Gaia Recycled Upholstery Fabric Collection by Skopos

Gaia Recycled Upholstery Fabric Collection by Skopos

Dezeen Showroom: mimicking the look of warm and textured wool boucle, the Fully recycled materials were used to create Skopos’ Gaia upholstery fabric collection.

The Gaia recycled upholstery collection is intended to reupholster furniture in commercial settings and aims to offer a durable and sustainable option.

The fabric is made of post-consumer polyester and recycled polypropylene, which together make up 73% of the fabric.

Olive greens, terracotta browns, and mineral blue-greys are just a few of the muted colors available in the Gaia collection, which has a boucle texture.

Combining yarns of complementary colors gives each of the colors a grainy, organic appearance.

Skopos recommends the Gaia fabric collection for marine and cruise environments, among other hospitality and leisure settings, for which it has earned the MED WheelMark certification.


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