How Much Tulle for a Tutu? A Complete Guide

How Much Tulle for a Tutu? A Complete Guide

Do you ever use tulle when sewing? Do you know how much tulle is enough for a tutu? Here is a complete guide.

For both kids and adults, tutus are a fantastic addition to any costume! But how much tulle does a tutu need? Several elements, such as the size of the tutu, the number of layers, and the desired fullness, determine how much tulle is required for a tutu.

The amount of tulle required for a tutu can be found in the following table.

How Much Tulle for a Tutu?

Generally speaking, depending on the waist size and desired length, you’ll need between 2 and 3 yards of tulle. Keep in mind that exact measurements are best when possible, but below are our suggestions for sizing:

Elastic Waistband Measurements

SizeWaistband Measurement
0-3 months14″
3-6 months15″
6-12 months16″
12-18 months17″

Reminder: To account for stretching, subtract 3 inches from the exact measurement for larger sizes.

How Much Tulle for a Tutu? A Complete Guide

Tulle Lengths

Using the size chart below, cut your tulle to the desired tutu length, plus two additional inches. 12″ tutus work for ages 10 and up, but use exact measurements if you’d like a longer tutu.

SizeTutu LengthTulle Length
0-3 months5″10″
3-6 months6″12″
6-12 months7″14″
12-18 months7.5″15″

Tutu adds style to any outfit and is a lot of fun, but they’re also great for special occasions.

Types of Tulle

While nylon tulle is preferable for a less voluminous skirt, Melissa advises using polyester tulle for the fluffiest and bounce-best tutus. Scrunch your tulle and then press it flat with your hands to check its quality.

The wrinkles should be fairly simple to remove from good tulle. If the tulle remains wrinkled, it is probably cheap and won’t withstand the possible abuse your costume will endure.

How to Make a Tutu Longer/shorter?

According to the general rule, since the tulle will be folded in half and knotted, the length of the tulle strips should be slightly longer than how long you want your finished tutu to be.

Therefore, cut shorter strips of tulle if you’re making a tiny tutu for a baby. You’d need tulle strips that are 12–14 inches long to make a tutu that fits a newborn to a six-month-old that is 6–7 inches long.

Additionally, longer strips are required if you want a longer tutu skirt. For an older toddler, you might want to make the tutu about 12 inches long, so you’d need tulle strips that are roughly 24 inches long. Tutus make wonderful homemade gifts for children.

Conclusion: How Much Tulle for a Tutu?

An adult-sized tutu typically requires 2 to 3 yards (1.8 to 2.7 meters) of tulle for each layer. Depending on the size, you might need less for a tutu that fits a child. You may require more tulle if you want a tutu that is very full.


How Do I Calculate How Much Tulle I Need?

You’ll want your waist measurement (the full circumference of your waist (25 or more inches) multiplied by 1.5. (The amount of fabric you need will be 42 inches if your waist is 28 inches. (I chose black) elastic. plus one inch for overlap, so it can be wrapped tightly around your waist.

How Much Tulle Do I Need for a Full Tutu?

Cut three or four rolls of 6-inch-wide tulle into 22-inch strips if you want a short tutu (more tulle means a fuller skirt). For long tutus, cut seven or eight rolls of 6-inch-wide tulle into the following length strips (These sizes should fit the ankles rather than all the way to the floor.): 12 to 18 months = 24″

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