How to Clean a Suede Hat Without Ruining It?
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How to Clean a Suede Hat Without Ruining It? Easy Steps

You must have a dirty suede hat at home! But how to clean it? This blog is going to tell you a tutorial on cleaning your suede hat.

We appear to never clean leather and suede hats because of their exquisite nature. While some people think cleaning suede leather is unnecessary, others think cleaning suede hats will cause them to lose their good qualities.

So how to clean a suede hat? You can use a suede brush to brush the dirt on your hat first. The suede nap will not mat if you use this brush once a week to remove dirt.

Read on to learn the steps to clean your suede hat.

How to Clean a Suede Hat?

The supple underside of split-grain animal hide is where natural suede leather originates. It is easily stained because of its nappy finish. For suede accessories like hats and jackets, you must adhere to specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Nubuck suede leather has a similar appearance to genuine suede. It is made from the top layer of the animal’s hide and is typically buffed and sanded to create a smooth, velvet-like leather finish. Nubuck requires similar maintenance and cleaning techniques to natural suede, but professional cleaning is necessary to remove stains.

  1. It is best to treat your suede hat with a spray-on suede and nubuck protector as soon as you get it if you intend to wear it frequently. As its name suggests, this product will assist in preventing moisture buildup and staining.
  2. To maintain the hat’s best appearance, use a soft bristle brush. Use the cleaning kits that are typically included with hats on a regular basis to remove fine dust and other debris from the surface.
  3. An emery cloth works well for buffing and raising the nap on matter areas of a suede hat.
  4. Talcum powder or cornstarch can be used to get rid of oily stains. For the powder to completely absorb the oil from the stain, let it sit on the stain for a few hours. Once all stains have disappeared, just brush the powder away.
  5. Spot cleaning is advised for stains that are difficult to remove. Use a solution of water and mild detergent. Use a white, clean cloth dipped in water to rinse the mixture. To restore the nap, let the hat and brush air dry.
  6. Avoid getting your suede hat too wet. (Check out Is Suede Waterproof?) Shake off the extra water, then let it air dry. In order to avoid shrinking and brim misalignment, dry on a hat form. Once it has dried, you can brush the surface to bring back the nap.
How to Clean a Suede Hat Without Ruining It?

Here is how to clean other suede items:

How to Remove Stains from Your Suede Hat?

Sweat or motor oil can stain your suede hat, so we’ve provided instructions on how to clean up spills on your suede hat.

Oily Stains on Suede Leather

  • Talc or cornstarch can be used to remove oily stains from suede leather. After applying the powder, let it sit for a few hours. Once the stain has been absorbed, remove the powder by brushing. Sweat stains are not compatible with this.
  • To get rid of dry stains, you might also try using a suede eraser bar. These are offered for purchase along with soft bristle brushes in cleaning kits labeled “Suede and Nubuck.” Observe the Suede Eraser’s recommended use guidelines.

Stubborn Stains and Sweat Stains

  • Spot cleaning with water, a mild detergent, and stubborn stains from sweat is recommended.
  • Warm water should be added to baby shampoo in a 1:15 ratio. Use a suede brush to gently scrub the area. After using a damp cloth to clean the area, let the hat air dry flat.
  • Using a suede brush to maintain the suede nap after drying is advised. Before putting your hat away or wearing it, make sure it is completely dry.

How to Store Leather Hats?

A lot of issues can be avoided by storing your hat properly. stored away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry environment. Avoid any area with a lot of moisture, even a closet close to the bathroom.

Use a hat box or cover the hat with a cotton sheet or cloth garment bag if dust is a concern. Never store anything in a plastic bag that could trap moisture, encourage mildew, or result in the fading of white leather items.

Conclusion: Clean a Suede Hat

We advise you to clean your suede hat once a week. By doing this, you can prevent dirt from accumulating and keep your hat looking great. Suède-specific conditioners are designed to be applied to suede; for the best advice on how to hydrate your suede hat, refer to the directions on your suede conditioner.

You can give your old faithful a new lease of life now that you are aware of the proper cleaning and maintenance methods for leather and suede hats.


What Can I Use to Clean a Suede Hat?

For very tough stains, spot treats with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Wipe the area clean with a white cloth dipped in water to rinse. After letting it air dry, brush it to bring back the nap. Avert getting your suede hat too wet.

Is It OK to Wash Suede?

Suede can sometimes be cleaned with a damp cloth, but you should never completely soak it in water. It may become stained and harmed if you do this. Since most suedes are porous and absorb water, they cannot be washed in a washing machine.

Why is Suede So Hard to Clean?

Although suede has a soft, velvety feel that is appealing, it is also challenging to clean. Its open-pored surface is prone to scuffing and smearing.

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