How Often Should You Deep-clean Upholstery?

How Often Should You Deep-clean Upholstery?

Depending on the type of cleaning, we will discuss the ideal frequency of upholstery cleaning in this blog post.

Every day, couches, chairs, and other upholstered furniture collect a variety of contaminants such as oils, dust, spills, fur, allergens, and more. It might be time to think about having your upholstery deep cleaned if you fall into the category of not knowing when it was last cleaned.

So how often should you deep-clean upholstery? Your upholstery should be deep cleaned once or twice a year to keep your home truly healthy. Let’s see the frequency of deep-cleaning your upholstery.

How Often Should You Deep-clean Upholstery?

Usually, deep cleaning gets performed by experienced technicians from the company offering professional upholstery cleaning services. In this case, the frequency of cleaning would be once or twice in two years for the best results.

If you attempt a deep clean at home on your own, you should only do so when dealing with an offensive odor, difficult stains, or other pollutants. Additionally, you must confirm that you possess the knowledge and resources needed for thoroughly cleaning the upholstered furniture.

How Often Should You Routine Clean Upholstery?

Even if you don’t regularly pay a professional to clean your upholstery, you should still regularly clean upholstered furniture. You should dust every day or every other day if you have the time. This aids in lowering the buildup of dust and dirt on the upholstery.

How Often Should You Deep-clean Upholstery?

You must vacuum clean the upholstered furniture at least twice a week. You can vacuum it once a week if you have no children or pets and are extremely busy. But don’t go any further than that.

Cleaning upholstery fabrics needs some tips, and it is important to clean upholstery fabrics before using them for the first time, but don’t worry, we have provided you with a Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Guide. It can tell you how to clean different types of upholstery fabrics.

How Often Should You Professional Clean Upholstery?

Professional upholstery cleaning is the only way to preserve the appeal of upholstered furniture and increase its lifespan. Deep root cleaning with steam cleaning or other cleaning techniques is frequently used in professional upholstery cleaning.

You might not need to repeatedly steam clean upholstered furniture if you frequently use professional cleaning services. Here, deep cleaning might be done at least once every three to six months.

If you do not want to invest in professional upholstery cleaning that frequently, then you have to use it at least once a year. Before that time, you should hire a cleaning service, as the musty smell will need to be addressed right away.

Professional upholstery cleaning is even more important now that COVID-19 has been identified because it not only thoroughly cleans the upholstered furniture but also thoroughly sanitizes it.

Although it can be difficult, removing stains from upholstery is not impossible. Here are some guides you can follow to clean different stains from upholstery:

Why Should You Deep-clean Upholstery?

There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration, some of which are as follows:

Kids and Pets

Your children and pets are the best at ruining a sofa. Their regular activities, which primarily involve your upholstery, can leave behind dirt, oil smudges, pet dander, and other contaminants over time, giving it an unkempt and worn-out appearance.

How Often Should You Deep-clean Upholstery?

Darker-colored fabrics can easily hide this dirt and grime, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Light-colored upholstery can easily make it more obvious.

Bacteria and Viruses

Viruses and bacteria might have settled in your sofa in addition to the obvious dirt. It may be the case, especially if your furniture sees a lot of use from children and pets, putting everyone in your home at risk for illness.

Therefore, if you’ve had a bout of illness at home, your fabric sofa may be to blame. It would be wise to have your upholstery cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis to reduce the number of germs.

Harmful Particulates and Chemicals

Along with these, your sofa’s fabric may also become contaminated by paint, plastics, aerosols, and other household items. These particulates are frequently full of chemicals that can cause allergies and be bad for your general health.

To provide deep cleaning and eliminate dangerous particles from your sofa, fabric sofa cleaning services use safe procedures and environmentally friendly products.

Final Words: Deep-clean Upholstery

Maintaining the highest level of cleanliness for your upholstery requires routine vacuuming. However, having it professionally cleaned is equally important. A good timeframe is once a year, but that only applies if you don’t have any pets or young children living in the home.

One reason it’s best to hire a pro is that different fabrics call for different cleaning procedures and products; an experienced upholstery cleaner will be aware of the best cleaning procedure and supplies for your furniture.


Is Professional Couch Cleaning Worth It?

A lot of unpleasant things, like dirt, dander, sweat, and other oils, are found in upholstery. A professional cleaning can remove all these unpleasantries that are deeply embedded in the fibers for a healthier, refreshed couch. So it is worthwhile to professional-clean your upholstery.

How Often Should Upholstered Furniture Be Vacuumed?

No matter what material your couch is made of, you should regularly vacuum it. (Every week or two is ideal.) Utilize the upholstery attachment or soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner for the surfaces of the couch, and the crevice tool to reach into small spaces. To see the dirt and food particles underneath each cushion, lift it up.

How Long Does It Take to Deep Clean a Couch?

Depending on the technique your professional employs, the degree of fabric soiledness, and the quantity of upholstery that needs to be cleaned, the time it takes to clean your upholstered furniture varies. The average time for upholstery can range from 30-60 minutes or longer in rare cases.

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