Changing the Game With Manchester United Women and Designer Lydia Bolton

Changing the Game With Manchester United Women and Designer Lydia Bolton

We collaborated with designer Lydia Bolton, who transformed this season’s Manchester United 2022–23 Adidas uniforms into one-of-a-kind items that aren’t available anywhere else. Naturally, we had to put on a show for them with a few of our Reds.

Lydia, Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself…

“I’m an upcycler, slow fashion designer, and maker of sustainable clothing. In 2019, I launched my fashion company, which focuses on upcycling and repurposing used and discarded textiles. I enjoy sewing various fabrics together to make brand-new, unique items that people will treasure always. I also collaborate with brands and businesses to tackle textile waste and create new meaning in existing materials to save them from being wasted.”

And Football Are Merging Together?

“Yes, I agree that there is a great overlap between football and fashion because so many of us wear active, football-inspired looks every day. With the rise of fashion designers and sports brand collaborations that are creating designer kits and collections, the two are constantly merging.”

Which Item Was the Most Fun to Design?

“The puffer jacket was my favorite design to make. It was really fun doing a patchwork of the different textures and mixing in the jerseys with the scarf to create something really unique and cool.”

And What About the Most Challenging?

“The puffer jacket was the hardest item to wear as well! I unpicked the original coat which took a bit of time and I made sure the zip and other elements were all able to be reused. With the jerseys and scarf, I made a patchwork on top of each jacket panel. Then, after unpicking the zip, hood, and lining from the original jacket, I stitched the puffer coat back together.”

How Long Did Each Piece Take to Create?

“Due to varying levels of detail, each piece required a different amount of time to create; the jacket took about two days, the shirt took just over a day, and the bag took a day. Because there are so many additional steps to take, such as unpicking and designing within the constraints of the garment you’re remaking, upcycling and remaking is typically a much slower process. Additionally, I place a lot of value on attention to detail, so I carefully consider where to place each fabric and my choice of fabric.”

Changing the Game With Manchester United Women and Designer Lydia Bolton

How Important is It to Represent Your Style in Your Own Way?

“I believe that as a designer, my sense of style naturally permeates everything I produce. Because I grew up wearing clothes from all over the world, my personal style is a real mix of sporty, retro, playful, and cute.”

What Did You Make of the Lionesses Euro 2022 Triumph? Do You Think It Affected the Women’s Game?

“The Lionesses’ victory and the attention it garnered for women’s football were amazing to watch. It helped draw attention to the women’s game, highlighted how talented female football players are and ignited interest in women’s football for years to come.”

Working with artists like Lydia is wonderful because Adidas and I both share a commitment to sustainability through our joint initiative.


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