China's Textiles & Apparel Exports at $273 Bn in Jan-Oct 2022

China’s Textiles & Apparel Exports at $273 Bn in Jan-Oct 2022

clothing accessories grew by 6.64 percent year over year to reach $273.246 billion. According to the most recent monthly data made available by China’s General Administration of Customs, the export of clothing increased by 6.4 percent during that time.

In the first ten months, exports of apparel and accessories totaled $147.586 billion, a 6.4% increase over the same period in 2016. In the period from January to October 2022, China’s exports of textiles—including yarn, fabrics, and other products—grew by 6.9% annually, reaching $125.660 billion.

Exports of clothing and textiles in October 2022 totaled $25.022 billion. According to the data, exports of textiles, yarn, and other items brought in $11.368 billion in October of this year, while exports of clothing and related products brought in $13.654 billion.


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