How to Clean a Faux Suede Couch? 4 Simple Steps
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How to Clean a Faux Suede Couch? 4 Simple Steps

Use these four quick steps to clean a faux suede couch to give your favorite furniture a new look and feel.

A synthetic material with a soft nap that feels and looks similar to animal suede is called faux suede. Compared to suede, faux suede is less expensive, easier to clean, and more stain resistant. Compared to suede, it repels water more effectively, keeping the fabric spotless and looking better.

Here are four simple steps to clean a faux suede couch.

Steps to Clean a Faux Suede Couch

However, it’s important to check the label to make sure that the couch does, in fact, have a “W” or “W-S” cleaning code. The majority of faux suede couches and sofas can be cleaned with water-based cleaners. If so, use the cleaning instructions below to take care of your faux suede couch.

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Step 1: Vacuum the Couch

Utilizing an upholstery brush attachment, thoroughly vacuum the entire couch. Ensure that you clean all of the nooks and crannies where debris and dust frequently accumulate.

Step 2: Make a Sudsy Cleaner

Make a cleaning solution (in a bucket or basin) by mixing 1 part liquid dish soap with 6 parts water, depending on the size of the couch. Since this will be used for the cleaning process, whisk it thoroughly to create a thick layer of suds.

Step 3: Clean With a Brush

How to Clean a Faux Suede Couch? 4 Simple Steps

Scoop up some of the suds in your palm (without touching the water), spread them over a small area of the couch, and then scrub it with a suede brush or soft upholstery brush.

Working your way down from the couch’s highest point to the armrests at the bottom, start at the highest point. To avoid spreading dirt, rinse the brush frequently; when doing so, be sure to shake off as much extra water as possible.

NOTE: If the suds in the bucket start to evaporate during that time, add a tiny amount of liquid dishwashing detergent and whisk once more. Before adding more soap, make sure the water is still clean or needs to be replaced.

Step 4: Wipe the Couch

Use a clean, lightly damp microfiber cloth to wipe the couch to remove the cleaning agent. To reuse the cloth, make sure to completely wring it out before rinsing it out again if it becomes soapy.

Allow the couch to air dry; ideally, do this in a room with active ceiling fans to hasten the process.

Tips for Cleaning Your Faux Suede Couch

Suede is leather that has had one side sanded or buffed to create a nap. Because it is softer and more delicate than other types of leather, it is more likely to become soiled and stained. To clean your natural or faux suede couch, follow these tips:

  • Vacuum the couch regularly using the soft brush attachment. By doing so, you’ll be able to get rid of dust and dirt before they have a chance to get between the suede fibers.
  • Spot clean spills as soon as they happen using a clean, white cloth dampened with water or a mild soap solution. Dry the area with a different white, clean cloth after blotting the spill until it has been absorbed.
  • Deep clean the couch every few months using a suede cleaner or a solution of water and white vinegar. With a soft brush, apply the cleaner; then, remove it with a damp cloth. Before using the couch again, let it completely dry by air.
How to Clean a Faux Suede Couch? 4 Simple Steps

What Are Cleaning Codes?

Cleaning codes and/or washing symbols serve as written instructions when there aren’t any for cleaning particular materials. They resemble the brief “dos and don’ts” listed on the care tag for the fabric.

Here are the cleaning codes you must be aware of when cleaning a suede sofa/couch:

  • W – This suggests that it is possible to use cleaning agents with a water base.
  • S – Water-based cleaners should be avoided and dry-cleaning solvents must be used.
  • X – There is no suitable cleaning agent; only vacuuming and wiping with a dry cloth are suggested, or professional cleaning techniques.
  • W-S – You can use water-based solvents or dry cleaning.

You can now move on to step-by-step instructions for cleaning your suede couch while keeping the important information mentioned above firmly in mind.

Conclusion: Clean a Faux Suede Couch

Given its fragility, faux suede requires delicate cleaning. Dust or other debris can be removed from the couch using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Treat any stains with a mild soap and water mixture if there are any.

Use a soft scrub brush to give the faux suede fabric a gentle rub once it feels completely dry to the touch. By fluffing the fibers, the faux suede will feel soft and appear brand-new once more.


Can You Wash Faux Suede Sofa?

Most faux suede couches and sofas can be cleaned with water-based cleaners, however, it’s important to check the label to ensure that the couch does, indeed, have a ‘Cleaning code W, or W-S.

Is Faux Suede Furniture Easy to Clean?

Yes, both natural suede and faux suede couches are easy to clean, provided you take care of the fabric properly.

Does Faux Suede Need to Be Dry-cleaned?

Many people find it difficult to clean faux suede because they are unsure of what cleaning products are safe to use on it. As faux suede is a microfibre it can be wet cleaned with a mild prespray like Prespray Gold.

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