Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Keep You Cool? Reasons
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Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Keep You Cool? Reasons

Sweat when sleeping? Cool sheets can solve this problem!  Read and discover the reasons why Egyptian cotton sheets keep you cool.

Have you ever had a nighttime awakening where you were drenched in sweat all over? Have you ever experienced sleep disruption due to temperature? Have you made all reasonable attempts to stay cool at night but been unsuccessful? There is a chance that your sheets are to blame, but fortunately, that is a problem that can be resolved quickly.

So do Egyptian cotton sheets keep you cool? The clothing and bedding industries’ preferred fabric is cotton. Egyptian cotton is a highly favored material for bed sheets. It is delicate and has both cooling and warming qualities.

Egyptian cotton sheets keep you cool for the following reasons.

Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Keep You Cool?

Egyptian Cotton is widely regarded as the highest quality cotton available and is frequently used as a synonym for luxury. Because of this, Egyptian Cotton sheets are regarded as the best option if you want to feel especially cozy and comfortable as you sleep.

It makes sense that this fabric’s reputation for comfort is based on its silky feel, exceptional absorbency, and breathability. It’s especially helpful in hot weather when you need a little cooling from your sheets.

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Therefore, the answer is yes—Egyptian Cotton sheets are cool. They provide you with a restful night’s sleep and a cool place to sleep on warm nights. They’ll make you never want to leave your fluffy bed, we must caution you.

Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Keep You Cool? Reasons

How to Choose Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Focusing on the fibers can be helpful when selecting the best Egyptian Cotton sheets because these fibers are thought to be the best of the best. In comparison to other materials, the texture feels much more pleasant against the skin and degrades more gradually.

Towels made of Egyptian Cotton, which will wrap your body in cloud-like softness, are a similar choice. When you buy them, you can be sure that you’ll use them for a very long time without worrying about them thinning out or losing their softness where they’ll be used the most.

Before purchasing products made of Egyptian Cotton, though, be sure to read the label. Your Egyptian Cotton sheets should be 100% authentic because manufacturers frequently mix different materials.

Especially avoid those products that are labeled as “cotton rich”, because they frequently have other synthetic materials and a low amount of cotton in them.

Bed linen made of Egyptian Cotton is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin because it shields the skin from irritation, rashes, and itching. This is another reason why many people with problematic skin opt to purchase Egyptian Cotton towels, especially for drying their faces, as it doesn’t irritate the skin and also provide a calming sensation.

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Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Keep You Cool? Reasons

Other Tips for Sleeping Cool

  • Most people can sleep best in temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If you sleep hot, try to keep your room temperature between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If your home has multiple stories, sleep on the first floor, as it will feel cooler than the upper floors.
  • Take a warm shower before bed. Contrary to what you might think, doing this will actually cause your core temperature to drop, which can make you feel cooler as you snooze.
  • Open your windows and doors to cross-ventilate your room. Additionally, make sure your ceiling fan is spinning in the opposite direction from the direction that hot air would normally be blown.
  • Shut your bedroom blinds during the day to keep excess sun and heat out of your room. In the warmer months, this is especially crucial.
  • Putting a cool cloth around your head or near pulse points, or cooling down your feet with a pair of frozen socks, can help cool you down before and during bedtime.
  • Avoid food and alcohol too close to bedtime. You may feel hot before going to bed because digestion uses up a lot of energy. Alcohol can make you sweat and have hot flashes. You can get a better night’s sleep if you avoid doing both before bed.
  • Consider sleeping on your back. As there won’t be as much heat trapped between your body and the mattress, spreading out like a starfish on your back can help you cool down.

Conclusion: Egyptian Cotton Sheets Keep You Cool

Egyptian cotton is better at regulating body temperature than regular cotton and is more breathable, moisture-wicking, and absorbent, making it perfect for warm summer nights and cozy sleeping all year long.

The best Egyptian cotton sheets can be unbelievably soft, breathable, and long-lasting while giving your sleeping surface a luxurious hotel feel.


What Bed Sheet Material is the Coolest?

What sort of sheets allow you to sleep the coolest? In general, sheets made from linen, bamboo, and Tencel offer the coolest, most breathable feel.

Is Egyptian Cotton Sheets Good for Night Sweats?

Egyptian cotton percale sheets are renowned for being exceptionally light. This naturally cool and breathable cotton is the best bed sheet material for night sweats.

What’s So Special About Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, which ensures the purest standards. Additionally, compared to mechanical picking, hand picking causes no stress to the fibers, leaving them straight and intact. Due to a combination of all these factors, Egyptian cotton is special in the world.

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