How to Clean Faux Suede Shoes? 8 Steps & 5 Tricks
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How to Clean Faux Suede Shoes? 8 Steps & 5 Tricks

This article contains all the steps and tricks you need to successfully clean faux suede shoes at home.

Though faux suede is less expensive and suitable for vegans, it still has the same polished and fashionable appearance as real suede. Faux suede exhibits scuffs and marks very visibly, just like real suede does.

Even though you’ve had them for a while—perhaps even years—proper cleaning and maintenance can make them appear to be brand new. Check out the tips and tricks below on how to clean faux suede shoes. 

How to Clean Faux Suede Shoes?

Despite its durability, faux suede is porous and susceptible to stains and dirt. However, this fabric can be kept looking brand-new for years with routine cleaning and maintenance.

Here, are some steps you should do to make your faux suede shoes dirt free:

Step 1: Check the Labels

Checking the labels must be your first step. The best thing to do is to follow the care instructions provided by the various faux suede manufacturers. Although not all shoe boxes might have care labels. In that case, simply assume that the general suede care instructions apply and begin with step two.

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Step 2: Remove the Excess Soil

A dry pair of shoes should be checked. You will spread the soil all over if the shoes are not completely dry. Next, using a suede brush and small circular motions, brush off all the excess mud and dirt from the shoes. Any shoe-cleaning supply store will have the suede brush readily available.

If you are unable to locate a suede brush, you can use an old toothbrush with soft bristles to achieve the same results.

How to Clean Faux Suede Shoes? 8 Steps & 5 Tricks

Step 3: Remove Stubborn Stains

If the dirt is soiled and stuck to the shoes, lightly brush it in a small circular motion after wetting the brush with warm water. It will assist in removing the surface-attached soil from the shoes.

Step 4: Clean the Shoes With Cleaner

After removing the dirt, use a cotton cloth and synthetic suede cleaning solution to clean the heavily soiled area. Alternatively, you can make your own cleaning solution using mild soap and water. Use cold water to dampen the fabric, then thoroughly wring it out. Add a small amount of the suede cleaner or mild soap to the cotton cloth.

To make sure the colorant won’t alter the color of your actual shoes, test the cleaner near the heel before applying it directly to the fabric of the shoe. With the soapy cloth, gently rub the stain.

You can also use dishwashing soap to get rid of the stains if mild soap fails to do so. The removal of oil-based stains can be aided by dishwashing soap. Rub the shoes with the cleaning solution once more. To avoid leaving a watermark, evenly cover the shoes.

Step 5: Take-Off the Cleaner

Use a dampened cloth to wipe the stain to remove the cleaner. With a dry cloth, blot it after patting it repeatedly with a wet one. Continue until the stain is completely removed.

Step 6: Air-Dry the Shoes

Keep the shoes so they can air dry. If the shoes have been correctly dried with a cloth, it will take about 30 to 40 minutes. Otherwise, drying may take up to 24 hours.

How to Clean Faux Suede Shoes? 8 Steps & 5 Tricks

Step 7: Final Brush-Up

After your shoe has completely dried, give it a thorough brushing with a dry suede brush. Any buried dirt or soil will be eliminated. in addition to raising the fiber’s bristles.

Step 8: Usage of Stain-Repellent Spray

Your shoes will already appear brand new after completing step 6. Use the stain-repellent spray on the shoe to prevent additional stains.

Shoes are shielded from mud and water by these sprays. Spray at least one foot away to ensure that the protection is distributed evenly throughout the shoes rather than being concentrated in a few small spots. Spraying the repellent in one spot for a long time may result in dark spots appearing on the shoes, so take care.

How Do You Protect Fake Suede?

Faux suede shoes are a good example of where prevention is superior to cure. You must acquire shoe maintenance skills if you want to extend the lifespan of your faux suede footwear.

Investing in a water-repellant and stain-repellent spray might be a good idea if you don’t have the time to clean your faux suede shoes on a weekly basis. These sprays have a silicon base. To shield them from water and stains, silicon joins the faux suede material.

Before using waterproofing sprays on all of your shoes, it’s a good idea to test them out first. Spray-on waterproofing solutions have an impact on suede in different ways.

How to Clean Faux Suede Shoes? 8 Steps & 5 Tricks

Spray some waterproofing solution on a fresh, lint-free cloth or rag to see if it works. After that, lightly pat the cloth over a small patch of the shoe’s back. Check to see if the faux suede fabric fades or takes on an odd appearance after a few minutes.

Consequently, the spray is incompatible if it does. Find out from others what waterproofing sprays work well and work well together.

Precautions While Wiping Faux Suede

  • Before applying repellent or using the cleanser, always conduct a patch test.
  • Use just a small amount of cleaner or spray; using too much can harm the fabric of the shoes and alter their color.
  • When brushing the shoe, use extreme caution to avoid damaging the material.)
  • Cover ornamentation and the clasp in the shoe when using repellent sprays. Otherwise, you will end up destroying your
  • When waterproofing the shoes, put on gloves and a facemask to prevent chemical inhalation.
  • Although suede has a slight autumnal feel to it, you can wear them in any other season with a pair of casual chinos. But the rainy season is the only time of year suede is not a good idea to wear.

Tricks for Cleaning Faux Suede Shoes

Similar to how you would clean genuine suede, you can clean fake suede. In other words, if you’ve ever owned and cleaned a pair of suede shoes, like suede Timberlands, this will call for a similar strategy.

Suede Brush

Suede Brush

Although a soft toothbrush will work just as well, it might be a good idea to buy a suede brush if you own a few pairs of shoes or other items made of real or faux suede. This brush won’t harm the fibers like other types of brushes might.

Your first choice, whenever you need to remove dirt or stains from anything, should always be a suede brush. It makes it very simple to remove any debris and dried mud, and it also helps to minimize any marks.

Make sure your shoes are dry first. If not, wait until they are fully dry before using the suede brush to prevent smearing dirt all over the place. Beginning at the bottom and gradually moving up to the top, brush the shoes.

A suede brush won’t remove deep, dry, or old stains, but it can still lighten them before you take additional steps to fully remove them.


Suede Eraser

You can’t go back in time and undo mistakes you’ve made in life, but you might be able to use a clean eraser to fix a mistake or two regarding your faux suede shoes. You just need to gently rub the eraser over the mark or scuff until it disappears. Use the suede brush to raise the fibers once more after you’ve finished using the eraser.

Make sure the eraser is clean to avoid spreading more mud on the shoes and creating a bigger mess.

Suede Cleaner

Suede Cleaner

Using a cleaner made especially for suede is the most sensible and likely simplest way to clean faux suede shoes. With a suede cleaner, the material is cleaned and nourished at the same time, becoming supple and kind to the touch.

First, comb the faux suede material in the opposite direction of the fibers using a brush. The sponge is the next thing you’ll need. Dampen it in cold water, squeeze it well, and then dab a little of the cleaner onto it. Then start at the top and gently work your way down the shoes with the cleaner.

Allow your shoes to dry naturally; it might take up to 24 hours. Use a suede brush or a fresh toothbrush to comb the suede back into position to complete the task.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup Remover Wipes

When you own several pairs of suede or faux suede shoes, it is a good idea to keep a suede cleaner on hand, but you can also try removing stains with makeup remover wipes, which most women will have in their cosmetic bags.

From the top down, simply rub the shoes with makeup removal wipes. Just keep in mind to wipe gently against the fibers. Once you’re done, let them dry before giving them a suede brushing.

Homemade Cleaner

If you don’t have any makeup remover or suede cleaner at home, you can make your own homemade faux suede shoe-cleaning solution using mild dish soap and cold water. A few drops of dish soap and cold water should be added to a bowl. There shouldn’t be any coloration of the water; just enough to make foam.

After thoroughly combining the water and soap with a toothbrush, apply the solution in small circular motions to the stains. Following your cleaning session, remove any extra foam with a clean cloth and allow your shoes to air dry. To raise the fibers, use a suede brush after the shoes have dried completely.

Conclusion: Clean Faux Suede Shoes

Although faux suede shoes are less expensive than real suede shoes, you should still take care of them. To make their faux suede shoes last longer, many people want to learn how to properly clean them. The good news is that cleaning them can sometimes be very simple.

The knowledge needed to properly clean your faux suede shoes is provided in this article. Your shoes will once again look brand new if you simply follow these instructions.


Can You Wash Faux Suede Shoes in the Washing Machine?

The raised fibers and the material itself can be damaged if the shoes are washed in a washing machine because faux suede is a very delicate material, just like real suede. The short answer is that you should stick to the above methods.

Is Faux Suede Waterproof?

The majority of faux suede is waterproof, but not all of it does. The method I previously mentioned can be used to apply waterproofing spray to your suede shoes.

How Do You Get Scuffs Out of Faux Suede Shoes?

Walking on a muddy road will almost certainly leave scuff marks. First, use a suede brush to brush the shoes. In order to lift the fibers, use a brush once more after using an eraser to remove the scuff marks.

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