How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?
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How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?

Let’s examine several methods for removing collar stains from clothes and restoring them to their former glory using supplies you probably already have at home.

Unlike stains on your sleeve or under your arms, your collar is much more difficult to conceal. It might not be possible to hide the yellow or brown stained ring around your collar with the best suit and tie in the world.

In the early stages of stain formation, treatment is the simplest. Pretreat the area with an enzyme stain remover if you notice a recent ring around the collar. You can wash it once the pretreatment is finished. Additionally, you have the option of soaking your shirt in a tub of water laced with stain remover.

Here are a few methods for getting rid of and avoiding those pesky yellow collar stains.

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How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?

Listed below are some ways to get collar stains out of clothing.

Method 1: Stain Remover Or Laundry Detergent

Liquid Detergent
  • The dirty collar of your shirt should be facing up as you lay it flat on a laundry table.
  • Purex® Fels-Naptha® Laundry Bar & Stain Remover, when applied as a wet bar, should be used to rub the stain.
  • As an alternative, you can saturate the stained area directly with undiluted liquid laundry detergent, such as Persil ProClean plus Active Scent Boost.
  • Allow the collar to absorb the detergent for at least 30 minutes.
  • As per the recommendations on the garment care label, wash and dry as usual.

Method 2: Dishwashing Soap

Dish Soap
  • Use a large amount of dish soap that has not been diluted to liberally coat the collar. Scrub the dish soap in for one to two minutes with an old toothbrush. The stain will start to come off the collar, as you can see.
  • Only let the collar soak in a bowl of warm water with a little extra dish soap for about an hour.
  • After the soak, wash the shirt, then check to see if the stains have disappeared. If so, dry it off and use iron as necessary.

Method 3: Shampoo

How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?
  • Almost any shampoo will work. Spread your shampoo over the soiled shirt collar.
  • Use your hands and the cloth to rub it together. Rub for two to three minutes. As required, apply a second coat of shampoo. Give it 15 minutes to sit.
  • To ensure that no shampoo remains, rinse in a small bowl of water.
  • In the usual manner, wash and dry the shirt.

Method 4: White Vinegar


You don’t like white vinegar, right? It’s not just a pantry essential; it also works well to remove stains. Even older collar stains can be removed.

Pour white vinegar into a bowl and soak the dress shirt in it to remove that unsightly ring around the collar. Depending on the stain, you can let it soak for at least 15 to 60 minutes. After soaking, rinse the vinegar off and wash the item.

Method 5: Baking Soda

baking soda

Do you have dress shirts in darker colors with rings around the collars? For you, I have some happy news! One of your best bets for getting rid of it is baking soda. An alkaline solution that effectively removes acidic sweat stains is baking soda.

Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with one-fourth cup of warm water to create a paste. Warm water should be used to wash the stained area of the collar for a short while. On the stain, apply the baking soda paste.

Use a toothbrush to scrub the collar, or you can rub the fabric collectively to remove the stains. To rinse the area, give it a 30-minute wait. Following rinsing, wash the shirt in the washing machine.

Method 6: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

In addition to being a mild antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide is also useful. There are bleaching qualities to it as well. For this reason, it can remove stains from your white shirt. Sweat may occasionally be the source of your collar’s ring.

For sweat stains, hydrogen peroxide is one of the best stain removers. Protein and lipids found in sweat can be oxidized by hydrogen peroxide.

Apply hydrogen peroxide to the stain to use it as a collar stain remover. The discoloration on the shirt can then be removed with an old toothbrush or laundry brush. Give the fabric an hour or so to soak in hydrogen peroxide. Then you can wash your shirt in the washing machine as usual.

Treating Set-In Ring Around the Collar

Now that we’ve reached the big mama, it’s time to get rid of those embedded, obstinate, and seemingly permanent rings. If the fabric will allow it, treat your stained shirts to a nice, long soak in a solution of hot water and a scoop of something that will get rid of the muck now.

Oxygenated bleach is great for this, but Borax is also a good choice. Cascade powder—yup, the stuff you use in the dishwasher!—is excellent for whites but can have a bleaching effect on colors.

Even regular laundry detergent will work; the idea is that prolonged soaking will solve your collar problem. Plan on soaking the shirts for at least an hour, though the longer you can soak them, the better the results will be.

If your washing machine supports it (i.e. one that belongs to you and is not one of those HE dealies that won’t fill up with enough water to make soaking possible), go ahead and do this right in the machine by stopping the cycle after the drum has filled with water at the beginning of the process.

Restart the machine and let it continue on its merry way after letting the shirts sit in there for 30 to 60 minutes, or longer if you can.

How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?

Go ahead and soak the shirts in the tub, kitchen or utility sink, or a bucket if your laundry setup doesn’t allow it.

Do not worry if you wash your clothes at a laundromat and find it impossible to carry a bag of wet shirts. You’re not completely out of luck. What you need is a laundry bar—something like Fels Naptha or Zote—which you’ll wet and rub onto the stained collar before washing.

Treating Day-to-Day Ring Around the Collar

A laundry pre-treatment product should be sprayed on the stained collar before throwing it in the washer. This is generally the right course of action for our letter writer.

Spraying the collar beforehand will give the product a longer window of time to work its magic. This makes it even better. A convenient and helpful reminder is to keep the stain remover bottle right by the laundry bin.

After using the spray, you can further help the product penetrate the fibers by rubbing the fabric against itself.

The shirts can be washed as usual after pre-treating them. Bleach use should be avoided, though, as this protein stain from perspiration can react with chlorine bleach and become even more yellow than it was before. Skip it!

How to Prevent Collar Stains?

It is always preferable to make an effort to avoid problems before they arise. There are some habits you should adopt in order to avoid getting a stain on your collar.

How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?

Adjust Your Hygiene Routine

Your white collars may become yellowed by sweat and skin products. Using the right products and washing your neck and jaw area frequently can both be helpful. Make sure to take a thorough shower before dressing. To get around your neck, jaw, and collarbone, use a washcloth, sponge, or loofah.

After drying, dust your neck with baby powder before dressing. Alternatively, before putting on your shirt, rub off any excess lotion. It is beneficial to use facial wipes or a sponge to remove lingering sweat from your neck throughout the day.

The main objective is to stop your products and sweat from soaking into your collar. The stain gets darker the longer it is exposed.

Don’t Press Dress Shirts After Wearing Them

Dress shirts should be pressed before use to avoid collar stains. Sweat and skin oils can press into the fabric, even if you only briefly try the shirt on. The stains will set and become much more difficult to remove with heat.

On white shirts, it will stand out especially. Pressing your shirt as much as possible before wearing it is the safest course of action, especially around the collar and armpit regions.

Wipe Your Neck When Showering

How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?

Making sure you remember your neck during your daily ablution is crucial because dead skin and your natural oils are the culprits. A washcloth, shower sponge, or pouf are all great ways to give your neck a little love during the shower; scrubbing after.

If you use hair products like paste, gel, or oils, you should do so after the shower. for styling your ‘do, give your neck a wipe before putting on your shirt to ensure that they don’t end up soiling your collar.

Wear An Undershirt

Before they get into your dress shirt, undershirts can help collect skin cells, body oils, and perspiration from your body. This is a good way to maintain the appearance of your dress shirt even though it won’t protect your undershirt.

What Are the Causes of a Dress Shirt Collar Stain?

Stains near your dress shirt collar can have a variety of causes. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your collar stains could be the result of several different factors coming together.


Sweat is one of the most frequent reasons for stains. Sweat can quickly accumulate and seep into your shirt in a number of places, especially during the warmer months or when you’re under pressure. The back of the neck is one area that should not often be covered when trying to stop perspiration, making it simple for it to absorb and stain your collar.

Skin Cells and Oils

Your collar may develop discoloration if skin oils and dead skin cells accumulate there.

How Do You Remove Collar Stains from Clothes?

Residue from Hair Products

Additionally, hair products may find their way into the collar of your shirt. Whether you are getting dressed before applying makeup, after, or while the hair is touching your collar, this can happen. All of the sprays, gels, cremes, oils, and balms have the potential to get inside your collar, where they will leave stains and discolorations.


Although jewelry might not seem to pose a significant threat to your collars, oxidation can happen and transfer to your clothing. Even though jewelry might not at first seem to pose a threat to your clothing, you might eventually run into trouble. particularly if specific materials were used to create the jewelry.


When sprayed on the collar of your shirt, perfumes, and colognes can seep into the fabric. When wearing a shirt all day, you might get some of the sprays on your skin if you spray it directly onto your skin. While the stain might not be a problem right away, it can eventually build up and cause serious stains and discoloration.


It can result in a very dingy, discolored collar from putting on a shirt after applying makeup or from makeup rubbing off. You may quickly end up with very noticeable splotches on your collar because makeup, such as foundation, is frequently the same color as your skin tone.


There will inevitably be a time in everyone’s life when they spill food on their clothes. However, if you were unlucky enough to spill food on your collar, it could get stained just like any other surface.

Conclusion: Remove Collar Stains from Clothes

Consider investing in disposable adhesive or cotton-reusable collar protectors to go above and beyond in protecting your shirts. The dirty collar stains will be reduced, and it will also help the shirt last longer.

Your dress shirt and appearance shouldn’t be ruined by a ring around the collar. Regardless of the cause, once you know what it is, you can take steps to stop it and better safeguard your clothing. Regardless of the weather or your exposure to stain-causing objects, you can also take extra precautions to keep yourself looking good in any circumstance.


What is Ring Around the Collar?

Sweat, grime, dead skin, and oils can cause a ring to form around the collar of your shirt. It is possible to prevent a ring from forming around the collar if you keep your neck incredibly clean, but it is very challenging when sweat and dirt buildup persists throughout the day.

Are Collar Stains Permanent?

If for any reason you decide to re-press a worn dress shirt for a second wear, it’s important to keep in mind that this can and probably will cause the dirt and oils in the collar to set and become permanent stains.

Can Baking Soda Remove Collar Stains?

For collars, combine 4 tablespoons of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda with ¼ cup water and dab onto the sweat stain. To remove underarm sweat stains, combine baking soda and just enough water to make a paste. Use a toothbrush to scrub the stain, let it dry, and then toss the affected items in the washer.

What Causes Yellow Ring Around the Collar?

The ring around the collar is a combination of dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils that build up around the collar area of a dress shirt causing it to turn a yellowish, brownish color. Before you even start to notice any indications of a ring around the collar, pretreat and gently hand scrub the affected area.

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