How to Clean Linen Upholstery Properly? Keep It New

How to Clean Linen Upholstery Properly? Keep It New

Learn how to properly clean linen upholstery and fabric to keep it looking stylish, new, and clean. Your linen sofa will love you forever if you use our top cleaning advice.

It pays to be picky about the fabric when looking for a high-quality sofa because you’ll probably spend a lot of time trying to keep it clean and free of stains. Although there are a dizzying array of available styles and materials, linen adds a sophisticated aesthetic to the home and can last a lifetime.

We have all the information you need on cleaning linen upholstery and keeping your living room or bedroom furniture in pristine condition if you have made your own linen sofa covers, soft furnishings, or cushions and are wondering how to clean them without harming the fabric.

How to Clean Linen Upholstery?

You only need to occasionally brush or vacuum linen to keep it clean on a daily basis.

Consider rotating your linen around the room so that it’s not always exposed to direct sunlight, or keep your blinds drawn throughout the day as direct sunlight is known to damage linen.

If you want to freshen up your linen, you should think about using a spray or mist made specifically for the material, or you could sprinkle some baking soda on your couch and let it sit for a while before vacuuming it up. Any smells or light stains should vanish as a result.

Water and a damp cloth should work to remove larger stains. Be careful when using store-bought cleaners because they may cause more harm if you rub the stain.

Cleaning upholstery fabrics needs some tips, and it is important to clean upholstery fabrics before using them for the first time, but don’t worry, we have provided you with a Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Guide. It can tell you how to clean different types of upholstery fabrics.

How to Clean Linen Upholstery Properly? Keep It New

Don’t Rub Stains Or Spills

How can a linen couch be cleaned safely? If something spills on your furniture, wipe it off with a fresh, damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the stain into the fabric with the cloth as this will make it much more difficult to remove and could harm the fabric’s surface.

Gently dab and lift the stains to achieve the best results. Since darker linens are more heavily dyed, it is important to keep this in mind when spot cleaning to prevent a lighter patch from developing from the dye lifting.

Use a Mild Soap Or Detergent

What can I do to get stains out of my linen furniture? Use a mild detergent for spills and stains that are a little more difficult to remove, but keep in mind to lift the stain rather than scrub it.

Never use a scourer because it will harm the linen’s surface. Use a flannel or a sponge’s soft side; both should be white or very light in color.

Bicarbonate of soda is a good alternative as well for assisting in the removal of stubborn stains from the fabric. Sprinkle on the stain, vacuum it up, and then dab the stain with a clean, damp cloth.

Keep Your Linen Away from Direct Sunlight

What is the best procedure for caring for linen fabric sofa upholstery when it comes to sunlight? Due to the possibility of sun damage, linen furniture should not be placed in areas with direct sunlight.

If you plan to place your linen sofa in a conservatory, be sure to install blinds or curtains on the windows to block out direct sunlight. In order to avoid any obvious fading in your living room, we advise selecting lighter-colored linen.

Machine Wash Linen Fabric at 30 Degrees Or Less

How to Clean Linen Upholstery Properly? Keep It New

Do linen couch covers wash well? We strongly advise dry cleaning or professional cleaning for sofa covers. However, some sofas with removable covers can have their covers removed and washed in the washing machine.

In order to prevent the fabric from shrinking, linen covers should be washed at 30 degrees or lower and on a slow spin cycle. As soon as the wash cycle is complete, remove the covers from the machine to minimize creasing.

Be careful not to use pegs or clips that will pinch and mark the fabric when hanging the covers outside to dry over a clothes horse.

Use a warm iron or a steamer to eliminate any obstinate creases. To maintain its shape, immediately reposition the cover once it is nearly dry (do not place it in a tumble dryer). If you have more than one piece, make sure to wash each cover separately to preserve the uniformity of color.

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Can You Wash Linen Couch Covers?

We strongly advise dry cleaning or having sofa covers cleaned by a professional. Some sofas with removable covers can, however, have their covers removed and washed in the washing machine. Linen covers should be washed at 30 degrees or less, and on a slow spin cycle so as not to shrink the material.

To prevent creasing as much as possible, remove the covers from the washer as soon as the wash is finished. Be careful not to use pegs or clips that will pinch and mark the fabric when hanging the covers out to dry over a clothes horse.

Use a warm iron or a steamer to eliminate any obstinate creases. Put the cover back on the sofa as soon as it is nearly dry to preserve its shape (do not place it in a tumble dryer). If you have more than one piece, be sure to wash all the covers to maintain the color consistency.

How to Clean Removable Linen Fabric Loose Covers?

It’s crucial to routinely vacuum-clean the surface of any type of linen upholstery. By doing so, mud and grime are kept from pressing into the fabric’s fibers and becoming much more difficult to remove.

To get rid of surface dust and dirt, you can also brush. You will need to wash your loose covers if this didn’t get the job done or didn’t get the stain out completely.


In order to clean up spills, remove the slipcovers and place some old paper towels or kitchen towels underneath.

Use a pre-wash stain remover on the stain to treat it. The removal of stains from fabric can be accomplished with a sprinkle of baking soda or a white vinegar solution, and there are also commercial stain removal products sold in stores.

Apply stain remover gently, dabbing inwards toward the center of the mark (don’t rub). This prevents the stain from deepening or spreading. Before treating a visible area of fabric, test the fabric’s colorfastness and make sure there is no damage.

How to Clean Linen Upholstery Properly? Keep It New

According to the care instructions for the fabric, use a mild detergent on a cool (not hot or cold) machine wash. If your linen fabric is white or cream, use sunlight as an additional bleaching agent before hanging it to air dry after washing. If you want to get rid of any natural wrinkles, iron while the fabric is still damp.

Check that your upholstery fabric has been pre-washed to avoid shrinking because some linen fabrics may do so after washing.

How to Clean Washable Linen?

Use a gentle spin cycle and lukewarm or cold water when washing linen, along with a mild liquid detergent. Make sure to thoroughly rinse it to get rid of any detergent residue that might have caused the age spots. As bleach will weaken the fibers and affect the color, be sure to avoid it at all costs.

If using a dryer, set it to a low setting or hang the linen outside to air dry. The best thing about linen is that it creases naturally; you don’t need to iron it. In fact, the aesthetic is improved by having more creases!

Tips for Spot Cleaning Fixed Linen Upholstery

Spot cleaning is the best method of removing stains and marks from your covers if you are unable to remove your linen upholstery. It goes without saying that fixed cover upholstery cannot be cleaned by dry cleaning.

If in doubt, contact a reputable upholstery cleaner; you’ve spent money on the covers and don’t want to ruin your linen couch. Long-term cost savings may result from this.

When choosing upholstery fabric, opt for darker hues that won’t show dirt as much as white or pale tones because cleaning upholstered fabric can be difficult. To avoid damaging the fabric, test the cleaning product on a hidden area first. However, some cleaning products may remove some dye and lighten your linen fabric.

Apply a small amount of mild detergent or a commercial sofa cleaning solution, on a light-colored damp cloth or sponge, to the stain or mark on the covers if you’re determined to clean your linen upholstery yourself. Work it inward, being careful not to rub the linen upholstery fabric any deeper.

Although it can be difficult, removing stains from upholstery is not impossible. Here are some guides you can follow to clean different stains from upholstery:

How to Clean Linen Furniture?

Thankfully, cleaning linen is quite simple and easy, but you must be prepared if you don’t want to permanently damage the fabric or shrink it.

Vacuum Regularly

Maintaining it with a straightforward cleaning schedule is one of the best ways to stop linen from becoming so soiled that a professional is required to get involved. Vacuuming frequently is one of the best ways to keep your linen furniture looking fresh and lovely.

Stain Proofing

Although removing stains from linen can be simple, it is simpler to avoid dealing with them in the first place. You can use a stain-resistant product to make your fabric waterproof as a result.

While a number of professional goods and services might be bundled with the purchase of your furniture or slipcover, there are also much more cost-effective goods that you can use on your own.

Hire a Professional

It might be time to call in a pro if you have a more serious mess or a stain that is especially difficult to remove. If your linen furniture has a removable slipcover, you can quickly take it to your neighborhood dry cleaner to have it cleaned by experts.

Depending on the size, fragility, and staining of the cover, the price of an item like this can range from $20 to $40.

Final Thoughts: Maintenance of Linen Upholstery

How to clean linen upholstery? Vacuum your sofa frequently to stop crumbs and dust from tearing the fabric. Smaller particles cannot become trapped between the weave when vacuumed. To clean underneath and along all seams, raise any unfastened cushions.

When cleaning large furniture pieces or pricey home textiles, it’s a good idea to wash or clean them delicately to extend the fabric’s life and keep it looking good.


Is Linen Upholstery Easy to Clean?

Linen upholstery fabric overall is extremely easy to care for. In actuality, customers can easily clean slipcovers in their homes with a washing machine and dryer. Depending on the buyer’s preference, linen fabric can also be washed by hand or taken to the dry cleaners.

How Do You Get Stains Out of Linen Fabric?

If you don’t have a stain remover on hand, dilute 1 cup of bleach with 2 cups of water, and let the stained part sit in it for about 5 minutes. Rub the area gently with a cloth, and throw it in the laundry. Stains are effortlessly and completely removed with this remover.

Can 100% Linen Be Washed?

Although you can wash all pure linen dresses, tunics, trousers, and shirts in a washing machine, other materials used for stitching, trim, or lining may need to be dry cleaned, or you might need to hand wash them.

What Does Vinegar Do to Linen?

There are many uses for vinegar in the laundry, including stain removal, odor elimination, and mold and mildew eradication. As an alternative to synthetic fabric softeners, vinegar is also an option.

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