Does Mohair Shed? 5 Simple Tips to Stop It from Shedding
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Does Mohair Shed? 5 Simple Tips to Stop It from Shedding

Try out these tips to put an end to the problem and keep your mohair clothing in good condition and hair-shedding-free.

One of those unique yarns to use for knitting is mohair. But before you spend the money on that pricey mohair yarn, there are some things you should know so that you can enjoy knitting with mohair, avoid some common problems, and know how to properly look after your gorgeous finished item.

Mohair is a very soft yarn that makes for a light, warm fabric, so the question is, does mohair shed? One of the drawbacks of mohair is that it is a fuzzy yarn that has a tendency to shed.

Read on for advice on how to stop sweaters from shedding hair since we know you have a ton of sweater looks planned for the season.

Does Mohair Shed?

The short answer is yes, mohair can shed. Like any natural fiber, mohair can release fibers, especially when it is new or has not been properly cared for. Shedding can also occur when the garment or item is subject to friction, such as when it rubs against another surface.

However, shedding is not necessarily a sign of poor quality or a defect in the fiber. Rather, it is a natural characteristic of mohair and should be expected to some degree.

By properly caring for mohair items and choosing high-quality products, shedding can be minimized and the enjoyment of mohair can be maximized.

Advantages of Mohair Yarn

Does Mohair Shed? 5 Simple Tips to Stop It from Shedding

In addition to having some definite and distinct advantages that make it a welcome addition to a yarn blend, mohair yarn shares many of the same characteristics as wool. Mohair is:

  • Very lightweight
  • Warm and insulating
  • Has nice drape
  • Hard-wearing
  • Receptive to dye
  • Easy care

Disadvantages of Mohair Yarn

Mohair is a great addition to yarn blends, and it’s especially nice when used in projects for cold weather because it so effectively retains warmth. But it does have a few disadvantages:

  • Less resilient than wool
  • Can feel prickly
  • Sheds if lightly spun
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to ‘frog’ or fix knitting mistakes

There are only a few drawbacks, but they can be challenging to get past. The additional warmth that mohair adds to a yarn blend can be appreciated by someone with sensitive skin, but they might not like the way the yarn feels on them because it can be prickly.

If that’s the case and you’re determined to work with a mohair blend, pick projects that won’t have the material in close proximity to the skin (like a cardigan). Without any of the scratchiness, you can still enjoy the warmth and softness of brushed mohair.

How to Stop Mohair Shedding?

Does Mohair Shed? 5 Simple Tips to Stop It from Shedding

There are methods to reduce shedding.

Develop a Specialty Washing Routine

Just like when taking care of virtually any piece of clothing, your sweater washing routine plays a huge role in how the garments will wear and shed (or not shed) in the future. Consider it a skincare routine for sweaters.

To lessen shedding, you should hand wash mohair sweaters in cold water and then lay them flat to air dry. The opulent condition of your most prized sweaters can be preserved by using a wool-specific detergent.

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Spray It

What specifically should you spray on your sweaters to reduce shedding, you ask? Yes, you read that correctly: hair spray. (Suddenly, Ouai Haircare is more adaptable than we anticipated.)

Obviously, don’t overdo it, especially on your pricey items. Keep the spray bottle about 30 centimeters away from the garment to avoid over-saturating it and over-spraying it. Here, the idea is that the spray will keep the fibers in place to encourage less shedding.

Here are the Best Mohair Sweaters for Men.

Wear It to Bed

Since your sweater is probably very comfortable, wearing it to bed isn’t such a bad idea after all (though if you have a serious shedder on your hands, some sheet swapping will be necessary for the morning). Please bear with us even though this may sound strange.

The theory is that by moving around during the night (such as tossing and turning), sleeping in your new sweater will hasten the shedding process.

The friction between your sheets and your sweater will encourage shedding in the same way that friction between your sweater and other items and clothing does. Yes, your sheets will also be like new once you wash them.

Does Mohair Shed? 5 Simple Tips to Stop It from Shedding

Toss It in the Freezer

One of the ways to stop sweater shedding that is most frequently advised is this. What you should do is place your top in a large ziplock bag (or something similar) and place it in the freezer for three to four hours before taking it out and giving it a good shake. This is after the responsible task of actually finding space in your freezer for a likely chunky sweater.

Shaking the sweater after it has been taken out of the freezer will encourage the loose hairs to fall off. The fibers should stiffen and stay in place more than they would without this process. the same stray hairs that would have otherwise shed all over your jeans.

More information about mohair fabric:

Be Proactive

Wool and cashmere naturally shed, so it’s nothing new. There are a few other proactive measures you can take to make wearing your new piece more enjoyable and less annoying, even though it’s unlikely to completely stop the shedding process until the sweater has lost all its extra fibers.

One method is to use a lint roller to collect extra hair as it comes loose, or you could even use a razor to bring hair to the surface so you can shake it off.

How to Care for Mohair?

Mohair is surprisingly simple to maintain. Because it has fewer scales than wool, soil, and dirt are simple to wash off, and it is harder to feel. However, you don’t need to be as cautious as you would be with a wool garment when handling wet fibers.

Generally speaking, hand washing the project with a mild detergent and laying it out on a mat or towel to dry it is a good option. Of course, you should always look at the yarn label to see what specific care instructions are required.

If your garment just needs a quick refresh, a hand-held garment steamer or a clothes iron set to the medium can be used to freshen it up (but test this on a small swatch first – just in case!).

Simply lay the garment flat and use a slow, circular motion to steam the surface. If using a clothes iron, never press the iron directly onto the fabric; instead, use the steam feature while holding the iron about an inch or so away from the material.

Does Mohair Shed? 5 Simple Tips to Stop It from Shedding

Hand-washing Mohair Yarns

Put some mild detergent and cool to lukewarm water in a small bowl. As you carefully use your fingers to remove any stains, submerge the garment in the liquid. Allow the clothing to soak for a few minutes (or up to 30 minutes, if you prefer).

When you drain the water and add fresh water, hold the item to one side of the basin to rinse it. When you’re ready to dry the garment, gently remove it from the water and squeeze out the excess moisture. Roll the item up and press out the extra water before placing it on a towel.

Wet-blocking Mohair Yarns

In most cases, all that is required is hand washing, followed by setting the completed project on a flat surface (on a mat or towel). This is referred to as “blocking” in the broadest sense.

Stretch any lace or other openwork designs to show them off after washing and pressing off extra water with a towel. Then, put the garment in its final position on a dry towel or mesh sweater dryer.

Conclusion: Does Mohair Shed

The softness and beauty of mohair sweaters are well known. Sadly, they’re also renowned for their propensity to shed everywhere.

There are a few other proactive measures you can take to make wearing your new item more enjoyable and less annoying, even though it’s unlikely to completely stop the shedding process until the sweater has lost all its extra fibers.

Wool sweaters can be washed in cold water and then dried by laying them flat to prevent shedding. Your most prized sweaters’ luxurious condition can be maintained by using a wool-specific detergent.


Will Mohair Always Shed?

As it is natural hair, Mohair blankets will always tend to shed some hair. There is no need to be concerned because this is entirely normal.

Is Mohair Itchy Like Wool?

Mohair is extremely itchy because the fiber itself is as soft as silk. good for skin that is sensitive. Mohair is good for people with sensitive skin, as the wool is not as itchy as standard sheep’s wool. Here are ways to Make Mohair Less Itchy.

Is Mohair Long Lasting?

Cotton, cashmere, and wool can all be outlasted by mohair as a natural fiber. Exceeding similar upholstery fabrics, Mohair upholstery fabric has been known to last so long given its extreme durability. This upholstery fabric is almost impervious to pilling, wrinkling, or matting.

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