Do You Wear Underwear With Volleyball Spandex?

Do You Wear Underwear With Volleyball Spandex?

If you are going to play volleyball, you may wonder whether you need to wear underwear with volleyball spandex. Here is the answer you should know.

Sportsmen and athletes typically prefer spandex shorts because the material doesn’t limit movement. Clothing that allows for easy body movement is required for physical activities like sports and workouts. One such fabric that is incredibly flexible and does not interfere with body motion is spandex.

So do you wear underwear with volleyball spandex? In reality, wearing underwear with spandex on top of it again creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which makes matters worse. You may also be just bothered about issues like infections with yeast and UTIs.

Unsure of the best course of action to take? No need to be concerned, as this article covers in-depth discussions on wearing underwear underneath spandex as well as when not to. The best course of action for you can be determined by reading ahead.

Do You Wear Underwear With Volleyball Spandex?

Spandex is used to make a number of bikinis and bathing suits. Additionally, it’s not always to see athletes donning underwear underneath their spandex.

There are specially engineered, designed liners for cycling shorts, swim jammers, triathlon suits, and a few types of tights. And it was done on purpose to make it possible to wear the spandex without any underwear.

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You may wear some underwear as long as the spandex item does not have a crotch pad, liner, or another feature that conceals the crotch. If the fabric is thick enough or if the item of clothing has one built in to account for it, one might not need to wear underwear.

Do You Wear Underwear With Volleyball Spandex?

Thongs with no discernible lines can be worn by women. and some shield the private areas from the fabric. If men don’t mind having lines on their buttocks, they can wear a jock strap. The other choice is to wear cotton underwear because they might leave a pant line.

And one will defend against fabric made of synthetic spandex. Underwear is not advised if a girl is wearing volleyball shorts made of spandex. Because all the sweat that might otherwise get on the shorts will be absorbed by the underwear.

Why Shouldn’t You Wear Underwear With Volleyball Spandex?

Whether or not to wear underwear underneath the spandex is a matter of personal preference for each person. Despite the fact that most volleyball players prefer not to, some may decide to wear underwear with their shorts.

Do you want to know why volleyball players don’t recommend wearing underwear with shorts? These arguments may also encourage you to rethink your choice.


Microorganisms frequently cause urinary tract infections, which can be uncomfortable for both men and women. Bacteria and, occasionally, fungi, are the primary causes of UTIs. Players’ underwear can breed a variety of microorganisms, leading to further infections, if they are worn with spandex.

Inappropriate Outer Looks

Volleyball players typically wear tight-fitting, flexible spandex shorts. A player should always dress neatly, even though comfort level is the top priority. Underwear underneath the spandex may result in untidy panty lines that are visible.

Do You Wear Underwear With Volleyball Spandex?

Players stay away from wearing underwear because the spandex will stick to the clothing and cause wedgies. You wouldn’t want to dress inappropriately whether you were performing in front of an audience or among friends and family.

Comfort Level

Would you feel comfortable working out or playing while wearing several layers of clothing? The answer may be different for everyone but usually a simple “no.” Stretchable, well-fitting, and specially created playing shorts offer complete flexibility.

You might perspire more if you add a layer to your already-thick spandex shorts. Additionally, many players might experience discomfort if they wear underwear with their spandex shorts because it limits their body parts’ range of motion.

The aforementioned reasons are just a few of the frequent ones that players of both genders tend to avoid wearing spandex-containing underwear. However, there are still a number of simple options available to you. A few of these are listed below.

Best Underwear for Volleyball Shorts

It’s perfectly normal for you to wear underwear on a regular basis. For personal reasons, volleyball players of both genders might decide to keep donning underwear with their spandex shorts.

For those of you who choose to wear underwear while playing volleyball, here are some simple solutions.

  • Jockstrap (for men): Groin protection from wounds.
  • Thong (for women): Enough, there are no obvious panty lines.
  • Cotton underpants: defense against spandex-like material.

Conclusion: Wear Underwear With Volleyball Spandex

You might be unsure of whether to wear underwear beneath your volleyball shorts because of how short they are. When making this decision, keep in mind the health issues that are involved.

However, you should also consider your level of comfort. Most often, people decide against wearing underwear in order to lower their risk of contracting infections.


Do Volleyball Players Wear Spandex Shorts?

Spandex shorts have become a traditional part of the volleyball uniform, and many female volleyball players wear them as a symbol of their dedication to the sport. The shorts are now considered to be an integral part of volleyball culture by many players.

Why Do Guys Wear Leggings Under Shorts?

For the same reason that women wear sports bras, some men feel the need to put some type of compression under their shorts when working out. These compression-style shorts, which come in fairly short and mid-length styles, give the men some freedom of movement while also maintaining their modesty.

What Do You Wear Under Tight Shorts?

Briefs are likely your best option if you prefer a lot of support. They will maintain order and stop any unauthorized movement. However, if you find that they’re too tight or uncomfortable, boxer briefs might be a better option.

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