How to Care for Silk Fabric? Silk Care Guide

How to Care for Silk Fabric? Silk Care Guide

While care can vary depending on overall fabric composition, you can generally follow the guidelines below to keep your garments crisp and clean

Silk is an investment. This fabric must be planned to be purchased for a long time. Choosing timeless designs and avoiding passing trends can help keep your investment pieces relevant beyond seasons.

How do you care for silk fabric? Some silks can be washed, while dry cleaning is suggested for others. If in doubt, inquire at the retailer where you purchased the fabric or item of clothing.

Let’s talk about washing recommendations and other silk care guidelines. We also have Fabric Care 101 to help you take good care of your different fabrics.

How to Care for Silk Fabric?

Silk clothing will maintain its beauty for a long time with proper care. Deodorant, perfume, and bleach should all be avoided as they can stain silk fabrics.

Avoid exposing silk fabric to the sun for extended periods of time. Only iron the reverse of a silk garment; do not mist the silk with water. If the iron has a silk fabric setting, it should be used with a low temperature and preferably on that setting.

Silk clothing doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, but you should use caution when washing it. To remove stains from silk, avoid using water. Silk clothing can be cleaned by soaking it for no longer than five minutes in warm water with mild soap.

When taking the fabric out of the water, avoid wringing it dry. Instead, dry it off by wrapping it in a towel, then place it somewhere flat to let it air dry.

If you decide to buy silk clothing, you need to know How to Tell If Fabric is Real Silk.

How to Care for Silk Fabric? Silk Care Guide

How to Wash Silk Fabric?

You might be hesitant to hand wash silk clothing because it is a delicate fabric. To properly care for your luxurious items, keep these fundamental reminders in mind.

Always read the label’s care instructions before handling silk. It will explain how a specific item of clothing should be cleaned and maintained.

  • On fabrics made of silk, never use chlorine bleach. The natural fibers in your clothing will be harmed.
  • Avoid placing silk in the direct sun. Long sunbursts can fade the fabric or even harm it.
  • Never tumble dry because the high temperature of the dryer will cause your silk fabric to shrink or become damaged. (Here is how to Repair Damaged Silk Fabric.)
  • Use a gentle detergent; some types are made especially for silk.
  • Verify the colorfastness. Some clothing may bleed while being washed. Use a wet, white cloth to test a small area. Verify for any color leaking.

Treat Stains

There is no requirement to buy a specific stain remover for silk. Make a homemade remedy instead by combining 2 cups of warm water with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar. This recipe works particularly well on deodorant and sweat stains.

After determining whether the mixture is colorfast, pour some into a clean spray bottle and apply it to the stain. Use a sponge or two pieces of fabric to apply the mixture gently to the affected area. Given that rubbing can harm the fibers, being gentle is key.

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Wash Silk by Hand

The steps are simple to follow, and this method is likely the safest for washing silk clothing.

  1. Put your silk in a container of cool water.
  2. Use your hand to incorporate a few drops of gentle detergent into the mixture. The item should soak for at least three minutes.
  3. Pour dirt off the garment by dipping it up and down with your hands.
  4. Until all of the soap has been removed, rinse the silk under cold water.
  5. Using a towel, absorb the moisture. Never agitate or rub silk.
  6. Keep it out of direct sunlight and hang it on a drying rack.
How to Care for Silk Fabric? Silk Care Guide

Wash Silk in a Washing Machine

Yes, you can machine-wash silk. To prevent tangling and damage, you must buy a mesh bag.

  1. Constantly read the label. In the machine, some items get scratched or lose color.
  2. Sort your laundry, and never wash silk in the same load as denim or other heavy clothing.
  3. To avoid damaging your silks, put them in mesh bags.
  4. Include a detergent made especially for cleaning silk clothing. Look at the bottle’s dosage instructions.
  5. Your machine should be set to the delicate wash setting. Additionally, select the shortest spin cycle and, if possible, adhere to the labeled recommended temperature.
  6. Utilize a towel to absorb extra moisture.
  7. Hang the item up or lay it flat to dry, depending on the item. Avoid direct sunlight once more.

How to Dry Clean Silk Fabric?

Clothing with severe stains should be dry cleaned. Tell the dry cleaner what caused the stains instead of attempting to remove them yourself at home with a stain remover. Pick your dry cleaner wisely. Verify his ability to properly clean Silk.

Use a dry cleaner that you have previously used for Silk or that has come highly recommended. Taffetas, chiffons, brocades, many multicolored prints, dressing gown fabrics, ties, and scarves are examples of silk that should be dry-cleaned.

How to Remove Wrinkles on Silk Fabric?

Whitehurst prefers steaming silk over ironing despite the fact that it can be challenging, provided that your steamer is designed for delicate fabrics. Turn your garment inside out and select a low setting if you only have an iron (it should always be slightly damp).

Dry clothing can be steamed, but be careful not to overheat the steamer. If the steamer leaks and stains something with water, rinse it off with cool water and let it air dry. The spot should vanish.

How to Care for Silk Fabric? Silk Care Guide

How to Iron Silk Fabric?

  1. Make sure the surface of your iron is clean. Use a solution of water and baking soda to clean any stains. Metal stains on silk will render the fabric unwearable if ironed.
  2. Locate the delicate or silk setting on your iron. Use the lowest heat if there is none.
  3. To stop stains from seeping into your silk clothing, prepare your iron board with a clean, undyed cotton cover.
  4. When damp, silk irons are best. To prevent iron marks on the glossier side of the clothing, iron the garment on the duller back side. Do this part by part.
  5. Use a pressed cotton cloth to shield the area if you must iron directly on the front side.
  6. To prevent bending and fading, keep the iron moving.

Your silk clothing can also be steamed. When you take a hot shower, hang your silk in the bathroom. The garment’s wrinkles will be reduced with the aid of steam.

Sorting your materials in advance will help when ironing. Various ironing techniques are needed for various fabrics. After that, you can start ironing. Check the laundry symbols on your garments to find ironing instructions, and read Fabric Ironing 101 which tells you how to iron different fabrics properly.

How to Store Silk Fabric?

It’s time to hang your silk clothing back up in the closet after cleaning it. But hold on, this item needs more care when being stored than your other clothes do.

  • Since silk is light-sensitive and will deteriorate if exposed to it, it must be kept in a dry, dark environment.
  • When folded for an extended period of time with other items, your silk might wrinkle. Place it in a special spot and conceal it in a breathable bag to keep its shape. See The Breathability of Silk Fabric.
  • Avoid putting your silk items in plastic because the protein fibers need air to breathe.
  • Add a natural moth repellent because the fabric’s protein composition can draw insects.

Conclusion: Care for Silk Fabric

It is worthwhile to take a few precautions to care for silk because it is a lovely, opulent fabric. Your silk clothing can be cleaned and refreshed in reasonably simple ways that are also economical and environmentally responsible.

It’s simple to take care of silk. Go ahead and treat yourself to a pair of plush silk pajamas for yourself or a loved one.


Can You Wash 100% Silk?

While you can put your silk garments in a gentle wash cycle, according to Whitehurst, it’s best to hand wash these plush pieces in the sink one at a time. Add a mild detergent free of any harsh ingredients after filling your basin with cool or cold water to help preserve the color.

How Do You Wash Silk So It Doesn’t Wrinkle?

Use Cold Water On The Gentlest Cycle: Choose the machine’s most delicate cycle and coldest water temperature carefully. Using hot or even warm water will significantly cause your silk to shrink, so it’s crucial to use cold water instead!

Does Silk Get Ruined When Wet?

Silk weakens when wet and can degrade in heat but this doesn’t mean it is not washable. It simply means that you must wash it a specific way (simple!) way to keep your silk garment as fresh as new for much longer.

Is It Better to Hand Wash Or Dry Clean Silk?

Hand washing is the most secure method for washing delicate silk clothing at home. If the fabric care label tells you to “Dry Clean” or not machine wash, then it’s best to wash by hand.

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