Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink? Avoid Bamboo Shrinkage

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink? Avoid Bamboo Shrinkage

To properly care for your bamboo fabric and learn how to minimize shrinkage, refer to the instructions below.

Due to its softness, breathability, and environmental friendliness, bamboo fabric has grown in popularity. However, whether bamboo clothing shrinks is a common worry for those considering it.

Does bamboo fabric shrink? Yes, bamboo fabric can shrink. Although it is a sturdy fabric that is suitable for use in clothing and bedding, it can shrink by between 1% and 6% when improperly washed. Cotton, in contrast, shrinks by about 4%. Shrinkage rates for various bamboo types may vary.

This article is for you if you’re curious about how bamboo shrinks in general or if you’re wondering if bamboo will shrink on the clothes you buy.

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink?

The answer to the question, Yes, Bamboo fabric can shrink 1% to 6% but it depends upon multiple factors like how much bamboo is used in your fabric as the blended fabric shrink less as compared to 100% bamboo fabric.

Additionally, how bamboo is washed affects how much it shrinks. Washing it in normal or cold water is advised. Similarly, bamboo may shrink when exposed to hot water.

Also, keep in mind that soaking the bamboo fabric in water for longer than 30 minutes will cause the fabric to weaken because bamboo has a high water absorption rate.

Additionally, it is recommended to let bamboo air dry. Additionally, you can include water repellent when washing the bamboo to reduce water absorption in the material.

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink? Avoid Bamboo Shrinkage

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink in the Dryer?

Yes, if dried at high heat, bamboo fabric has the potential to shrink. Bamboo fabric can shrink when exposed to too much heat, just like many other fabrics.

It is advised to either avoid drying bamboo fabric in the dryer altogether or use the lowest heat setting possible to reduce the risk of shrinkage. The safest way to maintain bamboo fabric’s size and shape is to air dry it, either by hanging it up or by laying it flat.

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink in Wash?

Although it typically shrinks less compared to other fabrics, bamboo fabric has the potential to shrink in the wash. The particular bamboo fabric blend, washing temperature, and agitation are just a few examples of the variables that may affect shrinkage.

It is advised to adhere to the manufacturer’s care recommendations, which typically call for washing the bamboo fabric in cold water on a gentle cycle in order to reduce the risk of shrinkage.

To keep the fabric’s size and shape, stay away from hot water and vigorous agitation. The amount that bamboo fabric shrinks can be reduced by using care when washing it.

How Much Does Bamboo Shrink?

Of course, the caliber of the bamboo fabric and the manner in which it was woven will determine how much shrinking you will encounter. The average shrink rate, however, is up to 6%, so be cautious.

According to some, if you are not careful, bamboo can shrink by up to 15%. That higher percentage is usually due o the bamboo fabric losing all of its moisture. However, once the moisture has returned, the bamboo will grow bigger once more.

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink? Avoid Bamboo Shrinkage

One method to stop your bamboo sheets, etc. from shrinking., is to air dry them. Your clothes should remain the same size as before you washed them if you find a nice area with lots of airflows.

Some manufacturers make their bed sheets a little bit larger than other fabric bed sheets because of the shrink factor. They want to make sure you use their products for a long time, so they are considering the shrink rate.

What Causes Bamboo Clothing to Shrink?

Bamboo fabric will weaken if it is washed and dried excessively. The shrinking and twisting of the fabric’s fibers will cause this to happen.

Shrinkage of clothes due to improper washing is caused by one of two factors:

the washing or drying cycle’s use of an excessive amount of water. Your clothing may shrink excessively if too much water was used during a cycle. This typically happens if you don’t use a dryer to dry your clothes after washing them or if there is extra water left on the fabric.

Diaphanous fabrics will weaken due to a lack of strength and become easier to tear while they are still wet the more they are exposed to excessive amounts of water.

The buildup of detergent in the fabric or garment. Using detergents can make extra water remain in the fabric for a very long time. The fabric will have a harder time absorbing water if there is a build-up, which will make it shrink and lose strength when washed again.

The notion of fabric shrinkage is widespread in the clothing industry. There are various kinds of fabrics and each reacts to washing in a different way. The manufacturer should have their fabrics tested before releasing them into the market. Below are the most common questions about shrinking clothes:

Ways to Prevent Bamboo Clothing from Shrinking

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink? Avoid Bamboo Shrinkage

If for any reason you’ve misplaced the manufacturer’s instructions then here are some tips to help prevent your bamboo clothing from shrinking:

Use Cold Water

Always use cold water to wash your clothes. Because more cotton in the fabric softens and expands when hot or warm water is used to wash it, it is more likely to shrink when it comes into contact with cold water during the rinse cycles.

Reduce any potential shrinkage during washing by using a cycle at a lower temperature to keep your fabrics strong. Any wash cycle should have water that is about 86°F (30°C) cooler than usual.


Reduce the amount of detergent you use or use a washer with a smaller loading capacity if you notice that your clothing is shrinking during the wash cycle. The fabrics can be quickly harmed by using too much detergent and a large load.


Always keep your clothing in its original packaging until you’re ready to iron or hang it outside to dry. This will aid in preventing any fabric shrinkage that might happen during storage and ironing.


Make sure there is adequate ventilation when storing materials that may shrink, like bedding. You can avoid any problems with shrinking and damage to the item by being careful about how you store them.

No Fabric Softener

When drying your clothes, you should never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners because they can lead to a buildup of gunk on the cotton or bamboo. The accumulation may cause your clothing to clump or ball up, which will make drying more difficult and may result in uneven drying.

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink? Avoid Bamboo Shrinkage

Air Drying

Any bamboo-based textiles should never be dried in a dryer; always air dries them. The fabrics will remain strong and damage during the drying process won’t occur thanks to air drying.

How to Shrink Bamboo Fabric?

Shrinking bamboo fabric can be achieved by following these steps:

  1. Check the care instructions: Review the manufacturer’s care recommendations before attempting to shrink the bamboo fabric. There may be particular rules to follow or certain bamboo fabrics that shouldn’t be shrunk.
  2. Increase temperature: The care label advises against washing the bamboo fabric in cold water, but you can wash it in hot water or wash it in a hotter setting in the washer. Shrinkage can happen as a result of the fibers contracting due to heat.
  3. Use a dryer: The bamboo fabric should be placed in a dryer after being washed. The fabric should tumble dry while the dryer is set to a high heat setting. Shrinkage may be facilitated by the presence of both heat and mechanical agitation.
  4. Monitor the process: If you want to avoid too much shrinkage, keep a close eye on the fabric while it’s drying. To make sure the shrinkage is at the desired level, periodically check its size.
  5. Repeat if necessary: After the initial cycle, you can repeat the procedure if the fabric hasn’t shrunk enough to produce the desired effect. Avoid over-shrinking, though, as it might degrade the fabric’s quality.

Make sure you really want to shrink the bamboo fabric before starting because it can’t be undone. Remember that each person’s results will depend on the particular fabric and its makeup.

How to Unshrink Bamboo Fabric?

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink? Avoid Bamboo Shrinkage

Unshrinking bamboo fabric is a bit more challenging than shrinking it, but you can try the following methods to potentially restore its original size:

  1. Soak in lukewarm water: Add a small amount of gentle fabric conditioner to a sink or basin of warm water. To relax the bamboo fabric’s fibers, submerge it in the water and let it soak for about 30 minutes.
  2. Gently stretch the fabric: Take care to gently stretch the fabric in all directions after removing it from the water. To avoid damaging the fabric, take care not to pull too hard. Concentrate on the most constricted areas, then gradually enlarge them to their original size.
  3. Lay flat to dry: In order to restore the fabric to its original shape, lay it flat on a fresh towel or drying rack. Deliberately let it air dry. To avoid further fabric shrinkage, do not use a dryer.
  4. Steam or iron with caution: If the fabric still hasn’t fully recovered its original size, you can try using a steamer or iron on the lowest heat setting. While applying steam or heat, gently stretch and reshape the fabric by hovering the steamer or iron over it.

Keep in mind that there are a number of variables to consider, so success with unshrinking bamboo fabric is not always guaranteed. Throughout the process, it is essential to be kind and patient to prevent further fabric damage.

Conclusion: Bamboo Fabric Shrinkage

Several stores sell clothing made of bamboo. The likelihood that the garment will shrink increases with washing frequency.

It’s critical to follow care instructions when washing and drying bamboo clothing in order to reduce shrinkage. There are techniques to try and get the bamboo fabric back to its original size if you accidentally shrink it.


Does Bamboo Fabric Stretch Over Time?

The Bamboo Woven Fabric is a cool, crisp, fabric with no stretch.

Does Bamboo Shrink in Hot Water?

There is a reputation for bamboo fabrics to shrink in hot water. This is because bamboo expands in hot water due to its high absorption capacity, weakening the fabric and making it more susceptible to damage during washing if used incorrectly again.

Do Bamboo Sheets Wrinkle After Washing?

Bamboo sheets are less likely to wrinkle than other types of sheets. This is because bamboo is a natural fiber that doesn’t wrinkle easily.

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