Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed? Things to Know

Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed? Things to Know

In order to prevent shrinking, this article will go over some important lyocell facts and washing instructions.

A processed cellulosic fiber is used to create Lyocell, also referred to as Tencel, a semi-synthetic fiber. Since this is a relatively new fabric that has gained popularity in recent years, it is reasonable for you to have questions like “Does lyocell shrink?”

Lyocell will shrink in a dryer after being washed, just like any other fabric. What is essential to know is how much it will shrink and what difference it will make to the quality of the fabric.

We have compared lyocell and other fabrics, such as Lyocell Vs Tencel, and Lyocell Vs Cotton. So, I’ll give you all the information you need about this brand-new fabric in fashion town in this article. What advantages it adds to your life and wardrobe, and how much it shrinks after washing?

More information about lyocell you want to learn:

Does Lyocell Shrink?

Undoubtedly, after a few initial washes, lyocell shrinks as well. On the other hand, lyocell can eventually maintain its shape if it is properly maintained and washed. However, if you don’t handle the garment carefully and don’t pay attention to all the instructions on the label, you might make it more likely that it will shrink.

One of the benefits of lyocell is that because it is a soft and delicate fabric, it tends to become much softer and smoother after continuous washes.

When dealing with lyocell clothing, a number of factors must be taken into account. These topics are covered in more detail in the following sections of the article. But first, let’s look at what makes lyocell so plush, delicate, eco-friendly, and distinctive.

Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed? Things to Know

Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed?

When washing the lyocell for the first time, the lyocell fabric may shrink, especially if you don’t follow the correct instructions. It is recommended that you follow the washing instructions on the label of the fabric.

For instance, you can only dry wash or hand wash certain lyocell fabrics. If the instructions say hand wash and you wash with a machine, the fabric will likely shrink. Also, whenever possible, avoid washing lyocell fabrics in hot water.

The temperature of the water is one important factor that has a significant impact on whether or not your Lyocell item will shrink.

Washing Lyocell in Hot Water

The likelihood of shrinkage significantly increases when washing Lyocell in hot water (40°C). It’s recommended that you wash your Lyocell items in cold water at 30°C. This is due to Lyocell’s propensity to shrink when washed in warm water. If you wash your Lyocell garment in hot water, it will shrink by 10-15%, which is quite a lot.

This is especially true for bulkier clothing like bras and tights. It is best to steer clear of using hot water on Lyocell clothing if you are not trying to intentionally shrink them to improve fit. In general, natural fiber fabrics shouldn’t be washed in hot water. This holds true for both hand- and machine-washed clothes.

In addition to the higher risk of shrinkage, washing Lyocell in hot water can damage these delicate fabrics. Lyocell fabrics lose some of their softness after being washed several times in hot water.

Washing Lyocell in Cold Water

Lyocell doesn’t have any issues being washed in cold water. It’s best to use cold water for all your Lyocell garments. Lyocell tends to dry out more quickly than cotton, which explains why. Therefore, if you wash your Lyocell clothes in warm water, they might become too wet.

Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed And Dried? - Cotton & Cloud

They won’t dry properly as a result, which could cause further shrinkage. To be clear, Lyocell will initially shrink in the first wash whether you use hot or cold water.

Your Lyocell clothing can be washed in cold water either by hand or in a washing machine. For routine washings of these clothes, this is the best method. However, it’s still important to stick to the instructions on your clothes’ washing label. This will show the appropriate washing temperature.

Does Lyocell Clothes Shrink in the Dryer?

Highly sensitive to high temperatures are delicate Lyocell fabrics. Because of this, it’s imperative to keep any kind of heat away from this kind of fiber. For instance, you should never dry-clean Lyocell’s clothing. The fabric may significantly shrink as a result of this.

In addition to the hot temperatures, placing your Lyocell clothes into the dryer means that they will rub against the inside of the dryer and other clothes. The fibers will be stirred up and further contract as a result.

Another possibility is for the fabric to continue shrinking until it fractures. Your Lyocell product might then become useless as a result. Therefore, avoid attempting to dry Lyocell clothing in the dryer. The best way to dry your Lyocell clothing is to allow it to air dry.

The notion of fabric shrinkage is widespread in the clothing industry. There are various kinds of fabrics and each reacts to washing in a different way. The manufacturer should have their fabrics tested before releasing them into the market. Below are the most common questions about shrinking clothes:

How Much Do Lyocell Clothes Shrink?

The semi-natural fiber Lyocell shrinks if improper care is not taken of it, much like cotton does. Delicate Lyocell garments can shrink up to 5% in the first few washes. Fortunately, this type of fabric’s risk of shrinking decreases with each wash, so the more you wash it, the better Lyocell will retain its shape.

In addition, certain types of Lyocell garments, such as underwear, are more likely to shrink than others. This is so because other thinner fabrics, which are more likely to shrink, are frequently used to make them as well. Here are other types of lyocell fabric, such as Bamboo Lyocell Fabric and Tencel Lyocell.

You must read the care label on your clothing and make sure you are washing it according to the recommended guidelines due to the initially high risk of shrinkage. Your Lyocell clothing may shrink if you don’t adhere to the label’s instructions. Additionally, this might even have an impact on the quality, which means that eventually your clothes will rip or tear.

Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed? Things to Know

How Do You Unshrink Lyocell?

As was previously mentioned, the lyocell fabric has the ability to shrink to a size or two smaller than its original size. These are some of the steps to follow if you want to restore the original size of your lyocell fabric. It works with any kind of fabric.

  1. Prepare Lukewarm Water: A large bowl or tub should be filled with warm water. The clothing will shrink even more if the water is too hot, so be careful. Also, the water should be enough to completely soak the clothing item(s).
  2. Add Clothes Conditioner: The next step is to add a lot of conditioners to lukewarm water and stir to dissolve it. It is best to use conditioners specially made for wool materials. That is wool-specific conditioners. If you don’t have a conditioner made specifically for wool, a hair conditioner can also be useful.
  3. Soak and Leave: The clothing made of lyocell should be soaked in the water mixture for at least 20 minutes. You can turn the clothing inside the water after every 5 minutes to allow the conditioner to penetrate every part of the fabric.
  4. Squeeze Excess Water: After removing the clothing from the water and applying a conditioner, you do not need to rinse it. Simply wring out the excess water from the clothing, then spread it out on a towel or blanket. A towel will do for small items of clothing, but a blanket is required for larger ones.
  5. Stretch to Correct Size: You stretch the lyocell clothing item carefully to its original size after laying it on a blanket or towel. Stretching must be done gradually, and it must be finished before the clothing dries. As you stretch, be careful not to clip the clothing’s edges. Work on it by placing it on the towel.
  6. Rewash the Clothing: Once the item has been stretched, you must wash it once more before drying it. The aim is to remove any remaining conditioner traces from the clothing. See how Merino wool clothing should be washed in the instructions. Ensure you use cool water to wash. Then let the clothes air dry.
Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed? Things to Know

How to Wash a Lyocell Fabric the Proper Way?

Despite being durable and wrinkle-resistant, lyocell fabric must be washed properly. Shrinkage is lessened when clothes are washed properly. Below are the steps to follow when washing your lyocell fabric.

  1. Check For Cleaning Instruction: A care label is attached to every lyocell fabric. This label has a guide on the proper way to wash the fabric. Before you wash, read through the label to ensure you wash your fabric the right way.
  2. Wash: It is advised to use cool water and mild detergent whether you are washing by hand or in a machine. When hand washing, wash the fabric gently to get rid of dirt and stains.
  3. Dry: If the care label recommends so, you can dry a lyocell fabric in a tumble dryer. It is recommended that you just rinse the fabric, wring out any excess water, and dry it outside.
  4. Ironing: A lyocell fabric doesn’t need to be ironed. But if you must iron the lyocell, make sure to flip the clothing inside out and use a low heat setting.

Conclusion: Avoid Lyocell Shrinkage

When cleaned and dried, Lyocell fabric has the propensity to shrink. But if the right care instructions are followed, like washing in cold water and hanging to dry, the shrinkage can be kept to a minimum.

I certainly hope that this article will make your journey with sustainable clothing much more enjoyable and effortless. Synthetic and non-vegan fabrics are bad for the environment, but Lyocell is a great biodegradable and environmentally friendly substitute.


Can I Wash Lyocell Clothing Inside Out?

Your Lyocell garments can be washed inside out, yes. The use of high temperatures while doing this is, however, discouraged. The items can be put in the washing machine and run through a gentle cycle.

Can I Put Lyocell in the Dryer?

Never subject your TENCEL™ items to direct heat, including during a hot machine wash cycle, tumble drying, or hot ironing, to guarantee that they will maintain their quality and shape for as long as possible.

Can You Put Lyocell in the Washing Machine?

Although you should always abide by the instructions on the care label, lyocell clothing should be hand washed at a low temperature to prevent shrinkage. For some garments, you can machine-wash your garments in a delicate cycle if you’re running out of time but, always check the labels before throwing them in.

How Much Does Tencel Shrink?

Clothing made of Tencel has a 3-5% initial shrinkage limit but won’t continue to shrink. However, if you wash Tencel in hot water or tumble it in the dryer, it will shrink further.

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