Fonder Sewing Machine Company Celebrates 80 Years

Fonder Sewing Machine Company Celebrates 80 Years

This year, a significant milestone was achieved by a Sioux Falls company. It is the 80th anniversary of Fonder Sewing Machine Company.

You can find the tools and assistance you need to start any project when you enter Fonder Sewing Machine Company.

“Our grandfather, Ed Fonder, started the business in 1943, him and his brother bought a train car of treadle machines, and they converted them to electric, and that is how they started their business,” president, According to Ben Reiser, Fonder Sewing Machine Company.

Since that time, it has remained a family-run enterprise. The legacy that their grandfather began more than fifty years ago is carried on by these three siblings.

“Us kids, we are third generation, and we all were pretty much involved in the business from the time we could walk,” Ben Reiser said.

In terms of technology and the motivations behind sewing, the industry has evolved over time.

“To be basically one kind of machine and colored a little different, and with technology and computers and everything, it’s just so much more advanced,” service manager, Christopher Reiser said Fonder Sewing Machine Company.

“When we were kids, sewing was a necessity, for clothes making, or garment construction or mending, patching, that kind of thing, now today it is more of a hobby, people sew because they choose to sew,” Ben Reiser said.

The goal now is to sustain the success for many more years.

“I think between my brother, sister, and I, if you take how many years we worked here, we’ve got 80 years worth of experience in what we know with the selling, repair, and customer service, that’s most important to us,” Christopher Reiser said.

Prior to moving to its current location along 41st Street, Fonder Sewing Machine Company was initially situated in downtown for roughly 63 years.

The company is holding daily and weekly specials as well as a grand prize drawing to commemorate this achievement.


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