Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer? Are Shein Clothes Toxic?

Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer? Are Shein Clothes Toxic?

Today, we’ll investigate whether there are toxins present in the clothing sold on Shein or websites similar to Shein.

According to a 2021 report by CBC News in Canada, of 38 samples of fast fashion items purchased from AliExpress, Shein, and Zaful, one in five contained dangerous amounts of toxins like lead, phthalates, and PFAS. Do Shein clothes contribute to cancer then?

We’ll discuss the experience today. I’ll cover all the details about Shein Clothes in today’s blog.

Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer?

Several claims of using dangerous chemicals or substances have recently been made against the Shein. In addition, consumers view Shein as unethical due to its production of environmentally friendly and healthy commodities.

It is somewhat true because it has been discovered that there is a significant concentration of hazardous chemicals like lead. It shortens the new clothes’ lifespan and reduces their durability. You may choose to purchase items made of vintage clothing or not. But can you wash lead out of clothes?

Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer? Are Shein Clothes Toxic?

Is Shein Clothing Safe to Wear?

Although not all of the clothing available on Shein is dangerous to wear or unhealthy, some of it may contain substances that cause allergic reactions in some people.

Shein has been charged with a number of offenses including selling clothing with dangerous chemicals and high lead concentrations. Phthalates, antimony, and organotins are a few examples of these dangerous chemicals. Government recommendations are way out of line with the levels, which may have long-term effects on your body.

Shein, however, has pledged to look into these claims and take any problematic products off the market. They went a step further and provided refunds to those who were harmed.

It is said that there are some fabrics that may be toxic:

Do Shein Clothes Have Chemicals?

Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer? Are Shein Clothes Toxic?

A chemical that acts as stain-resistant and helps keep clothing brands’ prices low is used by various brands in the new clothing manufacturing process. Six product samples from various brands have been tested, according to a recent market investigation by the University of Toronto.

It’s surprising to learn that the Shein clothing contains toxic phthalates. Additionally, the amount of lead in these products was higher than what was advised for the clothing. Shein has asked for an investigation and refunded the customers who bought the offending content.

The clothes can, however, be washed and put to use right away after being purchased.

Is Shein Clothing Really Lead?

Shein clothing contains more lead than is safe, according to the aforementioned study of product samples conducted at the University of Toronto. More than 20% of the lead products in their clothing can irritate the skin and eyes.

The use of chemicals in apparel is therefore a serious concern. Lead is an abrasive chemical that shortens the lifespan of clothing and creates hazardous waste. Such waste is poisonous not only to humans but also to aquatic life. So, with a thorough quality check, you can purchase clothing from Shein.

Can I Wear Shein Clothes Without Washing Them?

Before wearing any new clothing, it is always advisable to wash them. When washing your clothes, keep in mind that affordable, fast fashion doesn’t always have the best reputation for high quality because Shein has had problems with high levels of toxic chemicals, like lead, on their clothing.

Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer? Are Shein Clothes Toxic?

Shein fast fashion items can be washed, but doing so drastically shortens the products’ shelf lives. Shein frequently employs subpar, short-lived textile dyes.

They can make cheaper clothes for you by lowering production costs. The clothes are reasonably priced, and you can usually buy more for the cost of one high-quality item.

Wear Shein clothing after washing it to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction as the chemicals and dyes in the clothing are diluted.

Does Clothing Cause Cancer?

The textile industry uses many chemicals in its fabrics, especially when trying to give a property to a fabric that would not be possible naturally: pigmenting, waterproofing, giving more flexibility…

It is not exclusive to Shein since it happens in most brands of the so-called “fast fashion” textile industry with low prices and high demand. Although there are other approaches that could be used, they are more costly and complicated.

No nation in the world has yet to take steps to determine the chemical load of clothing, and there are no labels that can indicate the chemical risks associated with each piece of clothing.

Buying clothing made of simple materials that require treatment, such as plastic, leather, metal, and the like, is the best way to avoid wearing clothing with a high chemical load. Natural fabrics always require fewer chemicals to produce clothing.

Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer? Are Shein Clothes Toxic?

How to Protect Against Toxic Chemicals in Clothing?

While it’s fantastic that some brands have already eliminated harmful PFAS from their offerings, more needs to be done. There are ways for us as consumers to protect ourselves from lead and PFAS.

  1. We can support government legislation against the use of toxic chemicals, like lead and PFAS, in clothing.
  2. We can call on clothing companies to remove toxic chemicals from their clothing and accessories. Consider buying from companies that have vowed not to use substances like PFAS.
  3. We can prioritize brands that use nontoxic dyes, have more transparent supply chains, and are certified with certifications from GOTS, Bluesign, or OEKO-TEX. These certifications check for dangerous chemicals during the production and dyeing processes.
  4. We can avoid certain finishes and treatments, such as those that are waterproof or provide stain resistance.
  5. We have access to used goods. Even though not all toxic chemicals vanish from clothing over time, airing out clothing and washing it can reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that off-gas when they are present in high concentrations.
  6. We are capable of avoiding fast fashion. Despite Shein’s and other businesses’ promises to improve, fast fashion moves at such a breakneck pace that mistakes are inevitably made. When Shein products are introduced to the market in only a few days, there isn’t time to investigate the safety of specific garments.

Conclusion: Do Shein Clothes Cause Cancer?

Since the textile sector has not yet established regulations for the chemicals used in clothing, as we have already stated, we are unable to declare Shein’s products to be carcinogenic.

As consumers, the only thing we can do is try to steer clear of clothing made of synthetic or artificial materials or with a lot of pigments until laws and labeling addressing these issues are put in place.

It’s not always bad to shop on Shein. There are always affordable options for a statement piece that you can wear occasionally. Shein can help you fill your closet with chic, fast-fashion clothing without breaking the bank if you have reasonable expectations.


What Are Chemical Reduction Strategies to Prevent Toxic Clothing?

If you maintain the quality check, you can effectively reduce the use of toxic substances. It is crucial to monitor quality control, put various criteria into practice, and guarantee quality when producing textiles.

What Are Azo Dyes in the Clothing?

An essential substance used in synthetic fabrics is an azo dye. It is a kind of textile dye that requires a usage threshold. It is a genotoxin that can lead to serious health issues and a variety of genetic abnormalities.

Should I Purchase Shein Clothes for My Business?

What your store stands for will determine this. If you want to sell eco-friendly, non-cruelty products, Shein won’t fit with your business philosophy.

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