How to Clean a Suede Jacket? Keep It Fresh and Pristine
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How to Clean a Suede Jacket? Keep It Fresh and Pristine

We are here to tell you that you do not have to be worried about suede! By following this easy guide, you can clean a suede jacket to look good for yourself.

Despite having a great appearance, suede can be challenging to maintain. It is well known for being easily scratched, stained, and especially moist.

A professional dry cleaner with expertise in leather care must perform an overall deep cleaning of items made of genuine suede. However, simple suede brush cleaning can be done at home, and depending on the stain type, you might be able to remove some minor stains on your own.

The best way to clean a suede jacket at home is described here. Everything you need to know about cleaning a suede leather jacket will be covered in this article.

How to Clean a Suede Jacket?

Compared to leather, suede is a much more delicate material, so you should always take extra precautions to keep your suede jacket clean. Your jacket should look its best at all times with regular light cleaning.

Use a Suede Brush Or Sponge to Remove Dirt

Your suede jacket should be cleaned with a sponge or brush. For small areas like the cuffs and collar, a suede brush will work better, while a sponge can be used for bigger areas. Make sure the sponge you’re using isn’t too abrasive to avoid scratching your jacket. Dust and other debris can be removed from your jacket using a soft brush or sponge.

How to Clean a Suede Jacket? Keep It Fresh and Pristine

Clean Stains With Baking Soda

Apply the baking soda with a damp cloth and rub it into the stain to remove stains from a suede jacket. Rinse with fresh water after allowing the baking soda to sit for five minutes. If necessary, repeat the process until all stains are removed. When it comes to suede jackets, avoid using this technique if they have colorfastness issues (i.e., they bleed).

Use Baby Powder Or Cornstarch

To remove grease stains from suede, you’ll need a soft-bristle brush or sponge, baby powder or cornstarch, and a dry cloth. When the baby powder and water are combined, the mixture should resemble the paste. Apply the mixture to the stain on your jacket by dipping your brush into it.

Remove any extra powder with a different cloth after letting it sit for five minutes. After doing this twice more (once every five minutes), if the stain is still present, you should take your jacket to a professional cleaner for additional treatment.

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How to Clean a Suede Jacket Collar?

No matter how carefully you take care of your suede jacket, the collar will probably get dirty eventually. Apply cornstarch or baking soda to the collar and let sit overnight to soak up any grease or stains.

The collar should then be brushed with a stiff brush, followed by another pass if required. Additionally, you can purchase cleaning kits for suede or nubuck that come with an eraser and a firm brush. Use the eraser to rub the stain, then use the brush to get rid of the leftover substance.

Should You Get Your Suede Leather Jacket Professionally Cleaned?

Although you might be able to clean your favorite suede jacket at home, you might prefer to have a professional clean it. In comparison to the supplies required to clean your suede jacket at home, professional cleaning will cost more.

How to Clean a Suede Jacket? Keep It Fresh and Pristine

Being a delicate fabric, suede can only be cleaned using a suede-specific brush or sponge. It should only be professionally dry-cleaned if you are concerned about preserving its color or structure because it is also vulnerable to damage from harsh cleaning agents.

Can You Put a Suede Jacket in the Washing Machine?

A suede or leather jacket should never be fully submerged in water, and it should never be put in a washing machine, according to any leather expert. However, you can find videos online where people claim that they successfully cleaned their suede jackets without any shrinkage.

Leather loses its natural oils when exposed to water, and shrinkage is almost certainly the result. If the jacket is heavily soiled and it’s a case of washing machine or bin, then clearly you have nothing to lose, but if this an expensive much-prized garment you should always send it to a specialist cleaner.

If you do decide to machine wash the item, make sure to flip it inside out, use a warm wash cycle, and dry it slowly.

How Often to Clean a Suede Jacket?

Use a soft-bristled suede brush on the surface to remove any loose dirt and dust after each wearing or at least once a week. Regular brushing can help put off the need for cleaning services.

Allow the wet suede to slowly dry away from heat or sunlight if you are caught in the rain. You can then use the suede brush to raise any areas where the fabric has been crushed.

If a suede coat starts to smell like sweat or has noticeable stains, it should be cleaned by a professional. Every time the season is over, the coat needs to be cleaned before being stored.

How to Wash a Suede Jacket at Home?

How to Clean a Suede Jacket? Keep It Fresh and Pristine

Although it is possible to successfully wash a suede jacket, there is always a chance that the jacket will be harmed. The Suede should always be dry-cleaned.

Washing the jacket by hand in cool water with a mild detergent will give you the best chance of success. Before letting the jacket dry naturally, give it a thorough rinse. Rather than wringing it out, use a towel to absorb as much water as you can.

Suede Leather Jacket Cleaner

Commercially, a variety of suede cleaners are offered. Always test on an obscure area first and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Suede Jacket Stain Remover

There are a number of methods you can employ to clean stains from suede. A suede brush and some water may be sufficient for minor stains; for more significant stains, try using some distilled vinegar.

Like a suede eraser, a clean pencil eraser will also function. Stains can be effectively removed with a wide variety of commercially available products; these typically take the form of lotions or erasers.

Tips for Keeping Suede Jackets Clean

  • To stop body oils from transferring to the coat’s interior collar, wrap a scarf around it.
  • While there are sprays made to make suede stain and water resistant, you should always test them on a hidden interior area first because they might change the suede’s texture and color.
  • Never let suede stay wet for an extended period of time. The coat should be hung up to air-dry slowly.
  • As quickly as you can, take a stained suede coat to a dry cleaner. The stain will be more challenging to remove the longer it sits on the suede.
  • Rub alcohol applied to the stain and then blot may help to dissolve and loosen it for really tough stains.

Conclusion: Clean a Suede Jacket

Be thankful that you now have the information and resources necessary to restore the brand-new appearance of your suede leather jacket. While it might seem like a lot of work, if you have the right supplies on hand, you can clean your jacket quickly.

However, keep in mind that some coats might not actually be made of natural suede but rather appear to be (microsuede). Despite the fact that some synthetic suedes can be machine washed, always read the care label.


Do You Dry Clean Suede Jackets?

Although suede can be used to create many lovely garments, it also needs delicate care to maintain its good looks. Most articles of suede clothing cannot be properly washed with traditional machines and must be dry cleaned instead.

Can You Get a Suede Jacket Wet?

The Suede is not waterproof. The delicate work of art that is your suede should not be exposed to rain. Even treated suede ought to stay dry; however, we do not advise waterproofing or weatherproofing.

How Do You Clean a Smelly Suede Jacket?

It can develop a musty smell because it is also prone to mold and mildew. White vinegar saves the day once more! Acetic acid, a naturally occurring deodorizer, is a component of vinegar. Dampen a cloth or rag in undiluted white distilled vinegar and wipe down the suede following the grain.

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