French Gear Maker Helstons Presents The Desert Textile Jacket

French Gear Maker Helstons Presents The Desert Textile Jacket

Among fans of neo-retro bikes like roadsters, cafe-racers, and scramblers, Helstons, a French clothing company for bikers, is well known for its vintage-style clothing. Even with off-road clothing like the new Desert textile jacket, they don’t seem to be changing their appearance any time soon and are sticking with their vintage heritage.

The Desert jacket has the tough appearance of a classic adventurer’s jacket, with a mid-length cut, many front pockets, and bolstered stitching at the seams. It is made of robust and durable technical fabric that resists tearing. It has a print on the front, a two-tone color scheme, and a patch that can be removed from the left shoulder.

In addition to its striking appearance, the Desert jacket features all the features you’d anticipate from an off-road jacket: a soft cotton interior, a detachable thermal vest, a weatherproof membrane, and practical airflow zips on the chest and arms. These practical features have been successfully incorporated by Helstons into a vintage-inspired design that includes a brown and khaki color scheme as well as a retro helmet design on the lower portion of the jacket.

Six front pockets, a sizable back pocket, and two storage compartments within the lining and waistcoat are among the practical features of the Helstons Desert jacket. To lessen flapping at high speeds, clamping tabs offer an adjustable fit for the arms, wrists, and waist. The back protector, as well as a full set of detachable elbow, shoulder, and shoulder protectors that are all CE-certified and provided by the equipment manufacturer, are all included in the jacket.

With sizes ranging from Small to 4XL, the Helstons Desert jacket is now accessible in brown and khaki. Priced at 349 Euros, which is roughly equivalent to $373 USD, this jacket is a stylish and practical choice for any adventure-loving rider with a taste for retro-styling.


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