How to Care for Acrylic Fabric? Caring Guide
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How to Care for Acrylic Fabric? Caring Guide

Here is a caring guide to acrylic fabric, including washing, ironing, and storing it. Read and learn how to care for your acrylic clothes.

Being soft, light, and warm, acrylic is a synthetic fiber that is frequently used as an alternative to wool. The qualities of durability, carefreeness, and resistance to shrinking and wrinkling are also attributes of acrylic.

Let’s learn how to properly care for acrylic fabric so it can be used for longer. And we also have a Fabric Care 101 for you to maintain different kinds of fabric.

How to Care for Acrylic Fabric?

  • Before washing or ironing, make sure to check the label on clothing for the presence of acrylic, especially on sweaters. This is particularly important because it might be challenging to tell wool or other more stable fiber types from acrylic knit clothing. Additionally, look for any additional instructions on the care label.
  • Dry acrylics for a brief period of time at a cool temperature of no more than 40C.
  • Never dry acrylics on a drying rack. The acrylic fabric might stretch due to tension from the weight of the water. It might be best to lay these items flat to dry since acrylics have a low moisture absorbency and dry relatively quickly.
  • Iron with a little steam. The combination of steam heat and tension applied to the yarns frequently results in significant stretching.
  • A warm hand should never handle acrylics. Tension applied to acrylics while they are still warm will cause them to permanently stretch more.

How to Wash Acrylic Fabric?

You can machine-wash or handwash your acrylic clothes.

In a Washing Machine

Most acrylic sweaters are machine washable. Wearables with an inner structure that cannot be washed, however, should be dry cleaned. Here are the steps for washing acrylic sweaters in a washing machine:

  1. Pre-Treat Any Stains
  2. Wash on a Warm, Gentle Cycle
  3. Lay Flat to Dry

By Hand

To keep the shape of delicate sweaters, hand wash and dry them flat. Give the acrylic sweater a 15 to 30-minute soak in cold water. Your acrylic sweater could be ruined by using hot water because it might stretch the fibers.

  1. Fill the Sink with Cold Water
  2. Use Mild Detergent
  3. Swish the Sweater in Soapy Water
  4. Soak
  5. Rinse Thoroughly
  6. Gently Remove Excess Water
  7. Air Dry

How to Store Acrylic Sweater?

Before storing acrylic sweaters, give them a thorough wash and allow them to dry completely. Stack your knitted items flat after folding your acrylic sweater. You can avoid them stretching by doing so.

Do not hang acrylic sweaters. The best way to store your acrylic sweater is in a sealed plastic container if you won’t be using it for an extended period of time.

Final Thoughts: Acrylic Fabric Caring Guide

Pants, skirts, dresses, knit suits, sweaters, and other clothing frequently contain the fiber of acrylic. It is distinguished by its capacity to expand, adapt to the shape of the body, and then contract to its original size.

In general, wearing clothing made of acrylic is a great way to maintain your sense of style on a limited budget. Additionally, if properly cared for, the acrylic clothing lasts a very long time.


Can You Wash 100% Acrylic Fabric?

Fabrics can either be pure acrylic or included in blends with other natural and synthetic fibers. Although some care labels may advise dry cleaning, 100% acrylic sweaters and other acrylic clothing are simple to machine wash using a gentle cycle in the washer with warm or cold water.

Can Acrylic Fabric Get Wet?

An acrylic woven with a very tight weave will keep water from seeping through the fabric. However, because water can get through the gaps left between the fibers in acrylics with a looser, more open weave, they are less water resistant.

Does Acrylic Stretch When Washed?

When subjected to normal wear and care, an acrylic fabric that has not been properly stabilized will experience significant shape changes. The fabric can stretch during wear and shrink from cleaning – possibly as much as several inches after the first clean.

Is Acrylic Fabric Long-lasting?

One of the components of carbon fiber, which is highly sought-after in industrial applications, is acrylic fiber. Otherwise, however, acrylic fiber doesn’t have a lot of industrial applications; while this fabric is highly durable, its flammability makes it ineligible for use in many industrial environments.

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