How Long Do Jute Rugs Last? the Lifespan of Jute Rugs

How Long Do Jute Rugs Last? the Lifespan of Jute Rugs

Here is some information about the lifespan of jute rugs and how you can keep your jute rugs last longer.

Because of their natural appearance and textured feel, jute rugs are extremely popular right now. They are made from jute plant fibers. Long, shiny, and capable of being spun into sturdy threads, jute fibers are used to make rugs and other household items. From light brown to off-white, the fibers are available in a variety of hues.

But how long do jute rugs last? Jute rugs normally have a life expectancy of five years, which is more or less the average life expectancy of rugs. Discover the exact lifespan of jute rugs by continuing to read.

How Long Do Jute Rugs Last?

When it comes to durability, jute rugs are comparable to those made of nylon and polyester. All these rugs normally last for up to five years. Compared to jute rugs, sisal, polypropylene, wool, and silk rugs have a longer lifespan.

Comparing different jute rugs, hand-knotted and undyed jute rugs would endure the longest. Check out Jute Vs. Hemp.

Hand-knotted rugs are very strong because they’re made by literally knotting the yarns together by hand, which means that they are tightly bound to one another. They do not wear out as easily compared to rugs made by machines or mechanical tools.

How Long Do Jute Rugs Last? the Lifespan of Jute Rugs

Additionally, a jute rug that has not been dyed would last longer because dyes can shorten the life of a rug. Rugs that have been dyed would fade and wear out more quickly, even if the dye were made of natural materials. The rug would last the longest if it was hand-knotted and undyed.

Just like all other rugs, jute rugs need to be cleaned and maintained. They will last longer and retain their quality as a result of this. Maintaining them properly, not pulling on them, and attempting to wash jute rugs gently are all important. Also, keep them out of dirty areas of the house.


How Do You Make a Jute Rug Last Longer?

All rugs will last longer if they are properly cared for and maintained, including jute rugs. Since not all rugs are the same, caring for a rug differs depending on the rug type. Compared to other rugs, jute rugs require little maintenance. Here is how you can care for your jute rug to make them last longer:

Shake It Out

The easiest way to clean your jute rug of loose dirt is to do this. A lot of dirt and grime will be removed, but shaking it might also shake some fibers loose. Additionally, it saves you from having to thoroughly clean and dampen your rug.

Vacuum Dirt Often

If shaking your rug does not remove some dirt, you can vacuum your jute to remove it. Just be sure to do so after releasing the beater bar’s suction. It should be thoroughly cleaned by lightly vacuuming in several directions.

Avoid Liquid Spills

Jute rugs tend to decay when they get wet and are prone to pest infestations. Avoid placing them in areas where spillage commonly occurs, such as in the kitchen or bathroom.

How Long Do Jute Rugs Last? the Lifespan of Jute Rugs

Spot Clean Stains

Since jute rugs wear out easily when wet, spot-clean any stain rather than getting the whole rug wet. Gently wipe the region with a cloth. Do not rub.

Use a Mild Detergent

Use only mild detergents and soaps to clean your jute rug because any harsh chemicals could damage it. For rugs that only require some dirt and grime to be removed, mild detergents or soaps work great. On your rug, avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach.

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Don’t Hang It Up in Sunlight

Let your rug air dry once it has been cleaned.

You shouldn’t hang your jute rug outside in the sun because it will become brittle. Plus, hanging it under the sun will cause some discoloration on your rug or make the dye (if any) fade.

Put it where there’s little to no traffic, if possible. Jute rugs do not hold up well in high-traffic areas because they tend to wear out more quickly than other types of rugs.

Use a Rug Pad

Using a rug pad underneath your jute rug will add protection as it minimizes the impact on your jute rug. Furthermore, it can shield your rug from any moisture that may come from the floor.

What Good a Jute Rug Can Offer?

The biggest benefit of jute rugs for a naturalist is found here. It is a biodegradable and natural fiber used in transporting vegetables. It begins to deteriorate and decompose when it comes into contact with water or other elements. It decomposes back into the soil, leaving no waste behind.

How Long Do Jute Rugs Last? the Lifespan of Jute Rugs

Additionally, neither fertilizers nor pesticides are required for its crop. It implies that using a jute rug will protect the environment from chemicals. Despite being a natural fiber, jute is fairly soft. It won’t irritate their delicate skin if you let your children and pets play on it. Read more: Are Jute Rugs Good for Pets?

Furthermore, jute won’t scratch a hardwood floor like other natural fibers like sisal will. It requires incredibly little upkeep. It conceals the dirt on its surface due to its earthy texture. To clean your jute carpet, you can simply shake it or vacuum it.

You should remove the beater bar suction when vacuuming, though a brush attachment will work just as well. Vacuuming it from different directions multiple times will be enough to remove debris or other dirt.

A jute floor’s lifespan is reportedly extended by routine vacuuming or cleaning. It can be paired with almost any theme because it is a carpet made of natural fiber. Its neutral tone complements a huge variety of patterns, themes, or decor.

Precautions for Jute Rugs

Although jute is the least durable natural fiber, it is also inexpensive and has a rustic, natural appearance. If they are put in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic, they might only last a few years before they become so damaged that they need to be thrown out.

If you need a rug for your bathroom or front porch, jute may mildew or mold if you live in a humid climate. When moving or cleaning this natural fiber rug, you might notice strands fall out.

By combining six parts water to one part bleach in a spray bottle, you can get rid of mildew from your jute rug. On the rug, spritz it a little. If there is any discoloration dilute the spray with more water and test again.

When the bleach and water mixture is the right consistency, spray the mixture on the mildew and scrub the area with a soft brush to incorporate the solution. Ten minutes later, use a dry cloth to rub the affected area.

Conclusion: the Lifespan of Jute Rugs

Jute rugs last about the same as other rugs, such as nylon and polyester. These rugs all typically last up to five years. The least resilient natural fiber, jute rugs are inexpensive and have a rustic, natural appearance.

They might only last a few years if they are placed in a location with heavy foot traffic before they need to be thrown out due to damage they have sustained.


How Durable Are Jute Rugs?

They frequently have great style and never go out of style! They last a long time and are extremely durable – jute rugs don’t show anywhere near as much wear and tear as other materials do.

What is the Lifespan of Jute Carpet?

Since jute is the softest natural flooring, it is perfect for bedrooms or other light domestic settings. Jute should last up to eight years in a light domestic situation but will fade in direct sunlight.

Are Jute Rugs Hard to Take Care Of?

Jute rugs are super low maintenance and can be easily vacuumed or spot cleaned as needed. They’re beautiful.

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