Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink? How to Shrink?

Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink? How to Shrink?

You have bought a T-shirt made of 50 cotton 50 polyester, but before washing it, you need to know whether this kind of blend shrinks.

Sometimes we wear clothes that are larger and looser than usual because they have our hearts in them. You’re in luck if the item in question is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink? Yes, 50/50 cotton-polyester blend fabrics can shrink when exposed to heat, such as during a hot wash or tumble dry cycle.

If they shrink at the same rate, it will be discussed in this article.

Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink?

In order to put the matter to rest once and for all, the answer is that 50 Cotton 50 Polyester does shrink. But how much, exactly? Expect it to fit loosely on your body after shrinking if you buy a 50 Cotton 50 Polyester t-shirt or hoodie that is three times your size.

The garment exhibits a significant size reduction of 5 to 10% (typically 1 to 2 sizes smaller) when the proper methods for shrinking poly-cotton are followed.

Even when the other fabric is cotton, which is typically easy to shrink, anything that contains 50% polyester will always be difficult to shrink.

Prepare yourself for some hard work if you want to fit into your favorite shirt this season that is larger than your size.

Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink? How to Shrink?

Does a 50/50 Blend Shrink Faster Than 100% Cotton?

The majority of 50/50 blends won’t shrink when washed. In milder cases, they will, however, slightly contract. To succeed, you must adhere to fundamental washing and drying instructions.

A 50/50 blend typically shrinks less than a shirt made entirely of cotton. Because polyester does not resist shrinking and shrinks at a slower rate than cotton, this occurs.

A cotton and polyester blend will shrink a little less than 100% cotton. Depending on the concentration, the shrinkage will vary significantly.

In contrast to a shirt made from a 50/50 blend, a 100% cotton shirt may shrink up to 20% when washed.

Start by comparing the weight of each material if you are unsure of the difference in shrinkage. Comparing cotton to polyester, the former is significantly heavier.

In comparison to its 50/50 blend cousin, it is also more breathable. Natural fabric made of cotton is the most popular choice for modern clothing.

The notion of fabric shrinkage is widespread in the clothing industry. There are various kinds of fabrics and each reacts to washing in a different way. The manufacturer should have their fabrics tested before releasing them into the market. Below are the most common questions about shrinking clothes:

How Much Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink?

50/50 cotton polyester blends shrink on average about 5-7%. It is significant to remember that shrinkage can vary depending on the fabric’s quality and how it is washed. For instance, if there is more polyester in the blend, it will shrink less.

Additionally, the fabric will shrink more if it is washed in hotter water or dried for a longer time. For this reason, it is always advised to adhere to the fabric’s label’s care instructions to reduce shrinkage.

Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink? How to Shrink?

Minimizing Shrinkage in 50 Cotton 50 Polyester

Thankfully, there are some measures you can take to reduce shrinkage in your 50/50 cotton-polyester blend clothing. Always read and abide by the care instructions listed on the garment label as it is the first and most crucial step.

These directions, which the manufacturer provides, are specially made for the fabric and design of the garment. You can keep your clothing looking its best by adhering to these rules.

In general, you should use cold water to wash 50/50 cotton-polyester blend clothing instead of hot water. The fabric’s fibers may absorb more water and swell when washed in hot water, which can result in shrinkage.

Furthermore, it would be best if you steered clear of tumble-drying your clothes on a high-heat setting because this can also result in shrinkage. To reduce shrinkage, tumble dry your clothes on a low or no heat setting.

How to Shrink 50 Cotton 50 Polyester?

The only way to shrink 50 Cotton 50 Polyester is with heat, as was already mentioned. There are essentially two ways to channel heat so that you get the desired results. Have a look.

Hot Wash and Hot Dry in a Washing Machine

  1. Choose the highest hot water settings when loading your shirt or hoodie into the washing machine. Allow the longest cycle to complete on the machine.
  2. Don’t let the shirt cool off before drying it after it has finished being washed. The shirt should be placed in the dryer with a pair of tongs.
  3. Once more, set the mode to the highest heat settings and leave it to run for 15-20 minutes to completely dry the shirt and remove all the water.
  4. Well and good if it’s the size you want. Should that be the case, repeat the washing. For another 15 minutes, continue the cycle with the hottest water settings. This time, use an iron set to the highest heat setting to dry the shirt rather than a dryer.

It will be difficult work, yes. However, carefully following the instructions will cause your 50 percent polymer, 50 percent perfect cotton garment to shrink by at least one to two sizes.

Hot Wash in a Pot of Boiling Water

Does 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Shrink? How to Shrink?

The conventional method of washing and improperly drying a shirt is the best way to shrink it. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check the care label: Verify that the t-shirt is a cotton and polyester blend. To avoid getting a tee that is too small, you must be careful to follow the right procedure because the shrinking process is permanent.
  2. Boil clean water in a pot: Make sure there is space in the pot of boiling water for the tee so it won’t overflow when you add the tee. To stop color bleeding, take into account adding a cup of white vinegar.
  3. Soak your cloth in hot water: Put the shirt in the water once it has begun to boil for five minutes. Always shrink t-shirts separately from other clothing because there could be a color loss. To thoroughly soak the t-shirt, stir it with a wooden spoon. When the water is almost boiling, remove it from the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes before adding the T-shirt. This will prevent the shirt from shrinking too much. Less shrinkage will occur the longer you allow it to cool. However, putting the tee into boiling water without letting it cool can cause it to shrink by nearly two sizes.
  4. Remove the tee from hot water: Use tongs to carefully remove the tee from the hot water so as not to burn it before putting it in the dryer. The t-shirt should be dried in the dryer at the highest temperature until it is scorched.

After the procedure, put it on to check if the ideal fit was achieved. Repeat the procedures until the t-shirt is the right size if it feels too big.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shrinking 50 Cotton 50 Polyester

Now that you are aware of how to shrink your favorite clothing, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the considerations you must make in order for the procedure to be completed correctly. Have a look!

  1. To reduce your risk of getting burned, use a pair of tongs or very high-quality heat-resistant gloves.
  2. When attempting to shrink the garment, avoid adding detergent to the washer or a pot of boiling water. Clean it beforehand.
  3. After shrinking a garment once, always double-check the size. If you’ve already achieved the desired size, there’s no sense in putting it through the washer and dryer again.
  4. Since heat almost always causes color bleeding, be prepared for some degree of fading.
  5. The process of shrinking 50% cotton and 50% polyester should only be done once. The garment will become wrinkled and appear very old if you keep doing it.

Conclusion: Shrink 50 Cotton 50 Polyester

In conclusion, fabrics made of a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester can shrink when they are exposed to heat and moisture. However, you can help reduce shrinkage and keep your clothing looking its best by carefully washing and drying your garments and by adhering to the care instructions on the garment label.

A 50/50 cotton/polyester t-shirt can be shrunk by turning it inside out. Flipping the shirt inside out before washing will prevent the fabric from fading because the high temperature that causes polyester to shrink is also enough to cause the fabric to fade.


Does 50 Percent Cotton Shrink?

Yes, cotton that contains 50% shrinks. When exposed to heat, cotton is prone to shrinking as a natural fabric. It’s crucial to carefully follow the fabric care instructions when washing clothing that contains 50 percent cotton.

How Do You Wash 50% Cotton 50% Polyester?

Years of washing and wearing won’t affect how they look. These 50% Cotton / 50% Poly care labels are for machine or hand wash cold, tumble dry low, no bleach but we have many other standard wash instruction label tags to choose from.

Can You Put 50 Cotton 50 Polyester in the Dryer?

Cotton-polyester clothing will do relatively well in the dryer compared to other fabrics. Dry your cotton-polyester clothes in the dryer if you want them to dry quickly.

Is 50 Cotton 50 Polyester Good Quality?

50/50 blends are ideal for indoor situations which may call for extra durability, longevity, or unusually high amounts of laundering. In addition to feeling lighter on the wearer, the 50/50 blend has a lower likelihood of shrinking and wrinkles than 100% cotton.

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