How to Clean a Suede Purse? Easy Steps
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How to Clean a Suede Purse? Easy Steps

In this article, I’ll go over the steps to clean a suede purse to keep it in pristine condition as well as how to shield it from future stains and damage.

If you’ve ever had to clean a suede bag and got water stains, dirt that spread to other areas of the bag, or completely ruined the shape of the bag, cleaning suede bags can be particularly frightening.

Fortunately, with the right equipment and methods, restoring your favorite suede handbag to its original beauty can be quick, simple, and painless! Keep your suede handbag tidy by following these instructions.

How to Clean a Suede Purse?

  1. Remove excess dirt: Remove any extra dirt that is lingering on the leather’s surface using a clean, dry cloth. Avoid rubbing too vigorously because this is one of the most common ways for people to ruin their suede. You must use the least amount of force possible when removing stains from this fabric in order to protect the delicate fibers that make up the lush surface.
  2. Use a brush for hard dirt: You can purchase specialized brushes from leather shops that are made to assist in removing dried-on dirt stains from suede. You cannot use a regular brush because the leather will be damaged by the hard, robust hairs of the brush. You should brush repeatedly in the same direction. Don’t circle your brush!
  3. Apply a simple cleaning solution: White vinegar and rubbing alcohol are two of the best homemade suede bag cleaning solutions. These liquids are excellent for removing stains that have already set in because they don’t leave marks on suede-like water would. Then, wait until the surface is completely dry before using the item again to rub them in.
  4. Brush the suede up again: Using your special suede brush, give the leather a thorough brushing after it has completely dried. As you brush away at the surface, you should see a lot more dirt falling off.
  5. Rub in conditioner (optional): Rub in some suede conditioner if you want your suede leather to get back to its best state as quickly as possible. To get the best results, only use supplies from a reputable leather shop.
How to Clean a Suede Purse? Easy Steps

How to Clean Stubborn Stains on Your Suede Purse?

Can you use the washing machine to clean a suede handbag? We don’t advise it. Most purses have another material somewhere on the bag even if you can’t see it and most of them are not suitable for being put in a washing machine.

Can a suede handbag be dry-cleaned?

Yes, it might be time for a professional suede bag cleaning if you discover that you have a stubborn stain that you are unable to get rid of despite trying the aforementioned methods. You might be able to get your bag back to perfect condition by using a local dry cleaner or expert suede cleaner.

In comparison to the aforementioned DIY methods, dry cleaning is undoubtedly more expensive, but it’s preferable to having to buy a new purse. Professional cleaning once in a while can also keep your suede goods looking brand new.

How to Clean Grease Stains on Your Suede Purse?

Suede can be difficult to get rid of grease stains from, but it is undoubtedly possible with the right tools and methods. Start by using a clean cloth or piece of tissue to absorb any extra grease.

Next, lightly cover the stained area with talcum powder or cornstarch and leave it alone for several hours overnight. Talcum powder will assist in absorbing some of the greases and facilitate cleaning.

Use a dry brush to remove the powder after the talcum powder has had a chance to do its magic. The last step is to get rid of any lingering, difficult stains with a suede eraser or a fresh pencil eraser.

After the stain has been taken out, brush the suede back up with a brush.

How to Clean Ink Stains on Your Suede Purse?

How to Clean a Suede Purse? Easy Steps

Do not become alarmed if an ink stain appears on your suede handbag. It’s crucial to get rid of ink stains quickly before they dry.

As with a grease stain, begin by blotting the stained area with a dry cloth. Any extra ink will be removed and stopped from spreading by doing this.

After that, blot the stained area with a cloth or paper towel that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol. Use a dry paper towel to blot the stain after that. Till the stain disappears, keep doing this. Before brushing the bag after the stain has been eliminated, let it dry completely.

How to Clean Water Stains on Your Suede Purse?

Even though water stains on your suede handbag can be extremely annoying, it’s fortunately not impossible to get them out. Ironically, using water to remove water stains is one of the best methods.

While you don’t want the suede to be soaking wet, you can use a clean, dampened cloth to blot water stains across the entire surface of the suede material.

Before using a brush to revive the suede on your bag, let it completely dry and brush it up in a straight line rather than in circles.

Conclusion: Clean a Suede Purse

To keep your suede handbag looking its best, you should regularly clean general dirt and debris from suede items. The cleaning procedure is quick and simple. You can prolong the appearance of your suede clothing by using this quick technique!


Can You Dry Clean Suede Bags?

So rather than explaining how to clean a suede bag, let us first explain what not to do, which would be to use water. Suede is expensive; so, the best way to clean suede would always be to give it to experienced people, like dry cleaning services, for example.

How Do You Clean a Suede Purse With Vinegar?

Rubbing alcohols and vinegar are safe to use on suede because they can help the fabric look newer after it has become dull or dirty. Pour a small amount onto a clean cloth, just enough to make the cloth damp, and then proceed to rub the suede with the cloth to clean it.

Can Suede Get Wet?

Yes, suede shoes can get wet and still be wearable. You need to take care of them right away to avoid damage. Avoid wearing suede shoes at all costs if it’s going to rain or if you think they might get wet.

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