China Brand' in Spotlight at Canada's Apparel and Textile Show

China Brand’ in Spotlight at Canada’s Apparel and Textile Show

Due to the pandemic, the biggest event of its kind in North America, Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC), relocated online for the previous two years before making a physical return to Toronto.

More than 150 textile and apparel businesses from China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Canada, and the United States attended the three-day exhibition (November 7-9), which drew 2,000 visitors and took place at the Toronto Congress Centre.

There were 60 exhibitors from China. For the third year, the eye-catching “China Brand” pavilion continued to introduce high-quality Chinese clothing and textile brands to the Canadian market.

Sportswear and outdoor clothing producers Aparso, V Roc V, Bella Fitness, Rion Sports, and TianThai Sports were present. There was Changshu Garments Town, one of the biggest clothing markets in China, as well as the brands Evergreen for sweaters, Beyond Garments for suits, Mizuda for printing and dyeing, Wanshun for China-chic, and Evergreen for sweaters.

20 premium suppliers of apparel and textiles from the Chinese provinces of Hubei and Zhejiang attended the Canadian show, respectively. With the help of on-site local Canadian representatives, 14 of the Chinese manufacturers participated physically at the Toronto trade show; the others did so virtually by sending ATSC samples of their products.

China Brand' in Spotlight at Canada's Apparel and Textile Show

According to the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles (CCCT), one of the ATSC sponsors, the “China Brand” Pavilion concentrated on bringing China-chic design, zero carbon materials, and fabrics that reflect the most recent R&D, as well as updated designs and fashion, to the professional buyers attending the trade show.

There were numerous new product introductions and cutting-edge technological advancements, including China-chic style, biodegradable materials, and wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

Three-dimensional embroidered flight jackets by V Roc V, zero-carbon cotton fabrics by Mizuda, organic materials made of coffee fiber, and five-year degradable packaging materials introduced by Aparso were on display.

The brands are prepared for a greener, more sustainable textile industry by offering a variety of procurement services, international design, and sustainable concepts.

“This was an exhibition that focused on smart, sustainable, innovative, and eco-friendly projects, a perfect showcase of the textile industry from concept to product, from assembling line to daily life, and a bold attempt to explore the future of the textile industry with top-tier brands and experts,” The ATSC website states that CCCT.

Despite the tightening economic and trade conditions in the global economy, Liu Linlin, commercial counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, who was present for the opening ceremony, emphasized that Chinese textile and apparel enterprises are actively seeking diversified channels to reach customers.

“The bilateral trade between Canada and China increased by 28% from the previous year to US$82 billion in 2021. From January to September 2022, China’s textile and apparel exports to Canada amounted to US$3.852 billion, which demonstrates the high complementary nature between China and Canada in this field,” Liu said.

Liu remarked that China is actively pursuing an opening-up strategy. China’s opening up has increased in scope and breadth over time, which benefits Canadian businesses by fostering a favorable business environment.

“I encourage Canadian companies to explore more about China through this event and develop more in-depth cooperation with your Chinese counterparts,” he added.

Industry experts spoke at a number of professional forums about the textile and apparel industry’s use of digital marketing, supply chain security, and sustainable development. They discussed bringing the most innovative colors and fabrics from around the world to the Canadian textile and apparel market as well as supplying guidance and inspiration for the growth of the sector.


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