How to Clean Mohair Upholstery? Cleaning Guide

How to Clean Mohair Upholstery? Cleaning Guide

Read and discover how to clean mohair upholstery which is durable and delicate. You can also learn how to care for your mohair upholstery.

Mohair upholstery is an opulent and stylish addition to any home. But to maintain its best appearance, it needs routine cleaning and maintenance, just like any other type of upholstery.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to gently remove any dirt or debris from the surface of the mohair upholstery
  • Mix a solution of mild dish soap and warm water in a bowl
  • Dip a clean sponge or cloth into the soapy water and lightly scrub the mohair upholstery to remove any stains or dirt build-up
  • Rinse the sponge or cloth in clean water and wipe away any soap residue from the upholstery
  • Allow the mohair upholstery to air dry completely before using it again

Proper care and maintenance are required when washing mohair upholstery to ensure no damage is done to the fabric. Learn how to clean mohair upholstery.

How to Clean Mohair Upholstery?

Here are different methods to clean mohair upholstery:

Vacuum Mohair Upholstery

How to Clean Mohair Upholstery? Cleaning Guide
  1. Use a hard clothing brush to first brush the mohair fabric. Almost all grocery stores carry a brush with hard bristles like this one, which is used to remove lint from clothing. The mohair should be brushed in the same direction as the nap.
  2. Vacuum the upholstery using a nozzle attachment with soft bristles. These attachments are typically included with vacuum cleaners and act as extensions for the hose. Utilize the nozzle to wipe the upholstery in the same mohair-same direction.
  3. To revive the fabric, rub the mohair in a circular motion with a damp leather cloth. Rub in the same direction as the mohair.

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Spot Cleaning

  1. As soon as possible, blot liquid spills with an absorbent towel or a clean, colorfast cloth. Avoid using a scrubbing motion, as it may embed the staining material deeper into the fabric. Using a blunt instrument, scrape dry, solid material, then vacuum it up.
  2. Lightly rub the stained area with a fresh white cloth after sparingly applying a dry cleaning solvent. The term “dry cleaning solvent” refers to non-water, hydrocarbon-based compounds. To make sure there isn’t a negative reaction to the fabric’s texture or dyes, pre-test a tiny, inconspicuous area. Blot the stain, rotating the wet cloth frequently to prevent the stain from being redeposited.
  3. Carry on in this manner until the stain is eliminated or there is no longer any transfer to the fabric. To restore the area’s original texture, if there are any rough spots, gently brush over them or vacuum the area.
  4. Let the fabric fully dry before using it again. It is possible to use a hair dryer on low heat.

Cleaning upholstery fabrics needs some tips, and it is important to clean upholstery fabrics before using them for the first time, but don’t worry, we have provided you with a Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Guide. It can tell you how to clean different types of upholstery fabrics.

Stain Removal

Prompt action is essential for getting rid of the water- or oil-based stains. The harder it will be to remove a stain the longer it is allowed to sit on a fabric. Always conduct a small, discrete pre-test to make sure the cleaning agent and dyes won’t react negatively. Call a cleaner for assistance if the stains are particularly difficult to remove.

How to Clean Mohair Upholstery? Cleaning Guide
  1. First, use an absorbent towel or a fresh, colorfast cloth to quickly blot up any excess staining material. Prior to continuing, make an effort to remove as much moisture as you can.
  2. A dry cleaning solvent can be toweled onto heavily soiled areas to remove hair and body oils. Blot the areas with a clean cloth after 5-10 minutes. Soiled areas can be agitated with a gentle brush.
  3. If the solvent needs to be heated, it must be done in a machine compatible with that solvent and not heated past the flash point. Ventilation must be offered both before and during the dry cleaning process.
  4. The solvent and suspended soil can then be removed with an extractor or an absorbent cloth.
  5. Use air movement and ventilation to hasten to dry. The fabric should be as dry as possible before use.

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How to Care for Mohair Upholstery?

If you’re fortunate enough to own furniture with mohair upholstery, you are aware of the elegance and luxury of this material. But did you know that mohair is also one of the most durable fabrics around? Your mohair upholstery can last for many years if taken care of properly.

Here are some tips on how to care for your mohair upholstery: – Vacuum regularly using the soft brush attachment. By doing this, you can help the fabric get rid of dirt and dust.

  • Spills should be cleaned up right away with a damp cloth. Use a mild soap and water mixture for tougher stains. Be sure to test the solution on an inconspicuous area first before applying it to the stain.
  • Every few weeks, gently brush the fabric with a soft-bristled brush. This will keep the fibers looking smooth and new.

Although it can be difficult, removing stains from upholstery is not impossible. Here are some guides you can follow to clean different stains from upholstery:

Is Mohair Hard to Clean?

No, mohair is not hard to clean. In fact, it is among the simplest fibers to maintain. Mohair can be hand washed or dry-cleaned with ease.

Use cool water and mild soap or shampoo to hand-wash mohair. Lay the item flat to dry after gently squeezing the excess moisture from it. If you choose to dry clean your mohair item, make sure to take it out of the plastic bag as soon as you can so it can air out before you put it back on.

Conclusion: Clean Mohair Upholstery

To keep your mohair upholstery looking its best, it is crucial to clean it frequently. Here are some tips on how to clean it:

  • Vacuum the fabric with a soft brush attachment to remove any dust or dirt.
  • Spot-clean any stains with a mild detergent and water.
  • You can hire a professional cleaner to clean the fabric if it is really filthy.

Cleaning mohair upholstery requires special knowledge of the material’s unique properties as well as how to take care of it. It is possible to restore mohair’s natural beauty by cleaning it correctly and safely with the right equipment and techniques.


Is Mohair Good for Upholstery?

Mohair has remarkable insulating qualities. It serves as the perfect upholstery fabric for cooler as well as warmer climates. It can also be used for its amazing absorbent qualities when used for theatre upholstery and drapery curtains. Mohair also takes dye very well, even with many saturated colors.

Can You Steam Mohair?

We advise using cold machine wash on a delicate cycle with a wool detergent or dry cleaning. It is strongly advised against tumble drying and ironing. To avoid the sweater’s shape-changing, flat dry it instead. In case you need to iron the mohair, steam is the best option.

Can You Dry Clean Mohair Upholstery?

Using a soft brush, remove any surface dirt before vacuuming with an upholstery attachment. A dry cleaning solvent may be used on areas that are soiled with hair and body oils, following the steps below for spot cleaning.

What is the Main Disadvantage of Mohair?

It is a fuzzy yarn that has a tendency to shed. Because of this, you ought to think about the color of your sofa as well as the fabric mix. Colors that are similar to one another and smooth synthetic fabrics (like a polyester blend) will both reduce the likelihood that the shedding will be visible.

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