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How Can I Get Tree Sap Out Of Clothes?

It is not difficult to remove sap, pitch, or tree resin and does not require special cleaners. Here are some ways to get tree sap out of clothes.

Most of the time, we can’t even recall how we got tree sap stains when we get home; it usually only takes squeezing through a few small trees or extending our hand to steady ourselves on a tree trunk. While finding a patch of gooey, sticky pine sap on your hiking clothes is a pain in and of itself, if you don’t know how to get it out, it can become an expensive one.

Fortunately, even though it can take some time, removing sap stains from hiking clothing isn’t difficult. To make your outfit look brand-new again, you only need a few straightforward tools and common household items. Here’s how:

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How Can I Get Tree Sap Out Of Clothes?

Although difficult to remove, this stain is not insurmountable. To treat the damaged clothing, take these actions.

Pretreat The Stain

Start by using an enzyme-based stain remover to address the stain’s sticky portion. If you don’t have a stain remover, try using a small amount of strong liquid laundry detergent that has enough enzymes to dissolve the stain. Two popular brands that have the cleaning ability and enzymes to separate the sap from the fabric fibers are Persil and Tide.

How Can I Get Tree Sap Out Of Clothes?

Brush It

Work the stain remover into the tree sap stain with a soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush), and then give it at least 15 minutes to work.

Rinse It Out

Hot water should be used to rinse the stained area. Treat it once more if you can still see a lot of the stain. Several layers of dried tree pitch may need to be removed.

Wash In Hot Water

The care label for the item instructs you to wash the fabric in the warmest water possible. Before placing the item in the dryer, inspect the stain. The dryer’s high heat may fuse the sap or pitch with the fibers, making removal even more challenging. Repetition of the stain removal procedure is necessary if the stain persists.

Rub some clear hand sanitizer into the stain if you need to wash a garment but are away from home (but only if the fabric is colorfast). The sanitizer’s alcohol will aid in breaking down the sap. To get rid of the majority of the stain, blot with a cloth or paper towel.

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How Can I Get Tree Sap Out Of Clothes?

How to Get Tree Sap Out Of Shoes?

Freeze The Sap

Put the shoes in a plastic bag and freeze them for several hours. To harden the sap, you could also place some ice cubes in a small plastic bag and place the bag on the sap. Freezing is helpful when there is a large blob of sap on the shoes;

Scrape Off The Sap

Make sure the sap is thoroughly frozen; if not, freeze it again. Use a butter knife, a spoon, or a scraper made of hard plastic to remove the majority of the sap. The sap should ideally come off in blobs; do not overwork them as this could cause the sap to melt and spread the stain further.

Remove The Residue

To remove any remaining sap, dab the stain with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel or cotton ball. As one area of the towel becomes dirty, switch to a new one. Continue until the stain is removed. To remove the sap, you can also use a variety of greasy materials like WD-40, mayonnaise, or peanut butter. However, each of these leaves a stain that needs to be removed from canvas shoes.

How to Get Tree Sap Out Of Carpet And Upholstery?

Remove any extra sap from the stained area before attempting to remove it from your carpet or upholstery, as this will help. You can do this by covering the stain with an ice-filled plastic bag. When the sap has hardened, use a dull knife or a spoon to gently scrape off as much of it as you can.

How Can I Get Tree Sap Out Of Clothes?

Here is the remedy: use a soft-bristled toothbrush to work the mixture into the fabric after combining two teaspoons of Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid with one cup of hot water. Give it five minutes to sit.

A paper towel should then be used to absorb the solution, followed by a damp cloth to clean the area and a second paper towel to blot the entire area dry.

Then, use your vacuum to gather any stray fibers after letting your carpet or upholstery dry for the night.

Additional Tips On Getting Tree Sap Out Of Clothes

Repeat the above steps until the stain is removed if it doesn’t go away. DIYers have had some success with other natural cures.

  • Sunscreen: Apply a small amount of sunscreen by spraying it on the stain or dabbing it on, then rub the stained area of the fabric gently. Launder the item as usual after.
  • Ice and Vinegar: A vinegar and ice cube combination is a different do-it-yourself technique. By freezing the sap stain with an ice cube, you can remove the leftover material. The stain should then be gently removed by rubbing it with a cloth dipped in vinegar. After rinsing the stain with running water, wash the item as usual.

Conclusion: Get Tree Sap Out Of Clothes

In your endeavors to rid your clothes of the sap, we hope this article has been useful. As you can see, there are a few different approaches to removing sap. Actually, to get rid of the toughest stains, you might need to use a combination of different techniques and products.

In the end, a little good old-fashioned perseverance and hard work will go a long way. Good luck!


Does Vinegar Dissolve Tree Sap?

Yes, vinegar can remove tree sap. You can wet a cloth with vinegar or spray it on the affected area to remove tree sap. After letting the vinegar sit on the sap for a short while, rub the area to get rid of the sap.

Does Hand Sanitizer Remove Tree Sap?

Hand sanitizer can remove tree sap, but you want to make sure to test it on an inconspicuous spot on your car first. This is due to the fact that hand sanitizers’ ingredients can vary widely, and ethyl alcohol can dissolve tree sap. Just be sure to test it out before wiping it away gently.

Can Baking Soda Remove Tree Sap?

Baking soda is a really gentle abrasive so it’s the perfect choice for removing tree sap and bugs from your car’s exterior without damaging the finish. Use some baking soda and a damp cloth to scrub away all of those pesky little blemishes in a circular motion. After that, just rinse the area to get rid of the baking soda.

Is Tree Sap Permanent?

The finish of the car shouldn’t become sun-dried from tree sap or other stains. Try to rinse off the tree sap or contamination ASAP before it happens, because once it does, it will do permanent damage to your car’s finish. The area or the panel as a whole would have to be sanded down, painted, and finished.

What Will Remove Pine Sap from Clothing?

Rubbing alcohol is a universal tree sap stain remover, which can spirit away the sticky substance without a trace.

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