Feature: U.S., Chinese Textile Communities Excited About Reuniting at Key Business Platform

Feature: U.S., Chinese Textile Communities Excited About Reuniting at Key Business Platform

In New York City (NYC), a crucial marketplace for sourcing fabric and materials for the fashion industry, a massive number of Chinese exhibitors showed up.

A strong desire for direct communication and closer cooperation between the U.S. and other countries was evident during the three-day event, which took place from Tuesday through Thursday. and Chinese textile neighborhoods

“Everyone is excited. That’s not only us as organizers, but the buyers are super excited to finally have Chinese presence here again,” Jennifer Bacon, show director for Texworld NYC, spoke to Xinhua during the occasion.

“It feels like the real show again. The vibe has been very vibrant,” she said. Chinese presence “is needed at this community and this platform,” given The importance of China in the global textile supply chain, continued Bacon.

The event attracted more than 300 exhibitors from 24 different nations and regions, with roughly half of them hailing from China, according to the organizer.

“There were visitors coming to us as soon as our booth opened in the morning,” Jiangsu Soho Technology Trading Co.’s Tang Mingxing, the sales manager., a According to a Chinese company that produces sleepwear and other clothing, Xinhua.

At the show, according to Tang, they also reconnected in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic with a number of their local business partners.

In order to build relationships and forge business ties, he said face-to-face communication and exchanges are essential.

“Numerous people and guests have stopped by our booth. I even don’t have time for dinner,” said Jiang Nan, general manager of Jiangsu Romrol Group Outdoor Material Co, who has attended the event 11 times.

“During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to speak with local buyers and textile experts and learn more about the U.S. trend. market,” he said.

For Chinese businesses, attending trade shows and other events in the US is crucial because it fosters cross-cultural communication, according to Jiang.

Face-to-face communication at the exhibition is crucial for consolidating current business relations and exploring new business opportunities, said Lisa Li, a representative of Zhejiang Trimax International Group, an enterprise dedicated to the export of high-end fashion clothing, jewelry and fabrics.

President of Ezrasons Inc. Ezra Jack Cattan, a New York-based apparel and accessories company, told Xinhua that he is “very pleased” to see Chinese exhibitors make a comeback.

“I hope … we could do more cooperation together and we could visit each other more often,” he said.

Chinese suppliers are very efficient, honest, and they deliver on time, said Cattan, who has been dealing with China since 1993.

“In the current economic climate, that is crucial. I always enjoy doing business with China,” he said.

Noting China’s textile community plays a key role in the global supply chain in terms of innovation and quality, the business leader said he hopes to continue his good cooperation with Chinese partners.

The United States and U.S. and According to Bacon, Chinese companies in the clothing and fashion sector are beneficial, essential, and have a lot of potential.

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