Does Nylon Fabric Shrink? How to Prevent Shrinkage?
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Does Nylon Fabric Shrink? How to Prevent Shrinkage?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about shrinking nylon, including whether nylon shrinks and how to do so safely and effectively.

One of the strongest and most useful synthetic fabrics available is nylon. However, it’s crucial to understand every aspect of fabric before using it, such as nylon. For example, when taking care of nylon fabric, you may be wondering, “Does nylon shrink?”

DuPont developed the synthetic fabric known as nylon. Nylon, like the majority of synthetic fabrics, is not particularly prone to shrinking, even after washing.

I’ll outline the circumstances in which it might shrink in this article, as well as how to shrink nylon if the need arises. In the event that the nylon does shrink, I’ll also describe how to stretch it back out.

Does Nylon Fabric Shrink?

Because of their resilience and desirable properties, like not shrinking or wrinkling, synthetic fabrics like nylon are favored by many people. So long as you take proper care of it, a fabric made entirely of nylon fibers shouldn’t shrink much, if at all.

If 100% nylon fabric needs to be shrunk, you might be able to do so if you alter your cleaning procedures. However, if you try to shrink the fabric in this manner, you might accidentally ruin it.

That is a different story if your fabric is a blend of nylon. This is particularly true if the nylon is combined with naturally shrink-prone natural fibers like cotton. Blended nylon fabrics will shrink more than pure nylon fabrics, especially if you don’t take good care of them.

Does Nylon Fabric Shrink? How to Prevent Shrinkage?

Does Nylon Shrink in the Dryer?

It’s more likely to sustain damage in the dryer than nylon will shrink, which is the main worry. Since synthetic fabrics can’t withstand a lot of heat due to what they are made of, using a high-heat drying cycle can cause some nylon fibers to melt.

In contrast to the washer, the dryer has a higher likelihood of shrinking nylon. Even though it’s unlikely that 100% nylon will shrink much, the likelihood rises when other fibers are added. Heat can cause natural fibers like cotton and wool to relax and shrink, whereas it can cause synthetic fibers to melt.

Nylon can be tried to shrink in the dryer, but doing so runs the risk of damaging the material. It might sag or the heat from the dryer might melt the fibers, depending on which scenario occurs first. It might be impossible for you to fix it if either of those things occurs.

Does Nylon Shrink When Washed?

The washer does not frequently cause 100% nylon fabric to shrink. Overall, nylon is a material that is very strong, long-lasting, and water-resistant.

Clothing fibers absorbing water and swelling up are one of the main reasons why things shrink. This can make the fibers slightly bigger while the fabric as a whole shrink.

Because they are essentially made of plastic, the synthetic fibers that are used to make nylon don’t absorb water very well. But hot water, which relaxes the fibers, is another factor in fabric shrinkage.

As long as you avoid washing nylon in hot water, you won’t have to worry about this happening. Because nylon can’t withstand high temperatures, washing nylon in hot water could ruin it by causing the fibers to melt instead of shrink.

Although 100% nylon shouldn’t shrink in the wash, a blend of nylon and cotton or rayon might shrink slightly because cotton and rayon fibers can absorb more water than nylon.

Does Nylon Fabric Shrink? How to Prevent Shrinkage?

However, the fabric doesn’t necessarily shrink just because it contains some cotton or rayon. It simply depends on what proportion of non-nylon fibers the fabric is made of.

For instance, fabric that contains more nylon than cotton probably won’t shrink as much because nylon is more resistant to shrinkage. However, the fabric is more likely to shrink in the washer if cotton predominates compared to nylon.

How Much Does Nylon Fabric Shrink?

Since nylon fibers are so strong and damage-resistant, it is highly unlikely that 100% nylon fabric will shrink. In most circumstances, 100% nylon fabrics are known to shrink either not at all or very little. Compared to other fabrics, 100% nylon fabrics would require very severe circumstances to cause appreciable shrinkage.

Depending on the type of nylon you use and the manufacturing process, you may experience varying degrees of shrinkage. The kind of plastic used to make a synthetic fabric, for instance, will affect how much its fibers shrink after washing.

For instance, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a type of nylon, has a high melting point and a very low shrinkage rate. Polypropylene, in contrast, has a low melting point and a short life cycle, making it susceptible to UV rays. It will begin to lose shape more quickly because of its low melting point.

The notion of fabric shrinkage is widespread in the clothing industry. There are various kinds of fabrics and each reacts to washing in a different way. The manufacturer should have their fabrics tested before releasing them into the market. Below are the most common questions about shrinking clothes:

What Causes Nylon to Shrink?

It can withstand heat, cold, and moisture very well thanks to nylon’s high resistance. If you freeze it, for instance, it won’t shrink, but if you wash it, it will. There are a few things that can cause the nylon to shrink such as:

  • Mixed Colors: There is a chance that a fabric with two different colors or shades will bleed color while it is being washed or dried. This could also result in the fabric shrinking on one side of its body more than the other. In these circumstances, you might want to wash your fabric by itself before using it to create other garments.
  • Sorting Place: Materials that have been kept for a long time in a warm environment. You might not think this matters, but if your nylon fabric was kept in a warm space for a long time, such as the trunk of your car or the refrigerator, you might want to wash it first before using it for other projects.

By doing this, you can stop the fabric from shrinking after working with it and utilizing more of its fibers. Washing the fabric first is also a good way to ensure that any fading or discoloration that you notice doesn’t persist.

Does Nylon Fabric Shrink? How to Prevent Shrinkage?
  • Ironing Can Fix Shrinkage: The shirt can be ironed back to its original size if it was made entirely of nylon and shrank excessively in the dryer. You can also place the item in a dryer with a damp towel and remove it before it is completely dry.
  • Fabric Content: Some fabrics that combine cotton, wool, and other synthetic materials will shrink more than other nylon when washed. They contain cotton or wool fibers, which will shrink more than nylon, which explains why.
  • Color Of Fabric: Another misconception that needs to be dispelled is the idea that clothing will shrink more when washed the darker the color. No matter how light or dark the fabric’s color is, shrinkage does not depend on it. As a result of color bleeding, it is suggested to separate the wash load by color.
  • Manufacturing: If you don’t purchase the size that the fabric manufacturer wants, your garment may shrink excessively in the washer because the fabric isn’t pre-shrunk to that size.

How to Prevent Shrinkage of Nylon When Washed Or Dried?

When washing nylon fabric by hand or in a washer and dryer, there are a few things you can do to prevent excessive shrinking. They include:

Wash Nylon in Cold Water

When hand-washing or washing a garment in a washing machine, wash it inside out and only ever with cold water. Never use hot water. The natural heat and moisture levels in your garment will be restored by washing it in cold water.

Before putting your item in the washing machine with hot water, let it cool down. To achieve this, soak your item in cold water for a short while before putting it in the washer and selecting the high heat setting.

Take the Nylon Fabric Out of the Dryer Immediately

Your fabric is more likely to shrink the longer you dry it. That’s because it initially stretched out and shrank when washed or dried due to the heat.

Does nylon shrink? - Love Home Designs

If your finished item needs to shrink, wash it on a hot cycle or dry it for a short period of time at a high heat setting.

Iron Shrunk Nylon Back

If you have a garment that is made entirely of nylon fabric and cannot be shrunk in the washer. However, if your blended nylon fabric has shrunk, you can iron it back to its original size by laying it out on an ironing board with a wet towel covering it, then ironing at low heat while covering the fabric in a towel to prevent singeing.

Once it starts to cool off, remove it from the iron, let it rest for a while, then reposition it until it is hot once more.

Hang Up to Dry

Don’t put the clothing in the dryer after you remove it from the washer; instead, hang it up or lay it flat to dry. Additionally, this can lessen shrinkage.

Let your clothing sit for a few hours after you remove it from the washer or dryer to ensure that there is no heat left on your hands that could transfer to the fabric. When you handle the clothing, put it on, or simply wear it, there won’t be any shrinkage.

Don’t Pull the Nylon

When putting it on, avoid tugging or touching the fabric. It can be stretched out again after being shrunk. If you do this, your problems will worsen over time.

Can You Shrink Nylon?

If for some reason you do need to shrink nylon, you can try, but you might not have much success if the fabric is made entirely of nylon. Depending on how many other fibers are present, a blended nylon fabric will give you better results.

Does Nylon Fabric Shrink? How to Prevent Shrinkage?

You can try simply drying pure nylon fabric. It might shrink slightly, but you risk damaging it if you don’t take care of the temperature and how long you leave it in there. You can try shrinking the fabric in the washer and dryer if it is a nylon blend, though. Let me go over the specifics of how to do this.

How to Shrink Nylon?

If you frequent the gym, it’s likely that you wear nylon frequently (which is fine), but you don’t want to stock your closet with only nylon and polyester clothing, do you? When trying to shrink nylon, there are a few techniques to try depending on the type of clothing it is:

Shrinking Nylon in the Washing Machine

Pre-shrunk fabric is typically what you buy at the store. The hot water and agitation in the washing machine often help synthetic fibers bounce back to their original smaller size. Synthetic fibers stretch during manufacturing or during prolonged wear.

When you first wash a natural fabric that has not been pre-shrunk, like cotton, wool, or cashmere, it shrinks. Use this easy method to shrink leggings if necessary. Use your washing machine’s longest wash cycle and highest heat setting to wash nylon leggings. Run the machine at the hottest water temperature while adding the ammonia.

Move the pants to the dryer after the wash cycle is complete, and dry them for at least 25 minutes on the tumble or medium heat cycle. Remove them from the dryer and let them finish drying in the air on a flat surface.

Soaking Nylon in Hot Water Overnight

Another method for shrinking nylon is to let the item sit in hot, boiling water all night. First, wash and rinse the fabric before soaking. Air dry the fabric without wringing it. Ammonia can be used to lighten colored fabric.

Using the Dryer to Shrink Nylon Shirts and Dresses

After being washed, nylon will shrink if you dry it in a hot environment. Set the dryer’s heat to medium-high for approximately 15 minutes. To dry the item, use 15-minute intervals. Dresses and shirts shrink well using this method. When exposed to heat, nylon may occasionally shrink. When working with a nylon and rayon blend, results are unpredictable.

Does Nylon Fabric Shrink? How to Prevent Shrinkage?

Running Rayon Spandex Blends in the Dryer

Heat can cause shrinkage in both rayon and nylon. The fact that you cannot control how much rayon shrinks, however, necessitates extra caution. Only when used with one of these other fabrics does spandex shrink?

Spandex is typically air-dried because heat degrades its elasticity. 5% Spandex blends should be dried on medium-high heat for no longer than 10 minutes in an effort to shrink them.

Temporarily Shrink Spandex With Ice Water

When heated, a spandex-nylon blend can stretch, but this may not last. The fabric can momentarily shrink by being submerged in ice water instead of the dryer.

Ironing Nylon Fabric

The iron’s heat will cause the fabric on oversized clothing made of nylon and polyester blends to shrink. There are a few procedures to remember. Use cold water in the iron, and make sure the temperature is high enough to produce steam, but avoid placing the iron directly on the fabric.

Use incredibly low heat if you’re attempting to de-wrinkle a nylon jacket. If the temperature is too high, the jacket will melt and become useless.

Hemming Nylon Clothing

If all else fails, hem nylon clothing to a shorter size or length. While measuring the clothing, make a fabric pencil mark on the measurements. Give the hem a little more than an inch. Place the clothing face down after cutting with fabric scissors.

Iron the hem on low heat while only folding the outer layer once. Every four inches, position pins on your hem should be stitched with lightweight nylon thread.

How Long Does It Take Nylon Material to Shrink?

Although it will take some time, nylon fabric has the potential to stretch with use and shrink after washing. The amount of shrinkage can be reduced by using the proper detergent and fabric conditioner.

However, we always advise wearing the item in its original size before washing or drying it. Fabric sizing can also be used to maintain the shape of your clothing after washing and drying. Please refrain from using heavy starch on nylon because it may damage the fabric.

However, if you notice shrinkage in a nylon fabric, it is probably the result of exposure to harsh chemicals or heat, as well as improper handling or care. The length of time that a nylon material will typically take to shrink can’t be predicted precisely because it can change depending on the situation.

Final Thoughts: Does Nylon Shrink?

Last but not least, if the fabric is nylon, it will shrink with time. By washing your clothes in cold water and taking care to avoid overheating them in the dryer before wearing them, you can help to avoid this.

When using the washer and dryer, shrink nylon blends. Just be careful not to over-shrink it in the process. I sincerely hope that this guide was useful in resolving all of your inquiries regarding shrinking nylon.


Is Nylon Resistant to Shrinking?

Nylon is popular not just for its elastic properties but also because it is durable, easy to clean, resistant to shrinking, and retains its shape even after being stretched or washed.

Does Nylon Shrink With Heat?

High heat causes nylon fabric to shrink. When nylon fibers are heated, they soften and then relax after a short while. This is why it’s crucial to use warm or hot water when washing nylon fabrics to encourage the fibers to relax and prevent shrinking.

Can Nylon Fabric Shrink After Washing?

Fabrics made of nylon will shrink after washing. After washing, some nylon fabrics, such as thermal nylon and fleece, shrink less than others. Some even return to their original size after washing. On the other hand, some nylon fabric types, like polar fleece and fine knits, will shrink a lot.

Do Nylon and Polyester Shrink?

A fabric that is a blend of nylon and polyester is probably not going to shrink very much at all. Nylon and polyester are both synthetic fibers, which explains this. Since synthetic fibers are made of plastic and cannot easily have their structure altered by water or heat, they typically do not shrink.

Do Nylon and Spandex Shrink?

Similar to the previous query, a nylon and spandex blend won’t shrink either. Even though spandex, another synthetic fiber, only contains about 85% plastic fibers, it still won’t shrink much. Elastic fibers are used in the manufacture of spandex. A nylon and spandex blend has a higher likelihood of stretching than shrinking because nylon does some stretching on its own.

Does Cotton Nylon Blend Shrink?

The likelihood of shrinking nylon increases if the fabric is a mix of cotton and nylon. The cotton fibers will probably shrink a little bit, but the nylon fibers still won’t shrink that much. The percentage of cotton in the fabric will, however, determine how much it shrinks.

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