How to Clean a Crushed Velvet Couch? Tips and Steps

How to Clean a Crushed Velvet Couch? Tips and Steps

You can preserve the gorgeous upholstery on your couch’s natural sheen and texture by using these top cleaning advice.

Crushed velvet is a luxurious and fashionable material that is becoming more and more common in interior design. But is your crushed velvet couch looking less than luxe lately? Spillages can leave your crushed velvet couch fabric stained and wet because they are generally unavoidable accidents.

Whatever the situation or mess, it is possible to solve the problem and restore your crushed velvet couch to its former glory quickly. For our best advice and cleaning techniques for a crushed velvet couch, continue reading. Here are tips on cleaning a velvet couch.

How to Clean a Crushed Velvet Couch?

There are two ways to clean a crushed velvet couch.

The Dry Method

Your crushed velvet furniture was ruined by food or drink. To clean a crushed velvet couch, move quickly. grab a paper towel or use a soft, clean cloth, and dab the affected area – don’t rub! However, use caution when cleaning velvet furniture because if you use too much pressure, you risk damaging the fabric of the crushed velvet couch even more.

How to Clean a Crushed Velvet Couch? Tips and Steps

Grab some dry cleaning detergent after you have done your best to dry the stain. Gently dab the stain with the detergent using a sponge, covering it entirely, and then allowing it to air dry. Vacuum any leftover detergent after it has dried to prevent further mess.

A hairdryer is an excellent cleaning tool for a crushed velvet couch because it can quickly dry out spill stains. To ensure that it doesn’t harm the upholstery, keep it off full heat and a good few inches away from the fabric.

The Wet Method

The crushed velvet appearance of your furniture may be lost if you use wet cleaning methods on velvet fabric, so keep that in mind before you try any wet cleaning.

To start cleaning with a cloth, make soap suds by combining some clear washing liquid with warm water. Make sure you only use the soap suds to prevent getting any extra liquid on the couch.

A steam cleaner may also be useful for cleaning a crushed velvet couch because it can restore the fabric’s slick appearance. The crushed appearance of your couch is also likely to be a problem when they are steam cleaned.

Tips on Cleaning a Crushed Velvet Couch

Always Read the Instructions

Please check to see what your couch manufacturer suggests about how to clean your crushed velvet couch before using a cleaning method of your own. Your couch will have a care label or tag that specifies a specific cleaning code, such as W, WS, X, or S, depending on whether it is made of natural or synthetic fibers.

In essence, these codes indicate that you should only use water for a W code, water or a water-based solvent for a WS code, vacuum only for an X code, and a non-water solvent only for an S code.

How to Clean a Crushed Velvet Couch? Tips and Steps

In some cases, your manufacturer may even specify that the crushed velvet couch fabric can be removed and machine washed with cold water. Never wash crushed velvet in hot water because doing so can cause the fabric to shrink and prevent you from redraping it on your couch.

Your crushed velvet couch most likely only has an X or S code. They typically don’t respond well to water-based cleaning methods because too much moisture can disrupt the fabric’s distinctive pile and nap arrangement.

Keeping the Nap in Mind

“Nap” refers to the direction of the fabric’s pile or thread when discussing fabrics. If you want to maintain the crushed or distressed appearance of a crushed velvet couch, it is crucial to preserve the couch’s original nap.

The nap and the crushed appearance can both be ruined by improper cleaning procedures. There is still hope if your crushed velvet couch has already experienced something similar.

Use the tip of a credit card to gently rotate each thread in a pile of crushed velvet to restore the nap. Although it will take you many hours, it is technically possible. Only when your crushed velvet couch is wet can you use the credit card method.

You could therefore try doing it one small section at a time after dampening a section of the upholstery that you can handle before it dries.

Call in the Professionals

When trying to find DIY cleaning instructions for your crushed velvet couch, this might not be the advice you want to hear. In some instances, though, cleaning a crushed velvet couch yourself is going to be more harmful than hiring a cleaning service.

How to Clean a Crushed Velvet Couch? Tips and Steps

Don’t completely trust the cleaning company when they do arrive though! Ask them what kind of cleaning they’ll do and why. They probably don’t know what they’re doing if they can’t provide a rationale for the cleaning technique they’ll employ.

Making a cleaning service pledge to guarantee that they won’t tamper with the fabric or crushed look of your crushed velvet couch also helps. Good cleaning services will be happy to provide you with this guarantee.

How to Maintain a Crushed Velvet Couch?

A crushed velvet couch requires more upkeep than a typical fabric couch. To get rid of surface dust that collects between the tangled fabrics of a crushed velvet couch, use a vacuum in a gentle setting about once or twice a month.

Crushed velvet couches occasionally come with a brush that can be used to gently brush and clean the couch.

The texture of a crushed velvet couch can be preserved by gently brushing off dirt and debris with a lint brush or any upholstery brush that you purchase. Crushed velvet couches have been known to respond best to brushing with horsehair fabric brushes.

If a horsehair brush is not available, a carding brush can be used instead. Never brush with the pile’s direction when doing so. To smooth out the fabric, brush it gently; never use excessive force. Patience is key.

Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid spills because wet crushed velvet couches suffer. If spills do occur, you must blot (never rub) the stain right away, beginning at the edge and moving toward the center.

To dry a crushed velvet couch, you may use a hair dryer, but always hold it at least 20 cm away from the material and use a warm setting rather than the hot one. It makes perfect sense to purchase velvet couches with a hydrophobic coating if you want to avoid stains and spills.

Conclusion: Clean a Crushed Velvet Couch

When a mess is made, it’s simple to start freaking out, especially if it’s on pricey furniture, like a crushed velvet couch. The knowledge you need to clean your velvet items on your own is provided here, so keep your composure.

Make it a habit to regularly clean your crushed velvet sofa to agitate and eliminate any surface dirt or dust. The sofa can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth, soft brush, or vacuum. A typical household should only need to carry out this type of cleaning routine once per week.


How Do You Wash Crushed Velvet Fabric?

Most velvet can be safely hand washed. A few drops of natural soap and cold water should be added to a basin. Put the garment in the water, gently swish it around, and then soak it for 15 minutes before rinsing it off in cool water.

Can Crushed Velvet Get Wet?

If your velvet gets wet, do not apply pressure as it can flatten the pile. Shake off any excess liquid from the velvet and let it air dry. The damp areas shouldn’t be blotted or pressured. Velvet clothing should be brought into Flairs as soon as possible for expert cleaning.

Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Crushed Velvet Sofa?

To remove surface dirt, White advises using a soft brush to agitate the dirt. Carpet cleaner vacuums can sometimes be effective on velvet, but, as always, read the cleaning instructions and first test on an inconspicuous area.

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