How Many Skeins of Yarn for a Blanket?

How Many Skeins of Yarn for a Blanket?

Here we will take a look at how many skeins you need for a crochet blanket depending on the blanket size.

For crocheters of all skill levels, a blanket is a wonderful project. Making them is enjoyable, and wrapping yourself in a personal creation is wonderful. Finding out how many skeins of yarn for a blanket is one of the first things you should do when beginning one.

Here is a chart showing how much yarn you will need to make a blanket in crochet, broken down by size, from tiny baby blankets to king-sized ones.

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How Many Skeins of Yarn for a Blanket?

A crochet blanket will require one to eighteen skeins of yarn. the equivalent of 900–4000 yards of yarn. The blanket’s dimensions, yarn gauge, and color scheme will all affect this. More balls are needed to make a larger blanket and to add more color. In addition, more yarn is needed to make a very thin yarn than to make one that is thicker.

Baby Blanket

One of the more compact crochet blankets you can make is a baby blanket. Different baby blanket sizes call for different amounts of yarn. But typically, a baby blanket made with crochet will require 1 to 5 skeins of yarn. Or roughly 900–1600 yards of yarn.

Twin Blanket

10 to 15 skeins of yarn are typically needed to make a twin-sized crochet blanket. equivalent to 1500–2500 yards of yarn.

How Many Skeins of Yarn for a Blanket?

Throw Blanket

Although the sizes of throw blankets can vary slightly, a crocheted throw blanket typically requires about 10 to 15 skeins of yarn. This can be between 1500 and 2500 yards of yarn, similar to a twin blanket.

Queen Size Blanket (Afghan)

You will require between 10 and 18 skeins of yarn to crochet a queen-size blanket or afghan. This indicates that the total yardage used would be approximately 2000–4000 yards when using just one color and up to 8000+ yards when using multiple colors.

A blanket is something that everyone has made at some point in their lives. Due to variations in brands and even skeins, blankets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the amount of yarn required varies from project to project. Generally speaking though, it can be unclear how much yarn you’ll end up using for each blanket because everyone is different!

Beginners should follow the directions on how many balls of yarn are needed when following a pattern to determine their requirements.

What is the Average Size of a Crochet Blanket?

There are three standard sizes for crochet blankets: afghan, lap blanket, and baby blanket, each measuring roughly 50 by 65 inches. Full-size crochet afghan patterns are typically 50 by 65 inches in size.

Approximately 35 by 40 inches make up the lap blanket. The baby blanket, a classic favorite, is approximately 25 by 30 inches in size.

How Many Skeins of Yarn for a Blanket?

Calculate How Many Yards of Yarn You’ll Need for Your Blanket

Knowing the size you want your blanket to be before calculating the number of stitches required is a great way to determine how much yarn you’ll need.

As an illustration, if you wanted your blanket to be loose (not too tight) and have ruffles around the edge and the finished size was going to be 36 x 48 inches, you would need to start with 480 + 6 = 486 stitches in your starting chain.

This means that for each row, the total length would be 486 stitches plus 2 chains plus two feet when the stitch type (in this case, single crochet), climb length (in this case, about two feet), and chain length (in this case, two).

In each row, this equates to about 57 inches. To get a looser blanket with less ruffling around the edges, you could reduce the number of stitches per row to 400–450, which would give you about 42–45 inches for each row.

How Much Yarn is in a Skein?

This skein weighs 7 ounces, or 198 grams because the yarn is sold in the US by weight. The estimated yardage is the smallest amount of yarn you will find in the skein; the actual amount may be greater.

There will never be two skeins of yarn with the exact same amount of yardage because the yarn is sold by weight rather than yardage.

Conclusion: Crochet a Blanket

The quantity of yarn required will vary depending on the type and size of the blanket you’re making. Knowing how much yarn you need can be difficult because each skein of yarn varies from brand to brand in terms of yardage.

If you are using a pattern, it will usually specify how many skeins or yards you will need, so if you are a beginner, we advise that you refer to the pattern’s instructions to find out how many balls of yarn are needed.


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