Does Jersey Fabric Shrink? Jersey Fabric Shrinkage

Does Jersey Fabric Shrink? Jersey Fabric Shrinkage

To find out how to maintain the best possible appearance for your knitwear, continue reading.

You recently purchased the most exquisite sweater that fits you perfectly. It shrinks in two sizes after being washed, though. Does jersey fabric shrink? The short answer is yes. If a jersey knit garment is made of natural fibers or is washed in hot water, it will shrink.

We’ll look at why knit fabric shrinks, how to wash it without shrinking it, and what to do if it has already shrunk in this blog post.

Does Jersey Fabric Shrink?

When washed in warm water, cotton jersey knit shrinks more than other fabrics. The cotton fiber’s natural elasticity is provided by the air within it. Its tendency to shrink is caused by this characteristic.

As the hot water fills the cotton’s air pockets, the Jersey knit shrinks. The fiber collects once there is no more inside. This fabric shrinks in cold water as well as hot water.

In the dryer, jersey knit does indeed shrink. Your dryer’s tumbling action warms the fabric and causes the moisture to evaporate. Temperatures in tumble dryers can be between 100 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The Jersey knit fabric will shrink at these temperatures.

Keep in mind that shrinkage increases with heat, both in speed and size.

Why Does Jersey Fabric Shrink?

Does Jersey Fabric Shrink? Jersey Fabric Shrinkage
  • Different Fabric, Different Shrinkage: The reason for this is that different fabrics are made from various fiber types, and those fibers have varying reactions to heat and moisture. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are constructed from much shorter strands that are tightly woven together. They are less likely to unravel and shrink as a result of this.
  • Poor Quality Fabric: Fabric of poor quality is another factor that can cause shrinkage. A garment’s likelihood of shrinking when subjected to heat or water increases if it is made of inferior materials. This is because cheap fabrics frequently have lower resistance to damage from these elements.
  • Hot Water Can Cause Shrinkage: Use cool or warm water only because hot water can obviously cause shrinkage.
  • Overloading Washing Machine: As a result of clothes rubbing against one another in the wash, which can cause them to break down and fall apart, overloading your washing machine can also cause shrinkage.
  • Drying in High Heat: Always use low or no heat when drying your clothing because even high heat can cause them to shrink.
  • Be Careful when Ironing: To prevent damaging the fabric’s fibers, use the lowest heat setting you can.

How to Prevent Jersey Fabric from Shrinking?

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to keep your knitwear from shrinking:

  • Check the Care Label: Check the care label on your clothing before washing it, first and foremost. The care label will specify the recommended water temperature (typically cool or warm), the recommended cycle (typically delicate), and whether low heat or no heat should be used during tumble drying. The best way to avoid unintentional shrinkage is to adhere to these instructions.
  • Cold Water: Using cold water instead of hot or even lukewarm water is key. Your knit fabric won’t shrink or contract when washed in cold water because of the yarn threads.
  • Handwashing Vs Washing Machine: It is best to wash your hands. Use cool water and the delicate cycle if you must use a machine.
  • No Dryer: You shouldn’t dry clean knitwear. Your garment will shrink as a result of the dryer’s heat. Choose air drying instead, or place your item flat on a drying rack.
  • Buy a Size up: Purchase a size larger than what you typically wear if shrinkage is a major concern. In this manner, it will still fit snugly even if it shrinks during washing.
Does Jersey Fabric Shrink? Jersey Fabric Shrinkage

How to Shrink Jersey Fabric?

Natural fiber-based fabrics shrink. Polyester and nylon synthetic fabrics do not shrink. These are the procedures if you want to shrink a large Jersey garment.

  1. Look at the clothing’s care directions. It details the fibers or materials used to create your Jersey garment. You can make it smaller if it contains a significant amount of natural fiber, like cotton or wool.
  2. Prepare your washing machine if your Jersey shirt contains 75% cotton.
  3. Choose a medium rinse option and a hot wash for your machine. Don’t fill your washer tub with water to the brim.
  4. After washing, remove the item and place it inside the dryer.
  5. Turn the heat on your dryer to medium-high.
  6. Check the item to see if it has shrunk after the first cycle.
  7. Continue drying until you reach the desired size.

Conclusion: Jersey Fabric Shrinkage

Compared to woven fabrics, jersey fabrics typically have a more open and loose structure, making them more unstable and subject to dimensional change.

Working with Jersey knit fabrics is simple. Jersey knit has secured ends, unlike woven fabrics. It also offers a certain degree of elasticity that woven fabrics lack. a quality that benefits clothing brands and designers.


How Much Does Jersey Fabric Shrink?

These fabrics will shrink when you wash them, sometimes they can even shrink a little after the second wash and this can sometimes be by about 10%.

Can You Tumble-dry Jersey Material?

Using a tumble dryer can shrink jersey fabric. If at all possible, flat-dry jersey garments after gently pulling them into shape. Jersey clothing can be dried on a washing line as long as you maintain the garment’s original shape.

Can I Put Jersey in Washer and Dryer?

Some jerseys have embroidered letters or numbers that call for special maintenance. Jerseys are frequently made from polyester or synthetic fabrics that are machine washable. In general, when washing a sports jersey or other workout clothes, it’s best to use cold water and avoid the dryer.

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