How to Fix a Scratched Velvet Couch? Methods You Can Try

How to Fix a Scratched Velvet Couch? Methods You Can Try

In this article, we’ll examine the top techniques for repairing scratches on velvet furniture.

An opulent material that is frequently used to adorn high-end furniture and interior design is velvet. Although the fabric itself may not be harmed by your cat, if the velvet is covering a chair cushion or another firm surface, the cat’s claws may pierce it. It is soft to the touch and has a lovely sheen.

So how to fix a scratched velvet couch? Scratches can be eliminated with a brush. Brush the markings with a hard, natural-bristle clothes brush in quick back-and-forth motions.

In this article, I’ll explain how to repair a scratched velvet couch.

How to Fix a Scratched Velvet Couch?

Don’t give up if your cat has scratched your upholstered furniture! Here’s a quick and easy way to remove cat scratches from velvet upholstery:

You might need to use more forceful methods depending on how severe the scratches are.

  1. Start by quickly brushing the scratch marks away with a stiff, natural-bristle clothes brush. Take care to avoid causing the upholstery any more harm. By doing so, the fabric’s nap will be improved.
  2. To remove any remaining dust, husks, or scents from your cat’s claws, vacuum the area after brushing it with a bristle attachment. The fabric will become smoother thanks to the suction.
  3. Once your cat’s scent has been removed, wash the area with mild soap to prevent them from scratching the same spot again.
  4. Last but not least, we advise consulting the couch’s care label to determine the best cleaning technique that won’t harm the fabric.

Hopefully, with a little tender loving care and effort, you can get those annoying cat scratches out of your lovely velvet couch or chair!

How to Fix a Scratched Velvet Couch? Methods You Can Try

The label will indicate the following:

  • If the tag says “S,” this means you should use a solvent cleaner. Due to its superior ability to remove dirt and grime, this approach is typically chosen.
  • If the tag says “W,” this means you can clean the velvet couch with a water-based product. For this, you can make use of a regular upholstery shampooer.
  • You can use either a solvent-based or water-based cleaner on a tag that says “S/W”. Cleaners with solvent bases, however, are typically more efficient.
  • You should only vacuum the couch if the tag has an “X” on it. The velvet is therefore extremely delicate, and you don’t want to risk damaging it.

You can also try placing a sticky mat or tape on the couch as most cats don’t like its feel on their paws, and it keeps them away from your furnishings, or try to redirect their scratching behavior by providing them with acceptable scratching materials such as a scratching post.


With any luck, these pointers will enable you to repair the scratches and prevent your cat from damaging your prized velvet sofa.

How to Protect Your Velvet Couch from Being Destroyed by Cats?

You can imagine how annoying it can be to find your cat has destroyed your velvet couch when you get home. However, it’s important to realize that scratching is a natural behavior for cats before you become overly upset with your pet. They do it to strengthen their muscles, hone their claws, and mark their territory.

Cats enjoy curling up and grooming themselves on soft velvet couches. This can be a big problem if you have nice furniture, as it can quickly ruin the upholstery

There are a few things you can do to stop your couch from getting completely scratched. First, try to give your cat an alternative scratching surface, such as a cardboard cat scratcher, towers, or scratching post.

How to Fix a Scratched Velvet Couch? Methods You Can Try

You can also freshen and protect your couch with citrus-scented sprays or by using a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar. If all else fails, you can try using double-sided tape or spray-on repellent to keep your cat from scratching your couch.

An additional way to protect your furniture is to buy a piece of wood that is fully upholstered. This will lessen the chance of the wood being damaged by your cat’s claws. Another option is to buy furniture with recessed legs. Cats can’t reach these legs to scratch them because they are smaller and hidden.

Is Velvet a Good Material for a Couch?

Overall, velvet makes a good material for a sofa, especially if you have a cat who likes to scratch things. There are a few advantages to having velvet furniture for example:

Velvet is not as easy to scratch as other materials because the fabric is not as textured. This translates into longer use and better maintenance for your furniture. Given that velvet is a relatively inexpensive material, replacing scratched furniture won’t cost you a fortune.

Velvet furniture also has the benefit of being comparatively simple to maintain. You only need to use a mild detergent if your cat urinates on your velvet couch. You won’t need to be concerned about your couch looking stained or dirty.

Additionally, velvet comes in a variety of colors, making it simple to find the ideal match for your house.

Final Words: Fix a Scratched Velvet Couch

We want the best for our four-legged friends as pet owners. However, there are times when doing so requires us to give up on ourselves. For instance, we might have to give up our ideal couch in favor of something pet-friendlier when it comes to furniture.

Keep velvet away from walls. The couch’s back can be kept intact thanks to this clever placement. If you put weight on the velvet material, it will be easily crushed. To protect it, make sure the chair is not pressed against anything.


Is Velvet Cat Scratch Proof?

Look no further than velvet to find a material that won’t scratch on your sofa. This expensive fabric is incredibly tightly woven and has a very smooth surface, making it the perfect choice for preventing cat claws.

Will Cats Scratch Velvet Sofa?

Numerous fibers, from the more expensive but machine-washable polyester to the more opulent wools and silks, can be used to create velvet. And as an added bonus, most cats don’t like to claw it, because it lacks that tempting tactile texture. In the event that they do claw it, the open pile doesn’t snag like a woven fiber would.

Does Cat Hair Get Stuck on Velvet?

If you want a fabric that requires a lot of maintenance, choose velvet. Even if your pet is across the room, dog and cat hair will be drawn to the soft velvet upholstery on your sofa or chaise lounge like a magnet.

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