How to Clean Crepe Fabric? Care Tips for Crepe
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How to Clean Crepe Fabric? Care Tips for Crepe

Crepe fabric is delicate so you need to treat it with much care. Here are some care tips on how to clean crepe fabric.

Wool, polyester, or silk crepe fabric are all options. Usually used for clothing, the fabric has a crimped appearance. The delicate silk crepe should always be dry cleaned, and wool or polyester fabrics can also be dry cleaned, but if you wash your own properly, you can also hand wash them.

Keep reading to find out how to clean crepe fabric.

How to Clean Crepe Fabric?

Follow these care tips if you are cleaning your crepe garments at home:

  • Handwash the garment with cool water and thoroughly rinse it if the care label says it is safe to do so. The safest method for cleaning crepe is by hand washing.
  • Turn the item inside out, put it in a mesh bag, and then use the delicate cycle, cold water, and low spin if you’d rather machine wash it.
  • After washing your item, gently press the water out of the fabric. Never wring out the clothing.
  • Consistently let your clothing air dry. Drying your clothing in the tumble dryer could cause irreparable damage.

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Tips on Cleaning Crepe Fabric

How to Clean Crepe Fabric? Care Tips for Crepe
  • Due to its fiber composition, most crepe garments are “Dryclean Only.”
  • When exposed to moisture, crepe is incredibly prone to shrinking. For crepes made of wool, silk, or rayon in particular, this is valid. Localized shrinkage may also occur after home stain removal on crepe clothing.
  • Use cool water, rinse the item thoroughly, and lightly extract if the care label indicates that washing the item is safe. Do not tumble dry; instead, air dry.
  • Typically, blocking is needed to restore the fabric to its original shape before finishing.

Care Tips for Crepe Garments

  • Usually, after being washed and dried, crepe wrinkles. The best and safest method to eliminate wrinkles from a garment is to steam it.
  • The fabric must typically be blocked before finishing in order to restore its original shape.
  • Crepe shrinks a great deal when it is exposed to moisture. For crepes made of wool, silk, or rayon, this is especially true. Crepe clothing may experience localized shrinkage after home stain removal. Apply a tried-and-true stain remover or wash & stain bar gently if your clothing has stains.
  • You can use a soft fabric spritz to freshen the clothing in between wearings.
  • Make sure the item is clean before storing it, and then place it in a breathable cotton storage bag.

Final Words: Clean Crepe Fabric

Hand washing is the ideal method for cleaning crepe fabric. They can also be machine-washed, but you must turn them inside out first. Following that, place them in a mesh laundry bag and wash them on a delicate cycle with cold water and a low spin.

Once the fabric has been thoroughly cleaned, gently press the item to remove any remaining water. Never wring crepe fabric.


Does Crepe Fabric Wrinkle Easily?

Crepe fabrics may or may not wrinkle depending on the type of fabric they are made of.

Can Crepe Fabric Be Ironed?

Crepe fabric can be ironed. Crepe fabrics are not wrinkle-resistant, so they are likely to wrinkle, particularly after washing. Steaming the fabric is the best and safest way to remove this wrinkle.

Is Crepe Easy to Clean?

Cotton crepes can be quickly removed after drying and cleaned at home with a gentle wash. The care label on your item should have detailed instructions.

What Care is Needed of Crepe Fabric?

Most crêpe needs to be dry cleaned and will shrink significantly when washed in a washing machine. Crêpe can occasionally be hand-washed in cold water and then laid flat to dry.

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