. It would look fantastic to wear white linen bottoms with a black, blue, or pink linen blouse. Another attractive pairing is a loose white linen top worn with tan women’s linen shorts.

Another fun summer look is a linen jumper in a light shade of blue or cream with a waist tie. It’s relatively simple to create a variety of looks using the linen tops and bottoms you find because the majority of linen clothing items come in natural, neutral colors.

But don’t let that deter you from using bold colors! Women’s linen shorts in a vibrant green color could be the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Men’s Outfits

Linen will be used to make the lightest men’s suit you can find. If you want to elevate your summer wardrobe, a linen blazer in cream, white, or light brown is fantastic. Men’s loose linen shirts and shorts are excellent for cool, breezy outfits to keep alive in the summer heat if you prefer more laid-back looks.

Again, the majority of guys will look fantastic in those natural, neutral hues, but you can always switch things up with light pink, gray, or light blue. Men’s striped linen pants might also be entertaining. Play around with it to see what suits you.

Final Words: Chambray Vs. Linen

Which do you find more comfortable and durable, chambray or linen? Men frequently do not consider textures in terms of what seasons they should wear them in. This does not make or break a piece of clothing depending on the season, but it does make it more fashionable and comfortable.

Don’t be hesitant to incorporate linen into your wardrobe now that you are aware of the distinction between chambray and linen. Happy Summer!


Is Chambray Fabric Cotton?

Chambray is a plain tight weave fabric, typically made from 100% cotton, however, other fabrics can also be blended. A white thread is typically used in the construction of chambrays to give them their distinctive texture. The fabric is a thin material that can be used for quilting as well as for clothing.

Is Chambray a Summer Fabric?

Chambray is ideal for summer because it is lightweight. Even in the hottest weather, chambray keeps you cool due to its cotton content. The fabric’s higher thread count also guarantees a finer weave. Because of this, it is incredibly breathable and cozy during the summer.

Is Linen a Hot Fabric to Wear?

Another great option for hot-weather clothing is breathable linen. It is loosely woven and lightweight, allowing heat to escape. You stay dry and cool because moisture is quickly absorbed.

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