How to Fade Polyester Fabric? 2 Best Methods
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How to Fade Polyester Fabric? 2 Best Methods

If you want to fade your polyester fabric, we provide you with the two best methods in this blog.

Fading is a problem with fabrics, just like wrinkles and shrinking. There are those that do and do not fade in the sun. To prevent damage from UV rays when they are exposed to the elements outside, some fabrics even include their own brand of sunscreen.

If you want to fade polyester fabric, you can use Hot Water and Oxygen Bleach, and Lemon Juice and Vinegar. Below, we will explain these two methods in detail:

How to Fade Polyester Fabric?

Some people want to fade their polyester clothing to give it a vintage, worn look. The majority of polyester fabrics won’t fade easily because of how well they are made to hold color. You can try a few different methods to give your polyester clothing a faded appearance.

Hot Water and Oxygen Bleach

Try this approach if your washing machine has a top-loading option. On polyester, only use oxygen bleach as chlorine bleach can cause fiber damage.

How to Fade Polyester Fabric? 2 Best Methods
  1. Let the hot water in your washing machine fill up while it is set to the gentle cycle.
  2. Fill the water with 1 cup of oxygen bleach.
  3. The water should be stirred with a long stick or broom handle.
  4. Put the object you want to fade into the water.
  5. Run the gentle spin cycle on the clothing for around five minutes.
  6. A cycle should be stopped before it drains. Give the clothes an hour in the water to soak.
  7. Wait for the wash cycle to end.
  8. The shirt should be hung outside to air dry.

Here are the properties of polyester fabric:

Lemon Juice and Vinegar

Lemon juice can be used to lighten fabric, and vinegar can be used to set the color. Wash and dry the fabric several times to get rid of any stains, oils, or residue before attempting this method. then adhere to these instructions.

  1. To lighten, combine 1 part lemon juice and 3 parts water in a bucket or tub.
  2. The bucket should contain the clothing you want to fade.
  3. Put it in the water for three to twelve hours, depending on the degree of fading you desire.
  4. Dry the clothing by hanging it up after draining the lemon water.
  5. To set the color, combine 1 part lemon juice and 3 parts vinegar in the same bucket.
  6. Allow the clothes to soak in the vinegar-water mixture for an additional 3–12 hours.
  7. To get rid of the smell of vinegar, wash the shirt.
  8. Hang to dry.

How to Fade a Polyester Shirt?

It’s possible that the shirt you purchased has a permanent color. You’re going to have to learn to live with that. Additionally, you should try to learn if the polyester shirt has been treated similarly to most other polyester fabrics so that it will resist fading.

If hanging the shirt in direct sunlight doesn’t work, try another method. Check to see if the fade-resistant coating was at all permeable to the sun by leaving it hanging there all day. Or you can see if the 1/4 chlorine or 1/2 cup oxygen bleach methods work.

The majority of polyester fabrics do not fade and have that coating, so it might be a pointless effort. Unlike cotton and other naturally occurring fabrics, polyester is not created by humans. Any modification can be made to a man-made fabric to avoid the problems associated with clothing materials.

How to Fade Polyester Fabric? 2 Best Methods

Natural fabrics will fade much more quickly than polyester will, unless they are subjected to additional processing, and do not have any fading resistance.

Does Polyester Fade in the Sun?

Let’s put it this way, it is not supposed to. To ensure that the sun’s UV rays do not fade the color of your polyester fabrics, almost all polyester is treated with a chemical. One attribute of polyester’s popularity is its strength. Even after numerous washings over time, you can depend on the original color remaining.

If polyester of lower quality is as protected as polyester of higher quality, it is difficult to say. Some manufacturers may cut corners on this protection in order to save money and increase profits because they lack integrity or morals.

Then, to protect the color even more, turn the item of clothing inside out before washing it if you are unsure of its quality. To dry the polyester clothing, you can either use a dryer or hang it up outside, but not in direct sunlight.

That will further safeguard the color. Make sure both the outdoor furniture you are looking to buy and the outdoor furniture you are looking to reupholster have been treated with that fade-resistant chemical. By doing this, you can be sure that your furniture will always look nice and last a long time.

Does Polyester Fade When Washed?

Making the lives of homemakers a little bit simpler was one of the reasons polyester was developed. Doing the laundry, followed by ironing, is a difficult task. Polyester was created to take care of the demanding tasks and concerns involved in that process.

When properly manufactured, the fabric should be resistant to fading, shrinking, and wrinkles. Of course, those defenses also require a little help, so you must wash them carefully and ensure that they receive the proper cleaning attention.

The best and safest way to wash polyester or any fabric you own is always by hand. However, if you don’t have the time, you can use your washer as long as you adhere to the instructions on the laundry label that is attached to the clothing items.

How to Fade Polyester Fabric? 2 Best Methods

Although it may seem nearly impossible to try to lighten colored polyester, there may be some people who have discovered a trick or two to complete the task. I’ll say it again: bleaching polyester or cleaning it with hot water or a hot dryer can ruin some of your nicer clothing by damaging the fibers.

When laundering polyester, always err on the side of caution. See How to Clean a Polyester Fabric Couch.

Does Black Polyester Fade?

That is a fascinating question because fading or having polyester blends in the sun may produce some unusual results. The answer is no, the black polyester won’t fade if it is handled similarly to how the other colors are.

The fabric’s color is irrelevant because almost all polyester is chemically treated to prevent fading. This raises the intriguing issue of the question: What happens when there is a blend of poly-cotton or other poly natural fibers?

You might not notice any fading of the black in those blends if the polyester fibers were given the same chemical coating as whole fabrics. The only materials that would fade were cotton or other natural fibers, leaving you with intriguing fashion designs.

Additionally, if the polyester thread underwent the same procedure, it would maintain its original color and add even more intriguing design work to your garment. It’s also conceivable that the polyester fibers were not treated chemically and that the fabric would fade similarly to cotton.

Whether the polyester was treated to resist this fade or not will determine how much fading you get.

Will Bleach Lighten Polyester?

Polyester fibers are typically not compatible with chlorine bleach because they are made of synthetic plastic. Chlorine bleach can be used to lighten the color of polyester fabric, but doing so could harm and degrade the fabric.

How to Fade Polyester Fabric? 2 Best Methods

If you want to use bleach to whiten polyester, use oxygen bleach instead. It is equally effective as chlorine bleach while being less harmful to you and the polyester fibers.

Further Reading:

How to Remove the Color from Polyester?

Discarding any use of chlorine bleach in your work is the first step in this procedure. This particular bleach will typically give polyester colors a permanent yellow tint. That tint will ruin the appearance of your polyester and render the clothing unwearable.

The chemical coating that resists color removal is the next issue you have to deal with. If you can find a solution to neutralize that coating and add it to water, you will be one step closer to removing the polyester item’s color.

When you are successfully doing that, you ought to be able to use a color remover with sulfur as the main ingredient. These various color removers are found in Rit Dye and Jacquard products, so locating them is not difficult.

However, there is a catch. Some dyes are simple to remove, others are challenging, and still, others cannot be done. The only way to know is to put them through the color removal process. No solution will change that fact for the final group.

In the end, you would need to know the precise dye that was used when the fabric was made in order to remove those difficult-to-remove colors.

What Colors Fade Faster in Sunlight?

Even though your polyester fabric shouldn’t fade in direct sunlight, it still might. There is a tendency for some colors to deteriorate more quickly than others.

Longer wavelength dyes react negatively with ultraviolet light, which is produced by the sun. These colors have less energy, which leads to the breakdown of the dye’s chemical components.

Orange and yellow fade more slowly than other colors, but red fades the fastest. The wavelength of red is the longest of all the dye colors. As a result of more UV radiation from the sun being absorbed, it will lose its vibrancy more quickly.

Final Words: Fade Polyester Fabric

The polyester fabric was created to reduce your cost of clothing and make housework easier. The majority of polyester materials have the benefit of being made to resist fading. If your polyester clothing does fade, there are some things you can do to restore the color.

Despite your best efforts, the clothing item might continue to be the same color even if you want to lighten the look. When using chlorine bleach, exercise caution because polyester is frequently turned yellow by the chemical, rendering the blouse, pants, etc.


How Do You Lighten 100% Polyester?

Add 3 Tablespoons Clorox Regular Bleach2 to 1-gallon cool water and stir. Then, add the shirts, fully submerge them, and leave them to soak for five minutes. Once the shirts have finished soaking, drain the solution and wash them in hot water with detergent and 1/2 cup Clorox Regular Bleach. Lastly, allow them to air dry.

How Do You Make Polyester Dull?

A commercial scorch-removal product can eliminate this type of shine. Alternately, dab a white cloth with 3% hydrogen peroxide (a mild bleaching agent) and gently rub the shiny area before laundering.

Does 100% Polyester Fade?

Fabrics blended with acrylic, polyester, and nylon are also less likely to fade. Avoid choosing materials like silk and linen as they fade quickly.

Can You Ruin Polyester?

Because polyester is plastic, heat will cause it to shrink. The fabric can be damaged by using too hot of water, so you must be very careful here. It wouldn’t be flexible or wearable. Therefore, you should always ensure that the hot water is not above 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

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