Do You Need a Special Needle to Sew Denim? Best Denim Needle

Do You Need a Special Needle to Sew Denim? Best Denim Needle

Sewing denim is not easy as you think. You may want to figure out the needle to sew denim fabric, please read on.

Denim’s tough fabric has a long history of being the stuff of novice home sewers’ nightmares. Using the same tools for sewing denim as you would other fabrics will undoubtedly be challenging, if not downright impossible.

So, do you need a special needle to sew denim? You should choose the needle size according to the weight of the fabric you’ll be sewing.

For instance, a size 90/14 needle should be adequate to hem lightweight stretchy jeans. On the other hand, the 110/18 needle size will probably be needed to finish the hem on men’s heavyweight utility jeans.

If you are interested in denim needles, please read on for more information.

Do You Need a Special Needle to Sew Denim?

Yes, handling a denim project calls for a special jeans/denim needle. This kind of needle can accommodate the thickness of the thread used to sew denim because it is longer, sharper, and has a larger eye.

Additionally, if your fabric is stretch denim, a stretch needle is unquestionably necessary. Normal needles cannot handle the demands of denim fabric due to their sturdy nature.

On a standard sewing machine, a needle is just one of the many tools you’ll need to sew denim perfectly. Because of the nature of their fabric, you cannot sew them using the same tools or techniques as you would for sewing common fabrics like polyester.

What Size Needle is Good for Jeans?

Do You Need a Special Needle to Sew Denim? Best Denim Needle

The best needle size for sewing jeans is 100/16 to ensure that it won’t bend or break during sewing. The needle will still need to be changed after every six hours of work, though.

To prevent skipped or uneven stitches, always double-check that the needle is firmly attached to the sewing machine. Additionally, you can only sew thicker denim if your sewing machine is designed to handle heavy materials.

Keep in mind that there are various denim fabrics available for jeans. Some materials might be light enough for a home sewing machine, but if you’re sewing thick denim or layers of it, you might need an industrial capacity machine.


Tips to Make Sewing Denim

To make sewing denim as easy as possible, follow these instructions.


You might want to prewash your denim before sewing in order to soften them and make them easier to work with. Denim should be washed and dried multiple times before sewing, which is a really good idea.

Given that denim is made of cotton fibers, multiple washings help to prevent color transfer and shrinkage. When purchasing denim fabric, be sure to ask the retailer if the product is Sanforized.

Use Sharp Tool

Do You Need a Special Needle to Sew Denim? Best Denim Needle

It will be much simpler to cut out pattern pieces if you use a rotary cutter with a fresh blade and a pair of scissors. If your denim fabric has multiple layers, you will need to cut through each layer one at a time. Upgrade to stronger pins that can handle the project if you find that your pins bend easily.

Getting a Presser Foot

There is no prohibition against using your standard presser foot when sewing denim. A specialty presser foot, however, is the way to go if you want to simplify your work. When sewing, a walking foot can help keep your fabric from shifting.

Even though a jean presser foot isn’t compatible with all types of sewing machines, you might want to give it a try. It’s a no-brainer to buy one if you’re fortunate enough to find one for your machine. if you’re going to add topstitching, buying an edge-stitching foot will make your job much easier.

Getting a Quality Thread

For sewing denim, the topstitching thread is the best type of thread. If you can’t get your hands on one, you can use two spools of thread to get the ideal thickness for denim. If your sewing machine has an additional spool pin, secure it before using the two threads from the spool to thread your machine and needle.

Ideal Thread Tension

The control of how tightly the bobbin thread and spool are pulled is referred to as thread tension. The thread tension is typically adjusted manually on machines. These devices have adjustable settings that range from loose to tight.

The recommended settings for thread tension for various fabrics should be in your manual. High thread tension is necessary for thick fabrics like denim.

Do You Need a Special Needle to Sew Denim? Best Denim Needle

Can I Sew Denim With Regular Sewing Machine?

While using a regular sewing machine to sew denim can be difficult, it is not impossible. A few adjustments can enable you to sew them at home, provided your sewing machine is not an excessively weak brand.

You need special needles and threads for sewing durable fabrics like denim if you want to pull this off.

A regular sewing machine can’t handle multiple denim layers, so try not to sew a lot of fabric at once. Slow stitching is essential. Although sewing with the handbrake off might be more comfortable for some sewers, you have to accept that denim is not your typical fabric.

Practice on a scrap piece of denim fabric to find the ideal sewing speed. Find your ideal sewing speed—one that is neither too slow nor too fast—by experimenting with various sewing speeds. Your stitching speed will typically range from 700 to 1200 per minute. In order to match the pace that suits you, you can adjust the speed slider.

You’ll need an industrial sewing machine that can handle such tasks if you’re sewing a denim fabric with numerous layers. Additionally, purchasing an industrial sewing machine is your best choice if you lack the patience to sew denim using regular machines.

Conclusion: Needle to Sew Denim

We’ve just learned the best needle to buy for sewing jeans is size 100/16. However, denim needles are available in sizes ranging from 70/10 to 110/18, so be sure to choose the right one for the denim fabric you’re sewing with. From there, as long as you practice, sewing jeans shouldn’t be intimidating for you.

When sewing a range of materials, from knits to wovens, universal needles are helpful. These needles have the designation 130/705 H. Jeans/Denim Needles work amazingly well for hemming because they have strong and precise characteristics. Typically, they are identified as 130/705 H-J.


How Do You Sew Seams When Sewing a Denim Fabric?

In order to prevent bulk when using regular seams, your seam must be trimmed. If you’re working with a curved seam, clip your seam allowance every inch. Additionally, remember to grade your seam allowance.

What is the Ideal Machine Setting While Sewing Denim?

Set your machine stitch length to 3.5 to 4 when sewing denim-related items. To move through thicker seams, you might need to turn your hand wheel.

Can You Sew Denim With a Normal Needle?

For sewing denim and heavier fabrics, you can purchase a “denim” needle. If you’re using a standard needle make sure you’re using at least a size 90/14 & for thicker denim use a 100/16. An 80/12 universal needle will work well for chambray or Tencel denim-style fabrics.

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