How Much Fleece for a Tie Blanket? Tie Blanket Size Guide

How Much Fleece for a Tie Blanket? Tie Blanket Size Guide

In this tie blanket size guide, you can read and learn how much fleece you will need to make a tie blanket.

Kids learn that helping others can be rewarding when you make fleece tie blankets with them. Winter mornings can be made cozy and pleasant with the right quantity and quality of tie blanket material.

So, a question now arises. How much fleece for a tie blanket? Between 1.5-3 yards of fleece are needed for a tie blanket. In order to achieve the best results when searching for the ideal tie blanket, you should pay attention to the following advice.

How Much Fleece for a Tie Blanket?

To make a tie blanket, you’ll need 1.5 to 3 yards of fleece. It depends on the size the user wants. A blanket of 1.5 yards will be typical, a blanket of 2 yards will be appropriate for taller people, and a blanket of 3 yards will be ideal for a queen-size bed.

The fleece material is expensive so needs to be purchased accordingly.

Lovey (in.)10″ x10″
Stolleler/ Baby (in.)30″ x35″
Receiving (in.)40″ x40″
Toddler (in.)42″ x52″
Swaddle (in)47″x47″
Crib(in.)45″ x60″
Throw (in)52″ x60″ 
Twin (in.)66″ x90″
Double (in.)90″x108″
Queen (in.)90″x108″
*1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

Large and Full-size Tie Blanket

3 yards of fleece material will be good enough for a large and full-size tie blanket. Two people can easily fit inside. It is preferable to buy the material to suit one’s needs rather than buying a full-size blanket, which may be too large for a single person. |t is the best fit for the queen-sized bed.

Twin-size Blanket

You can also choose the typical 2.5–3 yards of fabric to make a lovely twin-size blanket. Two people can fit there with ease. The material can have different hues and textures as well as different designs and prints.

Even a queen-sized bed can be covered with a twin-sized blanket. You can sew the materials in different patterns to make a warm, colorful, and cozy twin-size blanket.

Queen Size Tie Blanket

2 yards of fleece material will be good enough for a queen-size tie blanket. Since it is smaller than a twin or king-size blanket, less fabric is required.

But since it might not be cozy for two people to use, it will work best if only one person uses it. 2 yards will also be good for taller people who struggle to fit in regular-sized blankets.

King-size Blanket

4 yards of fleece are good enough for the king-size blanket. Despite being enormous, it can fit up to 3 people. For a small family, it is the ideal size. Depending on which of these sizes of tie blankets the user wants to create, different materials are required.

How Much Fleece for a Tie Blanket? Tie Blanket Size Guide

How Much Do You Cut for a Tie Blanket?

It’s sufficient to have two inches on each side. A straight cut is required. As long as the cuts are straight, you don’t need to worry about it being perfect. 4X4 square can be cut around the 4 corners. The square must be larger—for example, 5X5—if you want the fringes to be longer.

The cuts are crucial because they determine both the shape of the blanket and its fringes. 2 pieces of fleece 1 yard each can be used to make the tie blanket with 2 inches cut on each side and 4X4 square cuts on all four corners.

When making a tie blanket, the ratio of cuts is crucial because it affects the blanket’s shape. It’s important that you get this right.

Here is how to care for your fleece blankets:

How to Make An Adult-Size Tie Blanket?

However, adults can also enjoy fleece-made tie blankets, which are popular with babies and young children. Make an adult-size tie blanket for someone on your holiday gift list and watch them smile as they enjoy the cozy warmth of your handmade gift.

How Much Fleece for a Tie Blanket? Tie Blanket Size Guide

Make a cozy adult-size tie blanket for yourself or for friends and family using fleece fabric in two complementary colors.

  1. Place the two coordinating fleece fabric pieces on top of each other.
  2. The fleece pieces should be pinned together using straight pins 4 inches from the edges. Place pins all the way around the edges of the two pieces of fabric.
  3. Cut a 4-inch square out of each corner. If you want the squares to line up, make sure you cut through both layers of the fabric.
  4. The blanket’s edges should have fringe that has been cut. You should make cuts that are 3 inches deep and spaced about 1/2 inch apart. Every time, make sure to cut through both fleece layers.
  5. Tie knots in every other fringe cut to connect the top piece of fleece to the bottom one, tying twice to make a square knot. Then flip the blanket over and secure the remaining fringe pieces so that it is tied evenly all the way around.
  6. Once you’ve tied all the knots, take out the pins.


How to Make An Easy No-Sew Tie Fleece Blanket?

How Much Fleece for a Tie Blanket? Tie Blanket Size Guide
  1. The two pieces of fabric should be laid together with the wrong sides facing out as your first step. It goes without saying that you want your blanket’s right sides to show on both sides. Incorporate them as best you can.
  2. Use a yardstick or other straight edge to trim any ends to the same size. Although it’s not required, I find it helps me keep my cutting straight.
  3. To keep the various pieces of fleece together and straight, use clothespins, paper clips, pins, or anything else. Let me say that the first time I made a tie blanket, I neglected to complete this step, which resulted in a significant issue. Let’s just say that what was intended to be an adult-sized blanket had to be reduced to fit children. Therefore, don’t skip this procedure!
  4. Cut out a perfect 4″X4″ square from one of the corners. This will make it easier to tie, look neater, and prevent bunching in the corners. You’ll be more successful if you have access to that 4X4 paper. If not, simply use the yardstick to measure the square and lightly sketch it. To save it, cut it out.
  5. To cut out the remaining three corners, use the square you just cut as a template.
  6. The uniform slits, which will essentially look like fringe, can now be cut out. The fabric should have four-inch slits cut into it. To tie the knots, there must be enough fabric.
  7. Inches apart, evenly space the slits. To ensure that they are evenly spaced, use a tape measure or yardstick. It will appear odd if some are an inch apart and others are two inches apart. This raises your risk of experiencing bunching. Continue to cut slits into each of the four corners.
  8. The two slits should now be tied together. You have a choice here, you can either do a standard double knot or “square knot” or you can do what is called hand or overhand knots. The knots look more polished and organized after the second method. The square knotting gives the blanket a fun and whimsical appearance.
  9. Just a tiny bit lower than the top of the fringe, pull the knots down. This will result in a clean, crisp line and prevent tugging, bunching, and a misshapen blanket.
  10. Finally, simultaneously grasp the blanket’s two corners and spread it out. This will assist in getting it flat and in the right shape.

Conclusion: Tie Blanket Size

To sum up, around 1.5-3 yards of fleece material is required to make a tie blanket depending on the size of the blanket the user requires. When cutting the fleece for fleece tie blankets, you need to increase the length and width by 8 Prime. This is for tying the fringes.

It is simple to prepare at home by following the few instructions listed above, and it offers a great deal of warmth and comfort during the winter.


How Much Fleece is Needed for Tie Blankets for Adults?

While the size of your blanket is up to you, you’ll want at least 1.5 to 2 yards of fleece to make a blanket. If you’re making a blanket for a child, you can use less fabric; however, if you’re making one for an adult or a shared space, you’ll likely need the entire 2 yards.

What Are the Measurements of a Queen Size Blanket?

80 x 90 inches for the full. Queen – 90 x 100 inches. King: 108 x 100 inches. California King: 104 x 108 inches.

What Size Tie Blanket for Baby Fleece?

Your finished blanket will be 36 by 36 inches (91.44 by 91.44 centimeters) with a 4-inch (10.16-centimeter) long fringe. You can use two contrasting colors or the same color for each fleece piece. Another option is to use a solid color for one piece and a coordinating pattern for the other.

What Size Blanket for a 2-year-old?

The majority of toddlers (12 months to 3 years) continue to sleep in cribs or toddler beds. A 45-inch blanket would fit a crib. × 60 in. (114 cm x 152 cm).

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