Ecolife Yarns® Consolidates Its Position as An Ingredient Brand in the Textile Industry

Ecolife Yarns® Consolidates Its Position as An Ingredient Brand in the Textile Industry

Ecolife Yarns® is without a doubt your best ally if you want your fashion lines to be associated with sustainability, innovation, and quality while incorporating the best certifications and maximizing savings in terms of water, CO2, energy, chemicals, and plastics.

With its growing reputation in the textile sector, Ecolife Yarns® is now a vital partner for companies committed to a sustainable future, both in terms of using newly recycled yarns and putting circularity projects into action.

Although Belda Llorens® has a history and expertise in the textile industry dating back 65 years, its sustainable yarn brand Ecolife Yarns® was only established in 2019 and has seen a dramatic increase in positioning and penetration across the various international markets in which it competes. Its goal is to drive change in the textile industry so that it can move towards a collaborative, sustainable, and circular economy that puts the needs of people, the environment, and future generations first. With a 360° strategy focused on this purpose and with a global activation that affects everything it does (innovation, products, applied technologies, public relations, communication, marketing, design, culture, and sustainability), Ecolife Yarns® has managed, in record time, to appear in the collections of the best fashion and home brands in the world.

It is already well known that the recycled yarns sold under the Ecolife By Belda Llorens and its E* fashion brand are both industrial and end-use brands. Its best sellers are:

  • The most environmentally friendly colored cotton on the market, E*BestCotton, is composed of 50% organic and 50% recycled colored cotton without additional dyes.
  • E*Cotton is composed of 40% BCI cotton and 60% recycled cotton.
  • With 50% Good Earth Cotton + 50% Recycled Cotton or 50% Tencel, E*GEC is a regenerate yarn that absorbs more CO2 than it emits.
  • E*Denim is a fabric made of 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled cotton, and 50% post-consumer denim. It comes in four colors, three of which don’t need any additional dyes because the color is derived from recycled post-consumer denim.
  • E*PolyCot, the most sustainable 100% recycled yarn on the market, with 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled PET polyester.
  • With 20% recycled viscose and 80% EcoVero® viscose, E*Viscose is the only viscose that is GRS and FSC certified.
  • Additionally, there are items like E*Hemp, E*Soft&Fresh, E*Woolcel, or E*Polyester.

Belda Llorens® has also been steadfastly committed to circularity projects for a number of years, gaining a significant amount of experience in this type of development alongside recycling partners, weavers, and brands that have made the decision to start working towards a more sustainable future. These projects have included working with organizations like Ternua Group, Ilunion, Albini Group, Albiate 1830, Kering Group, Impetus, Zara Home, Weturn, Inup Home, Linas, Desigual, Tissages de Charlieu, and many others.


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